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How to Let Go of Your Regrets | Mark Manson
[[For instance, let’s say Timmy wasted his life savings in a pyramid scheme. Timmy feels awful. His wife hates him. His friends ridicule him. He can’t pay his rent. Everything is falling apart.

In the moment, due to how painful the event is, Timmy constructs a narrative for himself, “I wasted all our money because I’m an idiot and I ruined our lives. If only I could go back and do it over again.”

The problem with our narratives is that they are chronically short-term, emotional, and self-centered. What Timmy’s narrative doesn’t consider is that losing your money can have some subtle, non-emotional, long-term benefits.

Aside from learning to never invest in a shady Las Vegas timeshare, his experience will test the commitment of his marriage, it will alter his own relationship and philosophy with money for the better. It can teach him that he needs far less to live and survive than he had expected. It can root out all of the superficial materialistic values he had been carrying around his whole life and help him replace them with healthier, non-material values. It can stress test his friendships and bring him closer to certain family members who help him out in a time in need. It can give him a useful cautionary tale, teaching others lessons so that they don’t repeat his same mistake.

If he extends the timeline long enough and zooms out on the lens wide enough, Tim may one day look back and say, “That was the best thing that ever happened to me.” And in fact, most people, if you talk to them, say that their most painful experiences were often their most important experiences.]]
psychology  regret  howto  deal  reframe 
25 days ago by dandv
Add Serverless Authentication with Almost No Code
A how-to article on user authentication using ClojureScript, Re-frame, AWS Amplify, AWS Cognito, and others. Leverage AWS with corresponding lock-in.
cljs  reframe  aws  cognito  serverless 
7 weeks ago by drmeme
luciodale/fork: A Clojurescript form management library for Re-frame and Reagent. Inspired by Formik.
A Clojurescript form management library for Re-frame and Reagent. Inspired by Formik. - luciodale/fork
clojurescript  form  validation  server  reframe  reagent 
8 weeks ago by fmjrey
(5) Tutorials - YouTube
Videos that show how to use Anytune. Slow down music, choose the perfect pitch and learn to play by ear.
anytune  reframe  tutorials 
august 2019 by kevinma
GitHub - Day8/re-frame-template
Leiningen template for reagent web app based on the re-frame pattern. Includes figwheel and optionally cider, doo, compjure, garden, less, re-com, re-frisk, re-frame-10x and secretary.
clojurescript  reframe 
july 2019 by raygrasso
GitHub - 223kazuki/re-integrant-app
Modularized SPA using re-frame and integrant.
clojurescript  reframe  integrant 
july 2019 by raygrasso
GitHub - magnetcoop/hydrogen-ce: Hydrogen Community Edition
Hydrogen Community Edition. Contribute to magnetcoop/hydrogen-ce development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojure  clojurescript  web  app  template  hydrogen  duct  reframe  security 
june 2019 by fmjrey
GitHub - PEZ/rn-rf-shadow: The fastest way a ClojureScript coder can get started with React Native. Prove me wrong.
The fastest way a ClojureScript coder can get started with React Native. Prove me wrong. - PEZ/rn-rf-shadow
clojurescript  react  reframe  reagent  mobile  example  shadowcljs  cljs  native  reactnative 
march 2019 by fmjrey
Blog: Testable Clojurescript apps
Using re-frame, devcards and convention to build web apps on solid ground
clojurescript  reframe  testing 
march 2019 by mac

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