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Reid to BLM: You want flush toilets at Burning Man? Go to Gerlach
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., sent a letter Friday to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell following the Reno Gazette-Journal's investigation into lavish demands the U.S. Bureau of Land Management made to Burning Man organizers.

Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., also reacted to the news that BLM is demanding Burning Man provide a $1 million encampment for federal agents at the event this summer. He said he's concerned about the ethics of BLM's request.

"I don't think it was driven out of Nevada. I think it was driven out of Utah, or D.C., or both," Amodei said in an interview with the RGJ on Friday. "We have a big problem. 15 VIP accommodations, and soft-serve ice cream 24-hours a day. With all due respect, those dots do not connect."
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3 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Responsive Blue Note Album sleeves recreated in the browser using HTML and CSS
Over the last few months I’ve been busying myself trying to re-create some of Reid Miles iconic album sleeves  in the browser.
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november 2018 by vegarev
Sage appoints Steve Hare as CEO
"Donald Brydon, Chairman, said: “I am delighted Steve has agreed to lead Sage on the next stage of its journey to become a great SaaS business. He has impressed the Board with the momentum, focus and clarity he has brought to the organisation over the last few months as COO but also throughout his tenure as CFO. As we looked externally for the experience, vision and deep knowledge required to accelerate operational execution it very quickly became clear through Steve’s early decisions and his clear prioritisation that he is the right person to lead Sage.”
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november 2018 by jonerp

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