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Novedades Regulatorias Forex y CFDs en la UE | Mercados Financieros | Articulos
La ESMA ha realizado la siguiente clasificación, en que reduce el apalancamiento permitido en función de la "volatilidad" de los CFDs implicados.

1. Divisas Majors: incluye los cruces entre sí de las principales divisas (CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD). Las combinaciones de estas divisas tendrán un apalancamiento máximo de 30:1.
2. Divisas Non-Majors (resto de cruces de divisas), Oro y CFDs sobre Índices Major (ojo, los CFDs sobre Ibex 35 no entran en esta categoría): el apalancamiento máximo será de 20:1.
3. CFDs sobre otras Commodities e Índices Non-Major: el apalancamiento máximo pasa a ser de 10:1.
4. CFDs sobre acciones: el máximo será de 5:1.
5. CFDs sobre criptodivisas: como máximo podremos apalancarnos 2:1.
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18 hours ago by david.garciahz
Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change - The New York Times
These theories share a common principle: that human beings, whether in global organizations, democracies, industries, political parties or as individuals, are incapable of sacrificing present convenience to forestall a penalty imposed on future generations.
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2 days ago by petej
Norway’s hidden scandal - BBC News
One journalist has calculated, however, that children with a foreign mother are four times more likely than other children in Norway to be forcibly taken from their families.
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4 days ago by adeadewunmi
Despite criticisms, Fed agrees it won’t regulate cryptocurrency. | Coin Center
Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified before the House Financial Services Committee, and while reports of his remarks on cryptocurren…
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5 days ago by orlin
Bitcoin cryptocurrency regulation in Africa is uncertain — Quartz Africa
Of the 39 countries analyzed, only two—South Africa and Swaziland—have a favorable or permissive stance on cryptocurrencies while only Namibia has banned cryptocurrencies outright. Everywhere else, cryptocurrencies are stuck in regulation limbo.
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