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Players React to LeBron James Passing Wilt on All-Time Scoring List - Lakers Outsiders
LeBron James has had many accomplishments over the course of his 16-year career. On Wednesday, he added one more to the list, vaulting past Wilt Chamberlain to ascend into the top five of the NBA’s all-time scoring list.
In what was James’ best game as a Laker, the forward recorded 44 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists and three blocks, surpassing Chamberlain on a fourth-quarter free throw as his team rolled past the Portland Trail Blazers en route to their fourth straight win.
James’ most recent accomplishment had social media buzzing with teammates (all of LeBron’s “lil bros”) and foes alike congratulating one of the all-time greats on yet another milestone:
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VIDEO: LeBron James Explodes for 44 Points, Passes Wilt Chamberlain in All-Time Scoring List - Lakers Outsiders
Today is the day LeBron James finally became a Laker.
It’s been a slow start to the LeBron era in Los Angeles. The King’s numbers had been good but he had not had a signature moment in the purple and gold yet.
That changed on Wednesday night as James led the Lakers past the Portland Trail Blazers, dominating for most of the game and making history along the way.
LeBron finished the game scoring 44 points on 13-19 shooting (5-6 from the 3-point line) and almost completed a triple-double with ten rebounds and nine assists. He also exhibited his best defensive effort of the season, recording three blocks and one steal.
Along the way, James made history, hitting a free throw late in the fourth quarter to surpass Wilt Chamberlain for fifth on the NBA’s All-Time scoring list, a remarkable achievement for one of the greatest athletes to ever play the game.
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LeBron James Passes Wilt Chamberlain For Fifth All-Time Points Scored - Lakers Outsiders
LeBron James just keeps moving his way up the all-time scoring list. On Wednesday night, The King surpassed another Lakers legend in Wilt Chamberlain for fifth-most points scored. This is the second player that James has passed this year as he knocked Dirk Nowitzki down a peg on the list.
James had a phenomenal game all around and got the points needed to pass Chamberlain on a floater and free throw in the fourth quarter.
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Lakers vs. Blazers Final Score: LeBron James passes Wilt Chamberlain for fifth in NBA history in scoring as L.A. beats Portland - Silver Screen and Roll
LeBron James made history — passing up a Lakers legend in the process — in L.A.’s win against the Blazers.
To this point of the season, a topic of conversation many in the Los Angeles Lakers fan base kept going back to was when they might see LeBron James really take over and dominate a game.
Wednesday night against the Portland Trail Blazers, they saw it. It was amazing, and it allowed Los Angeles to beat the Blazers 126-117 as James passed fellow Lakers legend Wilt Chamberlain for fifth all-time in NBA history in scoring.
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Lakers beat Blazers as LeBron passes Wilt on all-time scoring list
If Wednesday's win is any indication, then the Lakers have upgraded both food and presentation -- thanks to celebrity chef LeBron James. On a night when he passed Wilt Chamberlain as the NBA's fifth all-time leading scorer, James delivered his most rousing performance of the season, scoring 44 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and distributing 9 assists.
James exacted much of his damage bombing away from ungodly distances, draining 5-of-6 from beyond the arc, his most makes in a single game as a Laker. Just before halftime, he gave the Lakers their first lead since the opening minutes when he pulled up from nearly 30 feet and buried a triple. Twenty-four seconds later, he dribbled to a similarly obscene spot and drained another. As a team, the Lakers hit 15 of their 32 3-point attempts, matching the 15 they converted against Minnesota.
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LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers passes Wilt Chamberlain for fifth on NBA's all-time scoring list
LOS ANGELES -- LeBron James passed Wilt Chamberlain -- another all-time great who joined the Los Angeles Lakers in the latter stages of his career -- for fifth place on the NBA's all-time scoring list Wednesday night against the Portland Trail Blazers.
James tied Chamberlain on an and-1 runner with 3:55 left in the fourth quarter and passed him on the ensuing free throw. James finished the game with 44 points -- his first 40-point game of the season and the most by a Laker since Kobe Bryant scored 60 in his career finale -- and he now has 31,425 points for his career. James added 10 rebounds and 9 assists in Los Angeles' 126-117 win at Staples Center.
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Aaron Donald sets Rams record, career-high with 12 sacks in 10 games
Aaron Donald won his first Defensive Player of the Year award in 2017 by notching 10 sacks and a league-high 91 quarterback pressures. He was unstoppable up front for the Rams despite missing the first and last games of the season and sitting out all of training camp.
As good as he was last year, he’s been even better in 2018. On Sunday against the Seahawks, he recorded two sacks in the first 22 minutes of the game. That gave him 12 on the season, which is a new career-high, passing his previous best of 11.
Additionally, he set the Rams’ single-season record for sacks by a defensive tackle.
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Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder - Chrome Web Store
No watermark capture the entire desktop to .webm

No annotation features (in the free version at least)
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Franchise-worst first quarter leaves Lakers lamenting lack of communication defensively against Raptors - Silver Screen and Roll
The Lakers got steamrolled by the Raptors in the first quarter, leaving them on the wrong end of history and brainstorming how to fix their defense.
Los Angeles — With all the drama swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers over the last week after a leaked meeting in which president of basketball operations Magic Johnson reportedly took head coach Luke Walton to task for the team’s lack of offensive identity, a winning streak would have been exactly the shot in the arm the Lakers needed to weather the proverbial storm.
Johnson said Walton was safe for this year barring something “drastic,” and while the Lakers’ listless 121-107 loss to the Toronto Raptors probably doesn’t qualify, it was bad enough to at least make one wonder.
The team followed up their impressive road win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night with a disinterested showing against the Raptors on Sunday. The defeat was far less close than the final score indicated, and made all the more dispiriting by the Lakers getting trampled right from the jump.
The Lakers trailed 42-17 after the first quarter, the biggest first-quarter deficit the team has ever faced in their 71-year franchise history.
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