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NEW RULES: This what you need to know if you make video, and web content. New h…
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20 days ago by danslee
5 Daily Problems Logistics Managers Contend With
Within the context of global economics, logistics managers have a very important role to play. But there are a few problems they have to contend with.
logistics-management  regulations  supply-chain 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
New York gig economy under threat as city cracks down on app-based services | US news | The Guardian
City has jumped to the forefront of a worldwide push to clamp down on companies such as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb
Airbnb  Uber  Lyft  sharingeconomy  regulations  NewYork  USA  Guardian  2018 
7 weeks ago by inspiral
The Dynamic Case for Non-Compete – Econlib
In this scenario, non-compete contracts are actually a great way to foster competition.  How?  By reassuring businesses that if they invest in new ideas, their employees can’t steal them at the first opportunity.  What’s the point of creating or implementing new ideas if your hired helpers can readily betray you?
non-compete  California  regulations  Caplan 
7 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The War on Soy Milk | The New Republic
America has federal laws about milk that leave little room for interpretation: The product must be produced in sanitary environments to prevent milk-borne disease. It also must be packaged in hermetically sealed containers, to prevent leaks and spoilage. But what is milk, precisely? That’s not as black and white.
soy  milk  regulations  USA  NewRepublic  2018 
10 weeks ago by inspiral
OneWeb says regulatory concerns main reason it’s forgoing inter-satellite links - Jul 2018
"Among the major new privately financed satellite broadband constellations, OneWeb stands alone in not planning to feature inter-satellite links on its spacecraft.

Greg Wyler, OneWeb’s founder, told SpaceNews the reason his constellation of 900 or more low Earth orbit satellites won’t include inter-satellite links is because national regulators have expressed concerns about where traffic from their country will travel and where it will come back down to Earth. "

"Not everyone agrees with Wyler’s view. Erwin Hudson, vice president of Telesat LEO, said Telesat is prepared to address sovereignty concerns nations have on a case-by-case basis."

"Wyler said regulators are concerned about eavesdropping and manipulation of their country’s data. The “fundamental problem” with inter-satellite links, he said, is that once traffic goes up, “you have no idea whether it is being copied and sent to a secondary location.”"

"Wyler said regulators are concerned about eavesdropping and manipulation of their country’s data. The “fundamental problem” with inter-satellite links, he said, is that once traffic goes up, “you have no idea whether it is being copied and sent to a secondary location.”"
SpaceNews  OneWeb  Telesat  LeoSat  regulations  sovereignty 
july 2018 by pierredv
Legal Legacies: Milestones In Satellite History - From our Archive - Via Satellite -
Communications Satellite Act
Domestic Satellites - "Open Skies"
Earth Stations
Reduced Orbital Spacing
The Transponder Sales Decision
Separate (from Intelsat) Systems
Satellite Radio
ViaSatellite  history  satellite  regulations  FCC  Comsat  Echostar  Hughes  Intelsat 
june 2018 by pierredv
'Races are won in training': Arthur expresses frustration after OOCT measure delayed
"Nearly 60 percent of all anti-doping tests in human sport are OOCT. Why is OOCT so important? Humans sport testing does a very good job of detecting relatively short-acting, small molecule drugs, and so does horse racing. Everyone knows that. Everyone also knows when we are going to test the horses—right after the race. That is pretty easy to plan around if you are bent on cheating. Many of the most effective PEDs are gone well before race day when horses are tested but the performance enhancing effects are still present. The effects of many drugs can last well past the time the drug is still present, or present at detectable levels. Anabolic steroids, beta-2 agonists, and blood doping agents are good examples. And this should be clear to everyone: Races are won in training. That is true in human sport; it is true in horse racing. Just as in human sport, we need to pay more attention to PEDs being used in training and we can only do that by OOCT."
horseracing  california  regulations  drugs-in-racing  testing 
june 2018 by jnchapel
CHRB delays out-of-competition testing proposal
Re: CTT and TOC opposition: "The document from the law offices of Yoka & Smith, LLP lays out several bullet points to explain the groups' opposition, including that the board has not provided 'evidence of necessity' for the proposed changes, issues with liability to owners and trainers with horses outside of racing facilities, lack of evidence 'that any of the extensive list of (proposed) substances ... to ban in out-of-competition testing could affect racing performance if administered in an out-of-competition setting,' and that the CHRB proposal would 'improperly restrict or prohibit outright the veterinary use of legally compounded medications.'"
horseracing  california  regulations  drugs-in-racing  testing 
june 2018 by jnchapel
EU institutions reach agreement on Electronic Communications Code | PolicyTracker June 2018
"It adds that countries must allow the use of at least 1 GHz of the 26 GHz band, provided there is clear evidence of market demand and no significant constraints from existing users. The 32 GHz and the 40 GHz bands have also been identified as priority bands for 5G deployment.

The code says the EU welcomes increased cooperation among member states in spectrum management but underlines that spectrum usage varies across the Union and that flexibility for national governments must be preserved. For instance, the EECC proposes that the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) will issue standardised declarations for service providers, but national regulatory authorities (NRAs) will continue to have the lead role in general authorisations. "

“Peer review should contribute to a better exchange of best practices between Member States and increase transparency… but it should not be a formal condition of national authorisation procedures,” the draft document says. The peer review of national spectrum assignments will be led by the European Commission’s advisory body the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG), not BEREC.

"The decision to increase spectrum licences to 20 years, short of the 25 years the industry wanted, aims to secure return on investment."
EU  PolicyTracker  Europe  spectrum  BEREC  regulations  mmwave  RSPG  licensing  spectrum-licensing 
june 2018 by pierredv

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