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[pdf] European Parliament 2017 = Online Platforms - How to Adapt Regulatory Framework to the Digital Age?
via Gabor Molnar


• Platforms, understood as a method of organising digital markets that allows two groups of users (suppliers and customers) to meet, are one of the pillars of the digital market. They facilitate its development, providing adequate solutions to the needs of the sharing, collaborative, data, and P2P economies.

• Platforms that often operate as marketplaces have a triangle structure where users must first conclude a contract with the platform to be subsequently able to conclude contracts between themselves. The status of platform user is very often difficult to define, as platforms allow a rapid development of the pursued activities, which pushes the users outside the realm of consumer. These two characteristics make platforms difficult to fit with the EU market and consumer regulations.

• The question as to whether to pursue legislative measures for the platform economy at the EU level is a political one. Some member states have already introduced national legislation, while others oppose the idea of introducing EU regulation.

• If the legislative agenda is pursued, it can be done either as a platform-specific act, or as a “light touch” legislation, i.e. by amending the existing EU legal schemes (the most appropriate place: the market regulation directives).

• The areas that offer the best impact while being the least interventionist are: clarifying the platform’s status, clarifying the users’ status and, regulating reputational systems.
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3 days ago by pierredv
Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company
The Information Commissioner is seeking a warrant to access Cambridge Analytica's servers after they fail to respond to her demands for access by an 18:00 deadline
ICO  regulation  cambridgeanalytica  UK  privacy 
4 days ago by corrickwales
The Facebook Brand – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Ultimately, the difference in Google and Facebook’s approaches to the web — and in the case of the latter, to user data — suggest how the duopolists will ultimately be regulated. Google is already facing significant antitrust challenges in the E.U., which is exactly what you would expect from a company in a dominant position in a value chain able to dictate terms to its suppliers. Facebook, meanwhile, has always seemed more immune to antitrust enforcement: its users are its suppliers, so what is...
facebook  google  privacy  regulation  data-portability 
4 days ago by elrob
The Guardian view on free speech online: let law decide the limits | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
The standards by which the internet is controlled need to be open and subject to impartial judiciaries – not left to advertisers
Internet  Regulation 
5 days ago by djhdcj
Security Industry Authority - GOV.UK
The Security Industry Authority (SIA) regulates and licenses the private security industry in the UK.
regulation  Security 
6 days ago by paulbradshaw

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