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Morphology of Japanese Visual Language
Super cool reference that briefly lists some visual tropes in manga and the tones they project
manga  References  articles  drawing 
22 days ago by tylerpaige
zothero/ at master · deanishe/zothero · GitHub
Really interesting workflow using Alfred to gather citations or bibliography entries from Zotero
zotero  workflow  writing  references 
29 days ago by kawaylan
learn-anything/books: Awesome Books
Awesome Books. Contribute to learn-anything/books development by creating an account on GitHub.
learning  books  programming  github  list  references  free  directory 
5 weeks ago by newtonapple
Content Moderation: A Reading List – Social Media Collective
The study of content moderation by social media platforms has exploded in the last few years, paralleling the attention finally being paid by journalists, lawmakers, and users. It is a vital concern in its own right, and it offers a powerful case study for thinking about the power of platforms and how they shape the…
moderation  research  bibliography  references  harassment  abuse  via:twitter 
6 weeks ago by npdoty
Compatibility [08] Mechanical brakes
These are the brake lever types with their amount of cable pull per full lever travel (about 20 degree angle):
* V-brake (also known as Direct-pull, or linear-pull), 15 mm
* Cantilever (also known as center-pull and direct pull), 7 mm
* Old road, 7 mm
* New (SLR and Super SLR) road, 8 mm

Here’s a list of mechanical caliper types with their ideal amount of lever cable pull:
* V-brake (also known as linear pull brakes), 15 mm
* Mini V-brake, 7 mm
* Cantilever (also known as center pull brakes), 7 mm
* Old road calipers, 7 mm
* New road calipers (SLR and Super SLR), 8 mm
* MTB mechanical disc, 15 mm
* Road mechanical disc, 8 mm
* U-brake, 7 mm
* Roller brake, 7 mm
brakes  cycling  bikes  references 
6 weeks ago by mikael
dtolnay::_02__reference_types - Rust
API documentation for the Rust `_02__reference_types` macro in crate `dtolnay`.
rust  references  types  programming 
6 weeks ago by joshleeb

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