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Wired by neveralarch
Transformers, Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker (main). "Skywarp joins the Decepticons and ends up rooming with two other seekers. It's not a trine, it's just a weird triple roommate situation with one nerd who likes to read and one nerd who likes to fake overloads. Or: Skywarp both fails and sort of succeeds at setting Starscream up with the Good Sex™." // 11.6K. Skywarp POV all. So as I understand this, three of the flying-types (a practical, just-here-to-do-a-job guy, a colossal drama queen, and a quiet, bookish sort) get shoved together as roommates in their terrorist cell, whereupon lots of emotions, rough edges, and kinks grind together, and it's humorous and weirdly touching. Skywarp's version of H/C in particular is ... something I'd not encountered before, lol. (I like this writer in general, so I assumed it would be readable even if I know next to zilch about the fandom. Yup!)
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:Skywarp/Starscream  pair:Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker  ref:robots  ref:backstory  ref:voyeurism  ref:oblivious  ref:H/C  ref:micommunication  ref:poly  via:Harpijka  au:neveralarch  fandom:Transformers 
20 days ago by zhena
Essential Nature by etben
Rivers of London, gen/het/slash. Peter on leave gets counseling, which leads to him mulling over both Sir William and Beverley in the other world, which leads him to Asking Questions. // 2.5K. Peter POV. A conversation with Ty even. This is an interesting speculative sort of fic.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  het  slash  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  yuletide2018  ref:backstory  au:etben  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
11 weeks ago by zhena
Let Me Steal This Moment by lesbianmountaingal
Rivers of London, Beverley|Beverley, Beverley/Peter. "When the new Beverley Brook was born he felt it, because of course he did, because on some weird and metaphysical level they were the same person." // 5K. On the topic of Beverley and Beverley (both POVs), which is something I spend a lot of time thinking about as well, though my thoughts don't match with this fic's direction.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  het  slash  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  ref:backstory  ref:missing-scene  au:lesbianmountaingal  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
11 weeks ago by zhena
There and Back Again by doctor_denmark
Rivers of London, gen. "And if you're the woman who, driving along the A4155 that afternoon, found herself inexplicably picking up a pair of hitchhikers and driving them all the way into London, I'm really, really sorry". Lies Sleeping, Chapter 12 // 1.3K. Outside POV, specifically the driver in question. Whew, it's mildly creepy.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  yuletide2018  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:backstory  ref:mindcontrol  ref:magic  au:doctor_denmark  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
12 weeks ago by zhena
Five to One Against by Philomytha
Rivers of London, gen. "How Molly and Nightingale discovered haemomancy." // 5K. Molly POV. Set during WWII and the Blitz, with some backstory for Molly, who has to make a hard choice. I wasn't actually certain what was going on at one point (and I'm still not sure, tbh), but it didn't impact the overall effect.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:ThomasNightingale|Molly  yuletide2018  ref:historical  ref:WWII  ref:backstory  ref:spies  au:Philomytha  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
12 weeks ago by zhena
The Night of the President's Presents by karaokegal
Wild Wild West, Jim/Artemus. For the annual holiday ball in Washington, the duo are tasked with collecting the presents destined for President Grant -- and detecting any hidden bombs and poisons beforehand. One such trap comes courtesy Loveless, naturally. //8.7K. Artie POV. Considerable backstory is applied to Artemus. Then florid sex pollen for christmas!
fanfic  WildWildWest  slash  pair:JamesWest/ArtemusGordon  yuletide2018  ref:xmas  ref:backstory  ref:sexpollen  ref:pining  ref:first-time  ref:western  au:karaokegal  fandom:MiscTV 
12 weeks ago by zhena
The First Step Is Always Scary by cdocks
Natsume's Book of Friends, gen. "Touko Fujiwara finds out a secret about her foster son." //2K. Sweet, short example of the subgenre of fic about how and when and where one or both of the Fujiwaras might discover Natsume's extracurricular activities.
fanfic  NatsumeYuujinchou  gen  yuletide2018  ref:families  ref:backstory  ref:futurefic  au:cdocks  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou 
12 weeks ago by zhena
Teenagers Are Not as Subtle as They Think by Truth
Natsume's Book of Friends, gen. Touko, fixing dinner, has a lengthy discussion about Natsume with his pudgy cat. But it's not as one-sided as she thinks. //2K. Ohhh. The title may not seem promising, but this is such a quiet, lovely fic (without the usual larded-on abuse drama).
fanfic  NatsumeYuujinchou  gen  yuletide2018  ref:backstory  au:truth  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou 
12 weeks ago by zhena
Ab Initio by qikiqtarjuaq
Guardian, gen. "Shen Wei's beginnings as a humble, technologically-impaired university student." //2.6K. Poor Shen Wei, surrounded by baffling humans, lol.
"Wait. A fan club? For people whose last names are Shen?" There were many things in modern culture he had yet to understand.
Lin Tao finally took pity on him. "No, Shen Wei. A fan club for you."
"Oh. But why?"
"Do you own a mirror?" quipped Xue Yang.
Shen Wei stopped to think. He had no frame of reference on whether it was normal for a university student to gain a fan club or not. Or even what fan clubs were supposed to do.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  gen  yuletide2018  ref:backstory  ref:college  ref:humor  ref:oblivious  au:qikiqtarjuaq  fandom:Guardian 
12 weeks ago by zhena
Favourite Uncle by Ben Aaronovitch
Rivers of London, gen. Abigail is hired by a former primary school friend to investigate her Uncle Stan, who stays with the family once a year -- who may not be her uncle at all.
(Waterstones Exclusive short story from _Lies Sleeping._ )
profic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:backstory  ref:casefic  ref:xmas  ref:angst  au:BenAaronovitch  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
november 2018 by zhena
Find Your Courage by Xparrot
Guardian, gen. Yulan and Da Qing. Kid Yunlan gets some inadvertent hero training from Da Qing. Or at least figures out how to swing a baseball bat. // 1K. Very short. Here's a bit more feeling around for backstory, and this one's kind of sweet. I really like how people are industriously applying themselves to fanoning out the inconsistencies and vagueness and plot holes.
Then Da Qing leaps forward past him, going from man to cat mid-air, using the loss in mass to launch himself further. He swipes his claws across the thing's huge eyes, bites at its throat —- and then the monster's paw falls and slams the small feline body into the ground.
Da Qing yowls, a high strangled sound like Yunlan has never heard from him before, never heard from any cat. The cry somehow unlocks his frozen knees; he drops the flashlight and stumbles forward, hefting the bat he brought. "Get away from him!"
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  gen  pair:ZhaoYunlan|DaQing  ref:backstory  ref:kidfic  au:xparrot  fandom:Guardian  via:blueMeridian 
november 2018 by zhena
Turning Point by elihice
Kyou Kara Maou, Conrad/Yuuri. "An unexpected event makes Conrad reconsider past history. The bravest swordsman is not the one who draws his sword, but the one that chooses when it's worth doing it." // 4.5K. Conrad works through his issues, decides yeah, he's allowed to have this. Nothing beyond that tho. (Pit of Voles fic)
fanfic  KyouKaraMaou  slash  pair:YuuriSibuya/ConradWeller  ref:backstory  ref:introspection  ref:UST  ref:pining  via:hydrangea  au:elihice  fandom:MiscAnimanga 
november 2018 by zhena
Proof by AlphaCygni
Deep Space Nine, Garak/Bashir, Garak/Parmak. "Enabran Tain has retired, and Garak has been second-in-command of the Obsidian Order for over three years. His next assignment is the interrogation of Cardassia’s newest detainee, a Federation doctor charged with espionage." // 81K, fork AU. Yeah, all right. It's well written, a cool premise, and is entirely set on Cardassia. Bashir is a house-bound captive throughout, forced to work on a disease cure (i.e., "arrest" here = kidnapping). It's intricate and culturally dense with really intense relationships, loads of Garak backstory, some vaguely Stockholm-y stuff.

But. I don't read the licensed mass-market novels (and don't plan to), and I felt uneasy the whole time about not being to discern what was this writer's own take on canon versus what got lifted whole-cloth from some book or other. Fuck it, spoilers: Bait-and-switch fic. The *TV series* pairing you chug through 80+K for is not the author's end game. It's some licensed novel rando (per Google). When I spotted this fic sitting in an old tab from last month, I got ticked off all over again. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  pair:Garak/SomeOtherDude  AU  ref:fork  ref:backstory  ref:kidnapping  ref:domestic  ref:first-time  au:alphacygni  fandom:DS9 
october 2018 by zhena
A Litany of Firsts by cosipotente
Guardian, Chu/Guo. "It’s taken time, but Guo accepts himself for who he is. Sometimes, though, Guo reaches for things he knows he shouldn’t; things that aren’t meant for him." After they're hauled from the deep freeze, Guo sucks it up and confesses his feelings, and Chu walks him home. // 3K. Sweet, tentative sort of odd-couple fic where not a lot happens but sets up that peculiar family get together.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ChuShuzhi/GuoChangcheng  ref:backstory  ref:preslash  au:cosipotente  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
Seeing Home by kyrilu
Guardian, Zhao/Shen, gen(ish). "This love of ten thousand years." Shen contemplates his Pendant of Pining and its meanings. //1K. Shen POV, series of vignettes.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  gen  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:backstory  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:pining  ref:domestic  ref:vignettes  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
What Follows after Rain by kyrilu
Guardian, Shen/Zhao & Da Qing. "Da Qing and Shen Wei have a conversation about Zhao Yunlan, and a past memory is revisited." // 2.7K. Cool genish backstory fic about Zhao's turbulent teens and his crappy relationship with Zhao Xinchi and with Da Qing trying to intercede on both sides.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  pair:ZhaoYunlan  pair:ZhaoYunlan|DaQing  pair:ShenWei|DaQing  ref:precanon  ref:backstory  ref:domestic  ref:established  ref:families  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
Victory Condition by astolat
Transformers, Optimus Prime/Megatron. "'Do you want me to tell you a story?' Megatron said mockingly. 'You won’t like it, Prime. It's not a very nice one.'" After OP and M are trapped together by a cave-in with no hope of rescue, it's time to get to get better acquainted! // 37K. Wow. Cyber enemy-slash with tragic backstory oversharing, political philosophical maneuvering, and impromptu poetry slamming. Also deeply porny: first time I've read a character talked into non-coning himself. I don't know (or want to know) anything about this fandom; even so, this fic turned out to be astonishingly readable.
[via reccer(s)] Jfc, this story is unreasonably good. Like, this is a fandom where I have no idea if it bears much resemblance to canon but *who cares*.// Yup.
Kept seeing Pinboard peeps linking to latest astolat Transformer weirdness, and had no plans (NONE) to read any of it. You guys. O_o;;;
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:robots  ref:enemyslash  ref:enemysex  ref:tenacles  ref:dubcon  ref:politics  ref:first-time  ref:angst  ref:backstory  via:spatz  via:Harpijka  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
september 2018 by zhena
The King and M'Baku by tehtarik
Black Panther, T'Challa/M'Baku. M'Baku fishes the King of Cats from the river, and consults with Hanuman as to what on earth to do with him. It's not a question that's easily answered. // 5K, sort of a folktale(ish) format, lots of pondering, no smut.
fanfic  BlackPanther  slash  pair:T'Challa/M'Baku  ref:UST  ref:humor  ref:backstory  au:tehtarik  fandom:BlackPanther 
september 2018 by zhena
The Way of the Apartment Manager by Elizabeth Culmer (edenfalling)
Naruto, gen. "When Naruto moves into his own apartment, the Third Hokage asks Ayakawa Yukiko, the building's owner and manager, to look after him rather than leaving him completely on his own. Yukiko is a mostly retired ninja, but Naruto catalyzes her to change her life. Then those changes snowball out to the rest of the village." // ~160K, two novels (second is an unfinished WIP) plus assortment of short side fics. It's plotty, intricate, with a lot of fixit and thinking about how the society works, which is the sort of thing I can't get enough of. The main OFC is a pretty great character as well; her work to get to and pass the chuunin exam, keep an eye on Naruto, and later work on a case herself is all fascinating. It's too bad that we'll never find out how it ends. Last updated in 2015, so doubtless won't ever be finished. But what's here is absolutely worth reading -- though I wish, v.v. much, that it would be completed. I want to know what happens, grah.
fanfic  Naruto  gen  AU  ref:canonish  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:backstory  au:ElizabethCulmer  fandom:Naruto  ref:plot  ref:fixit 
september 2018 by zhena
Leather by Cord Smithee
Man from UNCLE, Napoleon/Illya. Uni student/courier Jean-Louis has orders to compromise the American agent for the cameras after he's completed the information drop-off in Bonn. But he has his own ideas on that. // 9K, Illya POV. First-meet / first-time fic, set precanon, extremely porny. See also sequel, "Impediments."
fanfic  ManFromUNCLE  slash  pair:NapoleonSolo/IllyaKuryakin  ref:spies  ref:first-time  ref:precanon  ref:backstory  ref:honeypot  au:CordSmithee  fandom:MUNCLE 
april 2018 by zhena

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