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New Lab – A multidisciplinary design & technology center
New Lab is an interdisciplinary space that supports advances in hardware, material sciences, manufacturing, and robotics.
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Redesigning how visitors explore ACMI
Working as part of the Visitor Services Team, I would often receive feedback about web issues that had affected a patron’s visit— information being ‘hidden’ in chunks of text due to the old CMS structure or complaints about films or events being difficult to find. Joining the Experience & Digital team to work on this project meant that I brought a unique set of insights into how ‘actual’ visitors used the old site, and, hopefully some empathy for what they were going through.
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A deep layer of digital – Made by Many – Medium
Earlier this year Made by Many completed a project to refresh, enhance and supercharge the Victoria & Albert’s web presence — applying a layer of digital deep into the heart of the museum. In this story people from Made by Many and the V&A discuss the work that went into it
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Wellcome Collection
Throughout 2017, you’ll be introduced to:
An improved navigation that makes it easier for you to find what you need
Engaging multi-part stories, video and audio series, curated image galleries, and even a new webcomic
A single search for library collections, images, our live programmes and venue information
Better tools for exploring Wellcome Library’s collections
A refreshed visual design.
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