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Russian forces impose protection on factions of the "reconciliation " and prevent the regime forces from arresting them warning them of bypassing it • SOHR, Sep 20, 2018
Russian police forces -who are deployed in the northern countryside of al-Homs- have issued security cards to former leaders of Jaysh al-Tawhid Faction, which carried out “settlements and reconciliations”, where they were distributed security cards written in Arabic and Russian on about 50 former leaders and members of Jaysh al-Tawhid,
Russia  FreedomOfMovement  Homs  exFSA  Reconciliation 
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Life after reconciliation marred by arrests, broken promises as Syria’s southwest returns to government control - Syria Direct, Oct 16, 2018
But for many, reconciliation has been far from easy. “They told me I would need to visit more than one security branch,” Abu Mahmoud tells Syria Direct, referring to Syria’s network of security branches and detention black-sites that were notorious for forced disappearances and torture long before the conflict began.

“I’m terrified to go near them—I don’t know what they’ll do to me.”

According to the reported terms of closed-door negotiations between opposition factions and Russian representatives, al-Failaq al-Khamis would have little interaction with the government and not participate in battles against rebels elsewhere in the country. Moreover, al-Failaq al-Khamis volunteers would be exempt from military service, and allowed to remain in the southwest as local self-defense forces.

The breakdown of al-Failaq al-Khamis, according to two former rebel negotiators party to talks with the Syrian government and Russian mediators at the time, came down to the Russians’ refusal to uphold a crucial term of the reconciliation agreement: that the ex-rebel force would remain in Daraa and not partake in battles in the northwest.

The government requested that al-Failaq al-Khamis volunteers sign contracts to join and later ordered recently enlisted ex-rebel fighters to travel to Idlib and participate in fighting there, one of the two former rebel negotiators tells Syria Direct, speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

When most fighters refused, the force was largely disbanded.

Both anonymous negotiators meanwhile say that only a small contingent of fighters from eastern Daraa’s FSA-linked faction Shabab a-Sunnah remains with the group.
Daraa  5thCorps  SAA  Russia  Reconciliation  arrest  ExFSA 
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Returning Syrians Arrested by the Regime - Ettihad, Oct 25,2018
Two days after Syrian regime authorities announced the reopening of the Abou al-Dahour crossing in the eastern Idleb countryside to those who want to return to regime-controlled areas, local sources say that the regime intelligence arrested three women and a child who recently returned to the Qadisiya area near the capital Damascus just hours after their arrival from northern Syria.
Damascus  Reconciliation  arrest  Mar15 
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Physical and Societal (Re)construction in Nineveh post Islamic State – Project on Middle East Political Science, Oct 2018
Reconstruction needs to be depoliticised and must address both the physical and societal needs of citizens.  But viewing reconstruction as an inherently political process means that policy and analysis must take into account the political power dynamics at play between members of the NPC, as well as between the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and the NPC, the KRG and Baghdad, and Baghdad and the NPC. The competition for control between these actors, or the act of preventing others from gaining control, or benefiting from reconstruction of areas that they control, is the greatest obstacle to reconstruction in Nineveh, as the process becomes politicised and the best interests of the population are not taken into account.

There are a number of lessons that can be taken from the pre-IS period in order to ensure past failures are not reproduced. Firstly, processes that limit political control at the provincial level should not be reconstructed. Additionallyt, local voices also need to be heard and decentralisation should not be only to the province, but also within, to the districts and sub-districts. Governance in Nineveh (and across Iraq) also needs to become more transparent and accountable to the people, as corruption has long affected the process. Secondly, security cannot feel imposed from Baghdad and must have a strong sense of local ownership, whilst still operating within the national system. 

Additionally, notions of collective guilt from the other communities towards Sunni Arabs must be countered, as this not only hinders reconciliation, but also wider governance. There is a common misconception within the minority communities of Nineveh – as voiced on numerous occasions in interviews between 2016-2017 – that the majority of Sunnis are complicit in the actions of IS and that they have not suffered as a community. The suffering of Sunnis should not be denied and should be included in the shared narrative of truth to strengthen the process of reconciliation (O’Driscoll, 2016a).
Iraq  Ninewa  reconstruction  Reconciliation  Judiciary  Sunni  sectarianism  IDPs  Mosul 
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Reconciled Militants Included in Three Military Formations in Daraa  - Enab Baladi, Oct 20, 2018
One of the pro-regime military bodies into which locals are being drafted is the “4th Division”, which has promised recruits that service will be restricted to Syria’s southern region, unlike the Syrian Army’s regular service.

The “5th Corps” has experienced a substantial amount of enrollment among locals from the al-Badiya region. However, the refusal of militants from Daraa’s western region to join the regime’s ranks – and the militants’ consequent transferal to Idlib Governorate – has meant that some of the “5th Corps” western units have disbanded, with units remaining primarily in the east.
There is also the case of factions appearing over recent weeks in Daraa’s eastern region which are affiliated to the Lebanese “Hizbullah” organisation, according to Enab Baladi’s correspondent. These factions are reportedly offering recruitment incentives to local militants, including the possibility of remaining stationed in the governorate. The factions are also offering financial incentives, such as double the salary which the 4th Division and 5th Corps are providing.
Hizbollah  Mar15  Daraa  Quneitra  SAA  Reconciliation  recruitment 
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Some Syrians are returning home to arrests as others brave the sea - The National, Sep 26, 2018
According to General Security, all names are sent to Damascus for approval, and around 10 per cent of them are rejected. Those who are wanted by Syrian authorities are informed, so they can decide whether to return or not.

But The National has learned that some are being arrested upon their return despite assurances.
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