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Marie Kondo Helped, but What About the Extra Stuff? - The New York Times
You may find that donating or recycling your unwanted possessions is harder than it might seem.
3 days ago by andyhuey
CMTM4 regulates angiogenesis by promoting cell surface recycling of VE-cadherin to endothelial adherens junctions | SpringerLink
possible involvement in dynamics of recycling of PM components for VE cadherin, other proteins even in tumor cells? maybe with other CMTM family members?

Vascular endothelial (VE) cadherin is a key component of endothelial adherens junctions (AJs) and plays an important role in maintaining vascular integrity. Endocytosis of VE-cadherin regulates junctional strength and a decrease of surface VE-cadherin reduces vascular stability. However, disruption of AJs is also a requirement for vascular sprouting. Identifying novel regulators of endothelial endocytosis could enhance our understanding of angiogenesis. Here, we evaluated the angiogenic potential of (CKLF-like MARVEL transmembrane domain 4) CMTM4 and assessed in which molecular pathway CMTM4 is involved during angiogenesis. Using a 3D vascular assay composed of GFP-labeled HUVECs and dsRED-labeled pericytes, we demonstrated in vitro that siRNA-mediated CMTM4 silencing impairs vascular sprouting. In vivo, CMTM4 silencing by morpholino injection in zebrafish larvae inhibits intersomitic vessel growth. Intracellular staining revealed that CMTM4 colocalizes with Rab4+ and Rab7+ vesicles, both markers of the endocytic trafficking pathway. CMTM4 colocalizes with both membrane-bound and internalized VE-cadherin. Adenovirus-mediated CMTM4 overexpression enhances the endothelial endocytic pathway, in particular the rapid recycling pathway, shown by an increase in early endosomal antigen-1 positive (EEA1+), Rab4+, Rab11+ , and Rab7+ vesicles. CMTM4 overexpression enhances membrane-bound VE-cadherin internalization, whereas CMTM4 knockdown decreases internalization of VE-cadherin. CMTM4 overexpression promotes endothelial barrier function, shown by an increase in recovery of transendothelial electrical resistance (TEER) after thrombin stimulation. We have identified in this study a novel regulatory function for CMTM4 in angiogenesis. CMTM4 plays an important role in the turnover of membrane-bound VE-cadherin at AJs, mediating endothelial barrier function and controlling vascular sprouting.
ve_cadherin  vesicle_trafficking  recycling  endocytosis  transendothelial 
3 days ago by Segalllab
4 Ways To Recycle More At Home
It’s easy for a person to be so confused about the process of recycling that they fail to do it entirely. Here are some tangible things you can do to recycle more at home.
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5 days ago by Adventure_Web
Cuomo’s plan to expand the nickel-redemption program could upend the recycling business
"But that environmentally friendly move unleashed an unanticipated boom in street collectors digging through curbside garbage cans and bags. Such rummaging is illegal because at that point, recyclables belong to the city.

"Scavenging went up dramatically after water bottles were added, and it became a serious problem in the city," said Robert Lange, former director of the Department of Sanitation's Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling."

"Jesus, 41, said he spends 16 hours every day in Lower Manhattan filling a shopping cart with bottles and cans so he can send money to help his five children in his native Mexico. He usually starts his search around 4 p.m. and on a good night bags 4,000 containers, worth $200. On a tough day he nets about $70. Many apartment superintendents and office managers let him look through recyclables before they're taken to the curb.

"I would be so happy if I could make some more money," Jesus said. "It's a hard job. I'm alone a lot.""
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