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How to make music out of the Mueller report redactions
Then, we went a little further. We sometimes sonify data to help listeners hear data on the radio. Using Python, you can convert a CSV file of data into a MIDI file. Once you have the MIDI file, you can use software such as Logic or Garage Band to make music.
video  sonification  text  dj  mueller  trump  redaction 
april 2019 by paulbradshaw
Mueller PDF review
A detailed analysis of the PDF technology used; document was apparently two generations of printed-and-scanned
pdf  mueller  redaction  funny  politics 
april 2019 by nelson
"Infosphère est un outil de travail développé par les bibliothécaires de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Il a été conçu pour permettre aux étudiants d’optimiser leur temps de recherche et rédiger des travaux universitaires de qualité qui respectent le droit d’auteur." Avec 4 modules pour trouver de l'information : préparer la recherche, rechercher l'information, analyser l'information, rédiger un travail.
trousse  reference  information-management  recherche  education  redaction  UQAM 
april 2019 by kmo
Mueller links Trump and campaign to 11 instances of potential obstruction | US news | The Guardian
“The President slumped back in his chair and said, ‘Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.’”
USA  politics  MuellerRobert  investigation  report  TrumpDonald  Russia  election  interference  collusion  obstruction  DoJ  redaction  ComeyJames  McGahnDonald  BarrWilliam 
april 2019 by petej
Collabora Online (part of Collabora Productivity)
"Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which you can integrate in your own infrastructure."
writing  web  Internet  google  opensource  logiciel.libre  redaction  collaboration  work  travail  libreoffice 
february 2019 by kmo
OnlyOffice Documents
Online office suite with three tools: document writer/editor, presentation tool, spreadsheet tool. Compatible with Microsoft tools. Same principle as Google Docs. (company Ascensio System SIA?). Available in ENG, et en FR aussi, as well as many other languages. Can be integrated with NextCloud and OwnCloud via an app, since February 2017.
writing  web  Internet  google  redaction  collaboration  work  travail 
february 2019 by kmo
Portail linguistique du Canada / Language Portal of Canada
Ressources du Portail linguistique du Canada / Resources of the Language Portal of Canada.
language  grammaire  grammar  Canada  gouvernement  government  reference  redaction  writing  orthographe  speech 
february 2019 by kmo
Agence communautaire
"... une agence de communication au service des organismes à but non lucratif (OBNL). Sa mission est d’offrir aux organismes communautaires un soutien dans la conception, la mise en place et l’optimisation d’outils de promotion et de communication."
communautaire  communications  travail  consultation  outils  web  Internet  redaction 
february 2019 by kmo
Mueller news: Manafort’s poorly redacted filing reveals investigation details - Vox
Manafort’s poorly redacted filing reveals new Mueller investigation details
Mueller thinks Manafort shared 2016 polling data with a Russian associate.
legal_tech  redaction 
january 2019 by wck

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