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Learning Elixir at Made by Many – Made by Many – Medium
Learning Elixir at Made by Many After giving a talk at ElixirConf this year in Orlando on building our first large Elixir project for Cava Grill, a question that I’ve frequently been asked is “how did you and your team learn Elixir and OTP”. via Pocket
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9 hours ago by jeremyday
The very best storytelling games to light your imagination on fire
The very best storytelling games to light your imagination on fire Take an evening joking around with friends, add a pinch of D&D and a dash of Who's Line Is It Anyway?, and you've got some idea of what a story game is. These collaborative storytelling games cover Shakespearean tragedies, the careers of metal bands, heists gone wrong and all that lies in between. via Pocket
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9 hours ago by jeremyday
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This webapp uses the mermaid library to generate graphs and sequence diagrams.
Syntax for sequence diagrams can be found here
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10 hours ago by rmateu
iPhone Servicepreise – Apple Support
Preise für Reparaturleistungen von Apple in Österreich
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10 hours ago by ferdinandfuchs
Everything you ever wanted to know about unfurling but were afraid to ask ~or~ How to make your site previews look amazing in Slack
Those handy little previews you see when you paste a link into a Slack message are what we refer to as unfurling internally at Slack (and also in Slack’s API documentation). While it may sound like a made up bit of tech jargon, it’s an actual word that means “to spread out from a rolled or folded state” which is what Slack attempts whenever it encounters a link.
When you paste a URL into a Slack message and press return, Slack’s servers fetch the URL, cache it, and then start going through the headers of the page. Slack reads them in this order:

● oEmbed server
● Twitter card tags/Facebook Open Graph tags
● HTML meta tags

Priority is given to things higher in the list, so if you run an oEmbed server that gives out generic information, but offer up rich descriptions for Twitter and Facebook, Slack will stick to the oEmbed server information and ignore the rest. For Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph tags, whichever is first in the page’s HTML will be used. If Slack finds nothing meeting the first two criteria, it will look for a meta tag with the description attribute and show that. If nothing meeting the above criteria can be found, no unfurl will be shown.
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13 hours ago by owenblacker
Poetic Forms | Merriam-Webster
A guide to some of the most famous poetic forms
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13 hours ago by Weaverbird

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