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Huawei Connect 2018 – the smart police are coming
"A final report from Huawei Connect in Shanghai, as the vendor pushes a vision of smart safety and security."
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4 days ago by jonerp
A forestry boom is turning Ireland into an ecological dead zone
> For politicians and financiers, marginal means land that is borderline for modern agriculture. It is “rank”, “boggy”, ‘“acid” or “poor”, all words that have unpleasant undertones. Marginal land doesn’t make money compared to the large, industrial farming units, which are usually in more lowland and fertile areas. It can’t, by its very nature, support high densities of livestock or crops. It does, however, produce flowers, insects and ground-nesting birds in abundance, but none of these are money spinners in a traditional sense. The solutions supported by the government are devastating.
> The first is to transform the fields into intensively managed farmland that can support cattle and produce a crop of silage at least three times a year. This is done by draining, fertilising and planting fast-growing monocultures such as rye grass. Already much of Ireland has a bright, emerald green sheen that does little for wildlife. If that isn’t possible, then the government offers generous grants to plant fast-growing trees such as Sitka spruce. Sitka plantations guarantee a return within a few decades and they also attract absent investors, often from overseas. Many farmers sell their family farms to these private companies and move out of the area. As the trees move in, silence falls across the land. No birds sing, no bees buzz, no flowers bloom. 
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8 days ago by jamesmnw
Discrimination Defense Lawyer Confirmed for Trump Civil Rights Post (1)
The Senate Oct. 11 confirmed Eric Dreiband, a Jones Day attorney who defends companies accused of discrimination, to lead the Justice Department office that enforces anti-bias laws and investigates police civil rights cases.

Dreiband represented the University of North Carolina when it implemented policies under the state’s since-repealed “bathroom bill,” requiring people to use gender-designated restroom facilities based on the biological sex listed on their birth certificates. He also won a case for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco that made it harder for workers to sue for age discrimination under federal law.
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8 days ago by brycecovert
Regulating for Responsible Technology: Introducing the Office for Responsible Technology
The body’s three core functions (more on each of these below) are significant undertakings in their own right and will require significant investment. Our estimate based on existing analogous bodies is that it will require in the region of £37 million a year to run — a significant sum, but a no-brainer if seen as of a long-term investment into our digital regulation infrastructure. The value of building the public’s trust in technology by mitigating digital harms and empowering regulators to allow responsible innovation to flourish is enough to pay this back a hundred times over.
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8 days ago by beep
Chemical-Safety Board Is Cutting Back Under Trump - WSJ
The team originally drafted a report recommending mandatory safety standards for any company that does pipeline welding. But early this year, agency leadership removed the regulatory recommendation and told the research team instead to recommend voluntary changes to Sunoco LP, an agency investigator said. The final report has yet to be issued.

Insiders at the board, including current and former investigators, say they have been encouraged to cut back on regulatory recommendations in the Trump era, and they point to the Sunoco incident as one example.
9 days ago by brycecovert
Full Q&A: Former Google lawyer and deputy U.S. CTO Nicole Wong on Recode Decode - Recode
So what if we change the pillars again? What if now everything that we’ve learned in the last two years, we say, “That’s not the internet we want to live with”? So this is just personal for me, like, what if the pillars were accuracy, authenticity and context. And maybe that slows it down.
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10 days ago by thewavingcat
Tensions in Legal Services Act coming to fore, says review - Legal Futures
“The world that existed in 2004 simply does not exist in the same way now, and the inherent tensions in the 2007 Act are becoming increasingly apparent.”

The paper went through these in detail, from the “inflexibility” of the Act – concerns over the move away from self-regulation that it entailed meant “much prescriptive and protected detail was ‘hard-wired’” into it – to the “competing and possibly inappropriate regulatory objectives” that are at the Act’s core.

“For example, the objective to protect and promote the public interest does not always sit easily with another to protect and promote the interests of consumers, or with yet another to promote competition in the provision of legal services.”

Reflecting work Professor Mayson carried out in 2010, he said the “pivotal” and limited set of reserved activities were “anachronistic and do not necessarily include all activities that ought to be regulated”.

Further, title-based authorisation of lawyers resulted in additional burden and cost in relation to some activities being regulated that do not need to be – even though Parliament has decided that only the reserved activities have to be regulated, as soon as someone is authorised as a solicitor or barrister, “their regulator will then assume jurisdiction over all of the activities carried out by that person, both reserved and non-reserved”.

It has also led to multiple regulators overseeing the same activity in different ways, as well as a regulatory gap that exposes consumers to potential harm from unregulated providers “and puts qualified practitioners at a competitive disadvantage”.

Other problems were “an incomplete separation of regulation and representation” at the Law Society, Bar Council and others, and “the potentially misconceived ‘mission’ basis of regulation and regulators”.
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11 days ago by JordanFurlong
Google Exposed Data of Half a Million Users Until March but Didn’t Disclose It Because They Feared ‘Regulatory Interest’ — Pixel Envy
Companies are many things. Brave isn’t one of them. This also explains why Google’s CEO didn’t testify before congress with the rest of the oligarchs during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Google exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users of the Google+ social network and then opted not to disclose the issue this past spring, in part because of fears that doing so would draw regulatory scrutiny and cause reputational damage, according to people briefed on the incident and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.
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11 days ago by jefframnani

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