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Best Way to Organize a Refrigerator
Simply reorganizing one’s refrigerator can make kitchen life flow a little smoother.
refrigerator  refrigerator-maintenance  how-to-organize 
8 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Is the Kitchen Work Triangle Concept Outdated?
Contemporary kitchen design places less importance on the traditional kitchen work triangle concept, but the principles behind it continue to influence modern designers.
kitchen-design  kitchen-triangle  sink  refrigerator  rangetop 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Freezer Frost: Tips to Avoid It
Do you have to manually defrost your freezer? There are ways to minimize that ice.
refrigerator  freezer  freezer-frost 
december 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Refrigerator
There are many reasons why you might need a new refrigerator, but here are 3 reasons that seem to be pretty common among homeowners making the upgrade.
refrigerator  new-refrigerator  new-appliances 
december 2019 by Adventure_Web
5 Ways to Maintain Your Refrigerator
Practice these five easy maintenance tips for a healthy and long-lasting refrigerator.
refrigerator  refrigerator-maintenance  new-refrigerator 
november 2019 by Adventure_Web

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