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MixerFace - CEntrance
IOS mobile audio interface and recorder for ios etc mobile devices; also standalone micro SD card recorder. 2 channels w XLR
recorder  interface  audio  sound  fieldrecording  ios 
6 days ago by jeremiahmoore
Capture Screen, WebCam, Audio, Cursor, Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes
opensource  recorder  screen  free  windows 
23 days ago by axehandle
ScreenToGif - Record your screen, edit and save as a Gif or video
Screen, webcam and sketchboard recorder with an integrated editor.
screenshot  app  recorder  Windows  freeware 
5 weeks ago by eriwst
DAT Recorder | DAT Photos | DAT User Manual | DAT Service Manual
One of those technology history/nostalgia websites but which has the very useful feature of selling downloadable owner's and service manuals for many DAT recorders.
SoundDesign  DAT  recorder  Audio  music  vintage  technology 
7 weeks ago by DaleStrumpell
Which recorder to buy?
short discussion of alto, soprano, tenor, bass
music  recorder 
december 2018 by pierredv
Category:For 2 recorders - IMSLI
The list below includes all pages in the category "For 2 recorders".
music  recorder 
december 2018 by pierredv
AudioMoth - LabMaker
A simple to deploy, inexpensive readymade recorder unit with intervalometer.
Mono only though… uses a MEMS mic.

I like the simplicity of the control interface
I like that in calculates data and power useage
good forum on their website as well
not sure this integrates into Treecorder, but I’m intrigued somehow nonetheless.
soundscape  recorders  recorder  diy  monitoring  acousticecology  acoustics 
december 2018 by jeremiahmoore

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