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Regulus moves into Virgo
Regulus Moves Into Virgo(2012- ) On November 29th at 5:41 AM UT(London time), the great star Regulus moves permanently from Leo to Virgo, completing the Grand Mutable Stellar Cross, and ushering in a new epoch and mode of civilization.
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Fixed Star Regulus in Virgo ~ The Lion and the Maiden- Evolving Door Astrology
The King is dead. Long live the Queen! Well, he's not exactly dead, but he's not exclusively running the show anymore either. The fixed star, RegulusΓÇöthe central star in the constellation of LeoΓÇöis moving into Virgo. Right! How can a star move into a different sign? To understand this, you need to know that there are two different zodiacs: tropical and sidereal. In a nutshell, the tropical zodiac is measured relative to Earth's seasons, whereas the sidereal zodiac is measured relative to the fixed stars themselves. So does that mean the star Regulus is physically in the constellation of Virgo now? Does it actually move? Well no, not relative to the constellations and other fixed stars (hence the term "fixed" stars). Constellations you gaze at in the sky remain the same (they do change slightly, but we're talking about thousands of years to notice a difference). This sign change for Regulus has to do with the way the two zodiac systems interact with each other. (diagram
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Michael Lutin: Regulus Enters Virgo: The Pope Faints!
Regulus, as the only fixed star on the Ecliptic, is the Celestial Guide of our Solar System, and ultimately the cycles of human social evolution Regulus brings Galactic energy, juice and messages to the peoples of the Earth from some Higher Source, influencing the direction of our consciousness and growth. Every time the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, Nodes and all other bodies pass beneath Regulus, I think they get a jolt, some kind of cosmic energetic message that seeps into the mass consciousness, no matter how long it takes. When we look into the night sky now and see Regulus, we are only now consciously perceiving light that was sent streaming toward us in the nineteen thirties. While there may be all sorts of conclusions we can draw from that, at the end of the day, they are still merely anecdtoal speculations on the part of this astrologer....
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june 2014 by juandante

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