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Anglican Eucharistic Liturgies: 1985 - 2010
His latest. Earlier:
Latest Anglican Liturgies: 1976-1984
Further Anglican Liturgies: 1968-1975
Modern Anglican Liturgies: 1958-1968
And before that, there was Wigan's The Liturgy in English (see 2nd Edition)
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Prayer resources
anglican set of eucharist communion prayers. Brazilian Eucharist
Celtic Prayer
Christmas 2001
Coventry Litany
Cursillo 1989
House Blessing
Intercessory Prayer
Isaiah and the Footstool
Kenyan Eucharist
Litany of Sorrow
Litany of Mercy
Maxine’s Prayer Journal
MBTI Prayers
Mourner’s Kaddish
Native Eucharist
Prayer for the New Year
Prayer Handbook
Shemoneh Esreh
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