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Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and... — programming is terrible
As Sandi Metz put it, “duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction”.

You can’t really write a re-usable abstraction up front. Most successful libraries or frameworks are extracted from a larger working system, rather than being created from scratch. If you haven’t built something useful with your library yet, it is unlikely anyone else will. Code reuse isn’t a good excuse to avoid duplicating code, and writing reusable code inside your project is often a form of preemptive optimization.

When it comes to repeating yourself inside your own project, the point isn’t to be able to reuse code, but rather to make coordinated changes. Use abstractions when you’re sure about coupling things together, rather than for opportunistic or accidental code reuse—it’s ok to repeat yourself to find out when.
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Refactoring Course
Change the code in such a way that it doesn't break other parts of your program.
5 days ago by nahurst
Рефакторинг: говнокод → конфетка
Мини-курс о рефакторинге.
Рефакторинг — это контролируемый процесс улучшения
кода, без написания новой функциональности. Результат
рефакторинга — это чистый код и простой дизайн.
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13 days ago by gevorg
Making Legacy Sites More Performant with Modern Front-End Techniques
Front-end website performance is a constantly moving target but is critical to the overall speed of your site. Best practices evolve constantly. Also, modern browsers bring constant updates to performance techniques and tools needed to identify problems and optimize rendering. These optimizations don’t have to be difficult, and can typically be done in hours.
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14 days ago by spaceninja

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