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Designing for Digital Natives: Connecting with Gen Z
When it comes to digital communication, the world is changing. Those of Gen Z (born between ~1995 – 2015) have never known life without omnipresent technology. Smartphones. Fitbits. RFID sensors. This constant access to connection and information shapes how they see the world and how they communicate—and how they interact with brands.
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6 days ago by lnidoh
veteran cto (with multiple successful exits) answers your top startup-building questions
hiring  recruitment 
7 days ago by pdurlej
Re-creating Facebook on Instagram
Class accounts are a way for incoming freshmen to make friends, find roommates, and suss out colleges before fall.
Instagram  recruitment  Social-media 
12 days ago by lnidoh
The Myth of May 1st: When Students Really Choose to Enroll
In December and January, 15% of prospective students say they have already received an offer of admission and only 4% have officially accepted that offer. Yet, in May and June, when we field the Survey of Admitted Students, nearly a quarter (23%) tell us they made their enrollment decisions prior to January.
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14 days ago by lnidoh
Il tuo Head Hunter digitale | Meritocracy
dove anche ha messo una sua pagina per il recruitment
21 days ago by cmenzani

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