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RFC 2046 - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types
how is content-type and content-disposition supposed to work anyhow?
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10 hours ago by cglinka
GitHub - mbeaudru/modern-js-cheatsheet: Cheatsheet for the JavaScript knowledge you will frequently encounter in modern projects. -
This document is a cheatsheet for JavaScript you will frequently encounter in modern projects and in most contemporary sample code.

This guide is not intended to teach you JavaScript from the ground up, but to help developers with basic knowledge who may struggle to get familiar with modern codebases (or let's say to learn React for instance) because of the JavaScript concepts used.

Besides, I will sometimes provide personal tips that may be debatable, but will take care to mention that it's a personal recommendation when I do so.

Note : Most of the concepts introduced here are coming from a JavaScript language update (ES2015, often called ES6). You can find new features added by this update here; it's very well done.
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11 hours ago by gurno
cross platform directory and file iteration headers (included in mingw)
C++  library  programming  reference 
12 hours ago by LobsterDog
YC’s Essential Startup Advice
YC’s Essential Startup Advice A lot of the advice we give startups is tactical; meant to be helpful on a day to day or week to week basis. But some advice is more fundamental. We’ve collected here what we at YC consider the most important, most transformative advice for startups. via Pocket
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12 hours ago by jeremyday

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