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Who can register .uk domain names? | 123 Reg Support
Find out from this 123 Reg support article who can register .uk domains and if there are any restrictions for their registration.
domain  registration  names  domains  hosting 
3 days ago by iaeon
SignMeUp | Online Event Registration - Homepage
SignMeUp’s online registration tools and world class client support help you manage your event, your data, and your fundraising campaigns easily and efficiently.
event  volunteer  registration  free  Top_10 
20 days ago by kpieper876
The event tool that puts the focus where it should be - on the people.
events  registration 
24 days ago by axehandle
Carte grise en ligne en 24 h avec Expert Carte grise
Service de carte grise en ligne en seulement 24 h sans passer par la préfecture. Expert Carte Grise propose un service de carte grise rapide et au meilleur prix
cartegrise  car  registration 
26 days ago by preeves
What You Need to Know About Vehicle Registration in DC
If you live within the city limits of Washington DC and own a vehicle, it needs to be registered with the District of Columbia DMV. Registering a vehicle is not difficult, but it must be done in person. Unfortunately, you can’t register online, over the phone, or by mail. Read on for everything you need to know about registering your vehicle in DC.
vehicle  registration  DC 
29 days ago by Adventure_Web
G Suite Updates Blog: Control access to corporate data on Chrome, Mac, and Windows devices with endpoint verification
There's a helper app for windows and mac to do endpoint verification, beyond the chrome browser extension. This allows registering and managing access.
google  cloud  endpoint  registration  verification  sysadmin  device  management  security 
6 weeks ago by asteroza

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