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Lettuce is a fully non-blocking Redis client built with netty providing Reactive, Asynchronous and Synchronous Data Access .
21 hours ago by pks
Amazon ElastiCache Redis の各パラメータについてまとめてみた | DevelopersIO
Amazon ElastiCacheのRedisを利用する際に、どのように設計・設定すれば良いのかを各パラメータの意味を解説し、まとめてみました。
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2 days ago by oppara
GitLab High Availability on AWS
In this article we’ll go through a basic HA setup where we’ll start by configuring our Virtual Private Cloud and subnets to later integrate services such as RDS for our database server and ElastiCache as a Redis cluster to finally manage them within an auto scaling group with custom scaling policies.

Since the time of writing, EFS supports provisioned IOPS, making it a viable alternative to NFS. See:
git  aws  documentation  infrastructure  howto  availability  rds  redis  networking  work  amazon 
8 days ago by oscar-lopez
walrus — walrus 0.6.4 documentation
Lightweight Python utilities for working with Redis.
library  python  redis 
9 days ago by hellp

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