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Our paths are connected, our journey is unique but together we can…
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yesterday by jennifermjones
PDFCrack - A Password Recovery Tool for PDF-files(Windows version)
PDFCrack is a GNU/Linux (other POSIX-compatible systems should work too) tool for recovering passwords and content from PDF-files. It is small, command line driven without external dependencies. The application is Open Source (GPL).
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yesterday by fozbaca
6 Useful Solutions to “Invalid media or Track 0 bad – disk unusable” Error in Windows
When you fail to format a drive or memory card with an error – “Invalid media or Track 0 bad – disk unusable”, you can refer to this post to learn 6 effective measures. They will help you get rid of this trouble in quick time.
Bad  Sector  CHKDSK  Error  Format  Disk  Invalid  media  or  Track  -  unusable  pst  recovery  windows  Write  Protection  0 
5 days ago by DataNumen
6 Reasons & Solutions for White Screen of Death on iPhone
Have you ever come across white screen of death when using your iPhone? It refers to that iPhone screen is totally white without any icons or apps. Now, this post will look at this issue to show 6 of its reasons and solutions.
Auto  Brightness  DFU  Mode  Hard  Reset  iPhone  Data  Loss  PST  corruption  Recovery  White  Screen  of  Death 
7 days ago by DataNumen
Companion - by Elliewood (Congruence #2)
"Jim. I'm here. Spock is here. We want you to open your eyes, let us know you're okay."

Something socked me in the chest when I saw it, a fractional lowering of his brows, a tiny frown. I petted that frown encouragingly, smoothing the skin with my thumb.

"That's it, come on, wake up. Look at me."

The frown deepened as his eyes opened, not a lot, but enough that I could see a glint. His mouth moved, his voice wispy and unsteady but distinct.


I felt my face break into a huge-ass grin.

"Yeah, kid, yeah it's me."

His eyes shifted toward the other side of the bed. "Poh...?"

"I am here as well, Captain." Spock tried to sound cool, but his voice hitched slightly on the "well." My cheeks were cramping from smiling so hard.

"Kay." And just like that, he was out again, his eyelids closing as the frown relaxed.

"He knew us." I thought I would bust a gut from sheer joy. "He knew us, he knew who we were."


"Sweet baby Jesus," I breathed, and I let my head drop to rest on his shoulder, my hand still clinging to his hair. A moment later, I heard Spock come around the bed to stand next to me. I didn't trust myself to look up.

I felt a firm but gentle squeeze, his hand on my shoulder, and I kind of lost it again, so I pushed my eyes against Jim's gown for a few minutes until I could stand up to update his chart.
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9 days ago by runpunkrun

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