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The Benefits Of A Breakfast Nook In Your Kitchen
If you’re looking for a new way to bring in a homey vibe, you should consider the breakfast nook.
kitchen  redesign  breakfast  nook 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Redesigning our website with Area 17. – Barnes Foundation – Medium
I’m happy to announce that we’ve just launched our website redesign. In selecting a firm we were looking for a team that could bring excellent design and strategy skills to the table and, also, a…
website  redesign  Barnes_Foundation  culturaldigital  museums  museum 
7 days ago by atran
Redesigning our website with Area 17. – Barnes Foundation – Medium
If there’s anything groundbreaking about the site, I think this is it. All of our pages are modular with modules able to be used on almost every page. No longer are we working with the rigid structure of templates. We now have a series of options and pages are built in a modular fashion that’s very fluid.
Barnes_Foundation  website  redesign 
10 days ago by stacker
How we designed Foursquare Swarm 5.0 (Foursquare Direct)
Greg Dougherty рассказывает о редизайне приложения Swarm.
UX  case  redesign  issue 
10 days ago by jvetrau
Interior Design Tips, And Mistakes To Avoid
Re-imagining the design of your house takes time, and it’s important to think through every possible angle.
Interior  redesign  Value  tips 
16 days ago by Adventure_Web
Redesigning GitLab's Navigation (GitLab)
Taurie Davis рассказывает о редизайне навигации GitLab.
UX  case  redesign  navigation  issue 
27 days ago by jvetrau
When redesigning your bathroom, it’s necessary to consider the factors in play of those using it.
bathroom  redesign  remodel 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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