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Tackling the Ethical Challenges of Slippery Technology
Rachel Coldicutt, CEO of Doteveryone raised some important questions about the principles. Her suggestion is that Google must say who their AI applications will benefit, and who they will harm. This is a strong moral position for a company to take, but these are indeed important considerations for technology companies. Not only that, Rachel’s writing provokes further questions. Given the networked nature of the technologies that companies like Google create, and the marketplace of gr...
regulations  algorithms  power  control  techethics 
16 days ago by emilyamfm
Gov. Charlie Baker proposes legislation on natural gas safety practices |
As some families struck by the gas disaster in Greater Lawrence prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday outside of their homes, Gov. Charlie Baker introduced legislation designed to ensure safe natural gas work.
MassLive  naturalgas  safety  regulations 
18 days ago by eversourcenh
The Making of a Democratic Economy | Ted Howard | RSA Replay - YouTube
"While not often reported on in the press, there is a growing movement – a Community Wealth Building movement – that is taking hold, from the ground up, in towns and cities in the United States and in the United Kingdom, in particular.

Ted Howard, co-founder and president of the Democracy Collaborative, voted one of ‘25 visionaries who are changing your world’, visits the RSA to share the story of the growth of this movement, and the principles underlying it. Join us to explore innovative models of a new economy being built in cities from Cleveland, Ohio to Preston, Lancashire, and to discuss how we might dramatically expand the vision and reality of a democratic economy."
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19 days ago by robertogreco
Liechtenstein Blockchain Act To Create Crypto Hub For Institutional Investors | Crypto Briefing
A Liechtenstein blockchain act has been cited by observers as the first serious effort to create a legitimate token economy for institutions.
Liechtenstein  Blockchain  Regulations 
20 days ago by danielle.szetho
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finance  regulations 
4 weeks ago by dearviola
Trust the Facts on GMOs - Bloomberg
Science has affirmed that GM foods — grown from seeds whose genes have been altered to make them resistant to insects or herbicides, for instance — are safe. There’s no need to dress up the labels to suggest that genetic modification makes foods somehow better. That risks misleading the public, just as Greenpeace and other groups have done with their baseless claims that GM crops are dangerous.
GMO  regulations  bloomberg 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Trump administration’s deregulation efforts are saving billions of dollars - The Washington Post
Since President Trump took office, farmers can more productively use their land. Small businesses can hire more workers and provide more affordable health care. Innovators are freer to pursue advances in autonomous vehicles, drones and commercial space exploration. Veterans enjoy expanded access to doctors through a telehealth program. And infrastructure can be improved more quickly with streamlined permitting requirements.
TrumpAdministration  regulations 
7 weeks ago by HispanicPundit

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