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Marpa for building parsers - a first look
Marpa parsing tutorial, compliments of Perl Maven and friends
Perl  Parse  Parsing  Regexp  Maven  Marpa 
7 days ago by lost_in_space
You Should Learn Regex
Regular expressions (regex): one of the most powerful, widely applicable, and sometimes intimidating techniques in software engineering.
regexp  intro  basic  example 
9 days ago by gilberto5757
正则表达式入门 - 免费在线正则测试工具网站推荐 / 电子书+视频教程 | 异次元软件下载
正则表达式入门 - 免费在线正则测试工具网站推荐 / 电子书+视频教程
9 days ago by leohxj
Regular Expressions :: Eloquent JavaScript
Artículo sobre el uso de las Regular Expression en Javascript.
regexp  regularexpression  javascript 
5 weeks ago by marioortega

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