if everything happens that can't be done - longnationalnightmare, oops_ohdear - Crooked Media RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Marriage is not a matter that weighs heavily on Lord Jon Favreau’s mind—or at least, not his own marriage. But when his best friend begins courting, it becomes a question of some urgency.
fic  slash  author:longnationalnightmare  author:oops_ohdear  political.rpf  rpf  jon.favreau  jon.lovett  jon/jon  arranged.marriage 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
By the author of "Laura's Dilemma" - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
There was always a fire in the schoolroom grate, even when she came home long after midnight. And Miss Cole was always there. Sometimes she would be turning over the pages of a novel (Maria was almost sure it was a novel); sometimes writing a letter; sometimes she would be dozing in the high-backed chair that had been Mamma's favourite when they lived in the country; but she would always be there when Maria looked in.

And Maria always looked in.
fic  femslash  original  author:anonymous  ofc  ofc/ofc 
october 2018 by partofthewhole
A Bride Most Scandalous - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
At the request of his beloved twin sister, Frederick Avington agrees to wear a wedding dress and pose as fiancée to Lord Montcroix. It's only supposed to be a distraction, to allow her the time she needs to elope with her lover, but before he can stop it, he finds himself legally Baroness Montcroix.

William Montcroix, newly titled and back in England after spending years fighting Napoleon's forces, has resigned himself to a loveless marriage with a woman he's never met. But the woman to whom he finds himself married isn't a woman at all--and he can't say he minds.
fic  original  slash  author:Devin.Cage  omc  omc/omc 
april 2018 by partofthewhole
Making Arrangements - rosefox - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Lady Darby's niece is a scandalous tribade. So is Lady Montgomery's daughter. And who ever heard of a society mama who could resist the chance to matchmake?
fic  femslash  original  author:rosefox  crossdressing 
february 2018 by partofthewhole
On the Proper Treatment of Rakes - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Ever since being presented to Society, it had been Diana's custom to avoid rakes. [female regency crossdressing rake/regency bluestocking]
fic  femslash  author:bigsunglasses  original  ofc/ofc  crossdressing 
february 2018 by partofthewhole
You Made Me Love You - a_scholar - Adam Lambert (Musician) [Archive of Our Own]
A crossover with Jane Austen's Persuasion. No prior knowledge necessary.

Seven years earlier Sauli Koskinen, the son of a baronet, has refused the proposal of a young officer of the navy. They meet again as the officer returns, now a wealthy and successful man looking to marry.
fic  slash  author:a_scholar  adam.lambert  sauli.koskinen  american.idol  au 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
Lie Back and Think of England - uraneia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Slutty Regency virgin Sid’s wedding night, on which he does not think of England even once.
fic  slash  author:uraneia  hockey.rpf  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin  sidney/geno 
june 2016 by partofthewhole
Yay, fic prompts!! Can I request a Damen/Laurent...
“You’re wondering if I’m foxed, to suggest such a thing.”

“Not at all,” said Damen, who had been wondering exactly that.

“It’s entirely a question of blunt, you see.”

“You speak plainly, my lord,” said Damen.

“Yes,” said Laurent, Lord de Vere. “I do.”
fic  tumblr  author:fahye  captive.prince  c.s.pacat  slash  damen  laurent  damen/laurent  marriage.of.convenience 
april 2016 by partofthewhole
A Fool and His Money - lupinus - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Newly returned from the colonies, Sidney Crosby still has his land and title but is in desperate need of funds. Eager to make a good marriage so as to ensure his sister’s future prospects, Sidney is shocked when his old friend Evgeni Malkin proposes.

Zhenya has been searching for someone just as lovely as Sidney for years so that he might marry and produce heirs. He never expected to find Sidney once again or to have the opportunity to propose. Now that Sidney has agreed to be his husband, Evgeni will have plenty of time to woo Sidney into returning his affections.

Or the very silly marriage of convenience regency au.
hockey.rpf  author:lupinus  fic  slash  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin  sidney/geno  au  marriage.of.convenience 
july 2015 by partofthewhole
officer bobrovsky
Mr Malkin had been a general during the war, it was said, and Sidney should be pleased he had asked for Sidney’s hand. Or, rather, that Mr Gonchar had asked for Mr Malkin, since Mr Malkin’s English still was not up to the challenge of a marriage proposal. Sidney had stood stiffly in the parlor of Maxime Talbot, hands tucked firmly behind his back, as Mr Gonchar translated Mr Malkin’s extravagant praise of Sidney’s qualities. Maxime, standing to Sidney’s right, looked as though he might applaud.
fic  author:officer.bobrovsky  tumblr  hockey.rpf  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin  sidney/geno 
april 2015 by partofthewhole
To Know His Heart - hapakitsune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
With his reputation in tatters, Tyler will do anything to save his family's name - including marrying a man he hardly knows.
fic  slash  hockey.rpf  author:hapakitsune  jamie.benn  tyler.seguin  tyler/jamie 
april 2015 by partofthewhole
Prise de Fer - altri_uccelli - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A Regency AU. Jonathan Toews, captain of a regiment of sharpshooters in the Napoleonic Wars, suffers a head injury in battle that ends his career. Back in England recovering, he realizes that, as the heir to the family estate, he must wed. At a ball, Jonathan meets Jacqueline Kane—and her brother, Patrick. Parties, fencing, secrets and misunderstandings ensue. 32,000 words
author:altri_uccelli  au  fic  slash  hockey.rpf  jonathan.toews  jonathan/patrick  patrick.kane 
january 2013 by partofthewhole
Lord Wolfe and the Ape-Leader - who_la_hoop - Fairytales [Archive of Our Own]
The sensible Flora Pilkington is delighted to be asked to accompany her cousin Emily, a wealthy heiress, on a sojourn to Bath – even if seventeen-year-old Emily is something of a ninny-hammer. However, when the dashing but mysterious Lord Wolfe rescues Emily from Terrible Peril, causing her to fall quite in love with him, Flora becomes deeply suspicious. Just who is this Lord Wolfe? Why does he persist in winking at Flora in such a deeply uncouth manner? Why does he refuse to attend all evening engagements? And what is the insufferable man's dark, awful secret? (For she is quite convinced that he has one.) Flora determines to find out, whatever the danger to her reputation . . . 30,000 words
yuletide  fic  het  fairytales  yuletide.2009  author:who_la_hoop 
october 2012 by partofthewhole
Home Ice - huge cloudy symbols of a high romance, arabesque05, malkin/crosby
It must have been mischief that prompted the Lady Taylor Crosby to remark one evening to her mother, "Did Maria look particularly fine last night, at Lady Stanton's ball?"

"The Desford girl?" asked her mother. "She is always very pretty; but no prettier last night than usual, I thought."

"I only ask," explained Taylor, "because my brother this morning spoke unsolicitedly and at some length about how very lovely he thought she looked."

Her brother had in fact done no such thing.
fic  slash  author:arabesque05  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin  sidney/geno  au  hockey.rpf 
june 2012 by partofthewhole
jibrailis: Fic: His Lordship Makes a Match [1/2]
Eames is a disreputable, rakish lord. Arthur is his long-suffering butler. They are inappropriately in love with each other, of course, but somehow think their love is unrequited/impossible.

This is basically my Arthur/Eames trashy Regency AU of doom. Historical inaccuracies and anachronisms abound -- I am sadly not an expert on the Regency era, and what little I know comes from too much Heyer and a fondness for being too wordy.
inception  fic  slash  author:jibrailis  eames(inception)  arthur(inception)  arthur/eames  au 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
setissma: Tonight I rescued a cricket from inside
This is very loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, which is to say, Adam Lambert makes a terrible Elizabeth Bennet. Also, I do not profess any regency accuracy. It's a crazy AU! Anything goes.
fic  author:setissma  american.idol  slash  au  kris.allen  adam.lambert  adam/kris 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
which none may buy - solvent - American Idol RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Regency-style Harlequin AU, arranged marriage. He had never seen Kristopher Allen lost for words before.
fic  author:solvent  american.idol  slash  adam.lambert  adam/kris  kris.allen  arranged.marriage  au 
july 2011 by partofthewhole
To Each His Thunder, Rain and Wind - labellementeuse - Young Wizards - Duane [Archive of Our Own]
Really I just have a weakness you could drive a truck through for the early U.S. But the fic is excellent!
yuletide  young.wizards 
january 2010 by starlady

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