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Collaborative Optimization for the Design + Build Team

Join is a smart platform for teams to collaboratively optimize value on Design/Build, CM-at-risk and IPD projects. Whether you do this in an explicit value engineering phase or as an ongoing part of design and preconstruction collaboration, Join's tools can streamline the process, suggest options, and help you deliver timely and thoroughly vetted ideas.
aec  cad  ve  architecture  design  cost  compliance  refit  autodesk  startup  sf 
july 2018 by sherbondy
refit and unittests · Issue #111 · reactiveui/refit
Refit interfaces are Just Interfaces, you can use any mock framework you want to stub them, you don't need to create custom HttpClients:
refit  unittesting  stub  mocking  testing  c#  webservice  rest 
july 2018 by danesparza
rEFInd download. rEFInd 2016-06-21 18:25:29.478000 free download. rEFInd An EFI boot manager utility
rEFInd  EFI  bootlader  rEFIt  linux  macos 
august 2016 by emory

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