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rikschennink/shiny: 🌟 Shiny reflections for mobile websites
🌟 Shiny reflections for mobile websites. Contribute to rikschennink/shiny development by creating an account on GitHub.
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6 days ago by oppara
Vladimir Novakovski's answer to What financial advice would you give to a 21-year-old? - Quora
Learn economics and see that investment and consumption levels (as percentages) depend only marginally on age and existing net worth and mostly on your risk preferences and utility function.
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12 days ago by nhaliday
Commemorating Tiffany - Issue #7 | Matthew Lee Anderson |
..I almost wrote of her ‘passing.’ It’s an easier word, and more pleasing to the ear. The extra syllable allows the sentence to linger a moment longer in the air, its final note fading away like a bell. ‘Death’ is more abrupt: it slams the sentence closed, with no hesitation or elaboration. There is nothing elegant about it: it has a coarseness to match the indignity it describes. It is the right word, but not the one I’d prefer.

..Death removes this reciprocity of affection, which is essential both for friendship and for life. The other goes behind the veil: they are hidden from us, absent, no longer there. All the sweetness of mutual love is removed: where there had been an echo and response to our care, there is now only silence. And so also in reverse: there is no one there to evoke us, to draw us out of ourselves. The love that had welled up within their bodily life no longer finds its partner in ours. The removal of their love is the removal of our life: their silence becomes our tears, their absence our suffering.
And yet: except the grain of wheat fall to the ground, and die, it remains alone. In dying, the seed slowly permeates the world, transforming itself into the fruit of new life. Similarly, those who die go to the Father—and in so going they leave behind a gap into which the Spirit steps, comforting us and bringing us into new life. The lost life of the dying are our death—and within the economy of God’s redemption, our life as well.
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16 days ago by AfroMaestro

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