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A product stewardship plan for unwanted medicine from households
see page 8 footnote and pages 10, 18, and 25

PureWay mail-back packages?
inhaler  disposal  trash  recycling  recycle 
6 days ago by frankfarm
How 2 Recycle
new label system for recyclables
recycle  label  design  plastic 
7 weeks ago by cosmic
What Really Happens When Files Are Deleted from Your PC?
After deleting files from computer, you may think that these files have disappeared permanently. However, most of time, the fact is not like what you think. Here, in this article, we will expose what actually happens when you delete files.
Delete  Files  Deleted  Erase  Data  File  Records  Recover  PST  Recycle  Bin 
8 weeks ago by DataNumen
Using REX Files In Logic |
You might consider the REX file to be just another format on the list of audio import options, but it can actually be used to achieve some very creative results. We take a look at what's possible.
rex  file  recycle  logic 
10 weeks ago by gdw

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