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Yeah, redesign, part 1 (Jingxi Li)
Толково описанные цели редизайна сервиса Sing! Karaoke от Jingxi Li.
UX  case  redesign  issue  strategy 
5 days ago by jvetrau
Need to redesign our website. Looking for proposals - WorkbarBiz - Workbar Discussions
Hello All,

Need to redesign our website and do it on budget. Below are the parameters. Would like to look at possible vendors next week. Please reach out to me directly with immediate thoughts and how you'd propose to …
website  redesign  approaches  paths  talk  presentation 
8 days ago by jayroh
Influencing redesign (Dropbox Design)
Ed Chao из Dropbox рассказывает о том, как команда убедила руководство провести редизайн продукта.
UX  case  redesign  issue 
13 days ago by jvetrau
Behind’s homepage refresh (Vox Product Blog)
Рассказ дизайн-команды о том, как они переводили главную страницу на единый стиль и компоновку.
UX  redesign  case  issue  projects+news 
17 days ago by jvetrau
Why I HATE your FAKE redesign!
I’m tired of seeing new and frankly stupid redesigns of Facebook, Skype, and Twitter pop up on my newsfeed. Why not make something useful? Stop supporting these redesigns with likes, re-posts, and…
ux  redesign  inspiration 
22 days ago by stuarth
There are many simple ways to make the process more enjoyable and keep the room looking fresh and clean every day.
bathroom  redesign  interior  design 
24 days ago by Adventure_Web

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