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"Psst, vertraulich!" Weg von Glanz und Gloria: Tchibo im neuen, schlichten Design
redesign  from twitter
2 days ago by grzbielok
Weg von Glanz und Gloria: Tchibo im neuen, schlichten Design – Design Tagebuch
"Psst, vertraulich!" Weg von Glanz und Gloria: Tchibo im neuen, schlichten Design
redesign  from twitter
2 days ago by grzbielok
Rebuilding (Several People Are Coding)
Mina Markham рассказывает о технологической составляющей редизайна маркетингового сайта Slack.
UX  coding  case  redesign  issue  CSS  design+systems 
7 days ago by jvetrau
How To Design Your Small Bathroom
There are many challenging bathroom designs that homeowners have to work with, but a small bathroom can be the most challenging.
bathroom  redesign  design 
10 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Best Countertops For Your Kitchen
When redesigning a home or designing a custom home from scratch, always start with the kitchen first. And within that kitchen redesign, start with the countertops.
countertops  kitchen  redesign 
16 days ago by Adventure_Web
Taking IKEA Out of Its Box and Redesigning It for 1.6B Users
More than 1.6 billion people visited IKEA’s website in 2015. That’s a fifth of the entire world’s population and more than half of all people with internet access. But despite that incredibly impressive reach, IKEA had a conversion problem.
casestudy  redesign  medium 
24 days ago by mayrav
Haters gonna hate — What we can learn from Facebook’s 2006 news feed redesign (Free Code Camp)
Mike Frederick Ziethlow вспоминает эпохальный запуск новостной ленты Facebook в 2006 году, который по внешним атрибутам выглядел как полнейший провал — петицию против подписали 700 тыс. пользователей, около 5% аудитории на тот момент. Но компания понимала, для чего это делает и видела метрики, так что переждала волну негатива, а безумный рост пользовательской базы и прибыли говорит о том, что она была права. Хотя важно понимать, что ключевое тут — не самоубийственная упёртость, а понимание того, зачем делается редизайн и как понять его эффективность.
UX  redesign  case  issue  history 
24 days ago by jvetrau
Disney Reimagines Its Stores to Be More Like a Vacation
SEPT. 26, 2017 | The New York Times | By BROOKS BARNES.

The redesign makes Disney’s stores a bit more like Disney’s theme parks. For instance, daily parades at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida will be streamed live to those colossal video screens. During the parades, store personnel will put out mats for shoppers to sit on and roll out souvenir carts stocked with cotton candy and light-up Mickey Mouse ears.

The screens could easily be used to stream other events, such as red carpet arrivals for Disney movie premieres. That kind of programming could bolster foot traffic, and thus sales — while also turning the stores into a more potent promotional platform for Disney’s films, television shows and theme parks.....As it attempts a new mall strategy, Disney is also remaking its e-commerce operation. is replacing
Disney  prototypes  retailers  overhaul  redesign  entertainment  makeovers  consumer_feedback  theme_parks  shopping_malls  e-commerce  reimagining  reconceptualization 
25 days ago by jerryking
Why You Should Redesign Your Kitchen
As we grow into our homes, we start to have the feeling that we want to make updates to certain rooms to make them as welcoming, sustainable and functional as possible.
redesign  kitchen  decor  renovation 
25 days ago by Adventure_Web

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