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From the horses mouth.

Higgins and his #Bellingcrap outfit receive funding from US #regimechange slush fund NED.
– Syricide (Syricide)
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june 2017 by kelo
María Corina Machado on her discussions with Undersecretary of State for Latin America
Machado relates a conversation in which the Undersecretary of State suggested that the Venezuelan opposition's only option was to "provoke or accentuate a crisis." Dates from June 2013, before the outbreak of violence in February 2014.
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march 2015 by ImportantCool
Canadian regime roiled by provincial scandal, sparking fears of instability
We better send troops "Canadian regime roiled by provincial scandal, sparking fears of instability"
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november 2013 by squidaveo
Detecting regime change in irregular time series @prismatic @Rbloggers #Statistics #TimeSeries #RegimeChange #Rstats
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july 2013 by cdrago
StratforLeaks: Google Ideas Director Involved in ‘Regime Change’ | Al Akhbar English
The belief, chiefly by Burton, that Cohen had seemingly played a role in fermenting the uprisings that toppled Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak underplays, and at times entirely disregards, the ability and agency by local movements in Tunisia and Egypt.

Nevertheless, Google Ideas, which Cohen directs, is a new animal. According to a report by the Financial Times published last July, Google Ideas seems to bond idealistic activist sensibilities with Google’s pursuit for continued global expansion - blurring the lines between business and political action. Schmidt and Cohen dub Google Ideas as a “think/do-tank” that aims to tackle political and diplomatic matters through the use of technology.
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march 2012 by Kawthar
Up in Smoke - By Scott Horton | Foreign Policy
At this point, some members of the Security Council clearly feel they got suckered. They voted for a resolution to protect the people of Benghazi from slaughter and saw their authority invoked to depose Qaddafi and install a new government. That will have consequences for future humanitarian crises. Russia and China have now blocked Security Council resolutions targeting Syria. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has made clear that Russia supports demands for reform in Syria and abhors the use of violence against demonstrators, but has been equally clear that Russia cannot risk a repeat of the Libyan example.
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november 2011 by Kawthar
A vision of a democratic Libya | The interim national council | Comment is free |
The interim national council, formed by opposition groups in Libya, has said it will hold free and fair elections and draft a national constitution. Here is its eight-point plan in full.
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march 2011 by Kawthar
What Does Social Science Tell Us about Intervention in Libya? | Stephen M. Walt
I doubt it, because recent research suggests that we are likely to be disappointed by the outcome. A 2006 study by Jeffrey Pickering and Mark Peceny found that military intervention by liberal states (i.e., states like Britain, France and the United States) "has only very rarely played a role in democratization since 1945." Similarly, George Downs, and Bruce Bueno de Mesquita of New York University found that U.S. interventions since World War II led to stable democracies within ten years less than 3 percent of the time, and a separate study by their NYU colleague William Easterly and several associates found that both U.S and Soviet interventions during the Cold War generally led to "significant declines in democracy." Finally, a 2010 article by Goran Piec and Daniel Reiter examines forty-two "foreign imposed regime changes" since 1920 and finds that when interventions "damage state infrastructural power" they also increase the risk of subsequent civil war.
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march 2011 by Kawthar

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