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Modern looking clothes and furniture : sims2
I’d recommend the ts4tots2conversions or 4t2cc tags on tumblr! Or any tumblr sims blogs; nearly every creator I know of has switched to it rather than livejournal/all the older sites, and most current ts2 creators are converting stuff.

And as much as I hate Pinterest, there are a lot of good links on it if you’re willing to sign up and deal with the spam emails they send. Just search “conversions” or “4t2” within the sims realm on there, and you’ll find a bunch of goodies.

Another suggestion would be TheNinthWave. They have their own site and do a lot of conversions from sims 3 and 4 to sims 2.

EDIT: to further murder your computer, I’d recommend crispsandkerosene on tumblr. They do a lot of awesome item conversions for ts2 from all the other games (and they’re fully functional to boot!)
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6 days ago by timberwolfoz
taking everyone for a ride - Chapter 1 - Nonymos - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Things Eddie Brock flirts with on a regular basis: death, insanity, his ex, his ex’s new boyfriend, and also the alien symbiote that lives inside his body. Not bad for a loser with no game, really.
Venom2018  fanfic  recs  BDSM  poly  queer  monster.fucking  fluff 
11 days ago by meri_sefket
Audience: 822,000 and Homeland Security - WerewolvesAreReal - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Hardison starts a live-stream for Dragon Age to show off his new mods. And he kicks ass. But his viewers are actually a bit more concerned about the angry guy in the background of his videos, and the blond chick who keeps peering through his windows.

"Is this some kind of performance art," asks peskytroll341.
fanfic  recs  gen  OT3  poly  Leverage  humor 
11 days ago by meri_sefket

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