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Sunni and Shia struggle with Iraq’s reconciliation process
Details of failed Yathrib reconciliation efforts by AAJ and more successful one by AAH
tribes  Reconciliation  AAH  Salahaddin  AhmedAbdullahJiburi 
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Romance is Dead
Morty goes to college and thinks about Rick's feelings for him.
“D-do you think you’re gonna be, gonna be allowed to keep going on adventures with me if y-y-you come home stumbling drunk? Do you even know what’s in here, Morty? You’ve got no tolerance, Morty, you’ll be drunk as a skunk.”

“Maybe I-I don’t /want/ to go on adventures with you anymore, Rick, ever think of that?” Morty half-yelled, wishing Rick wasn’t right about his low tolerance.

Rick’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Why wouldn’t you want to go anymore, Morty?”

Mouth dropping open, Morty scoffed and asked, “Really? Y-you have no idea why I wouldn’t, wouldn’t want to come along with you anymore?”

“Is this about you going off to college, Morty, because that’s not going to stop our adventures, you know? I-I can portal to your school and pick you up-“

“No, Rick, Jesus, I don’t want you to come pick me up at school!” Morty said hotly. “I don’t want to g-go anywhere else with you!”

Rick was silent for a long moment, long enough for Morty to bristle with anger again, before saying, “It’s about the kiss.” It wasn’t a question.

Morty’s face flushed, hearing Rick say it out loud. “D-duh.”

Heaving out a sigh, Rick drank deeply from his flask. “Goddamn M-Morty, you’re such a little-URP-such a little bitch. Just get over it already.”

A crazed look came into Morty’s eyes and he twisted in his seat to face Rick. “/Get over it/? Y-y-you kissed me! You’re my f-fucking grandpa and you kissed me!”

Rick brought the spaceship to an abrupt halt. “Listen, /Morty/, d-don’t read into things so much. A kiss, that ain’t no thang. It was nothing. It meant nothing.”

The statement hit Morty like a punch in the gut. He could still remember the feeling of Rick’s wet, chapped lips on his, his warm tongue probing his mouth, Rick’s hands fisted in his shirt. He’d spent the better part of two weeks agonizing over it, the wrongness of it, the way it’d made him feel to be kissed by his grandfather, trying to decipher his feelings about it, and now Rick was telling him it didn’t /matter/? “F-fuck you, Rick.”
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:itsnotmeitsyouxxx  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  humour  minor-Morty/Jessica  incest  aged-up-character/s  strained/broken-friendships  arguments  flirting  university/college  pining  pining!Morty  mutual-pining  texting  fantasies  reconciliation  sexting  sexual-content  masturbation  dirty-pictures  caresses  jealousy  jealous!Rick  kissing  dirty-talk  licking/sucking  nipple-stimulation  blowjobs  praise-kink  kisses  cuddling  misunderstandings  parties/celebrations  possessiveness  possessive!Rick  hugs  teasing  begging  anal-fingering  anal-sex  handjobs  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k   
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Higher Ground
"What would you have done?"

The infarction was something they didn't talk about. Ever. Through mutual, unspoken agreement, they never talked about the intimate details of those hellish days and the year following it. It had made the silence between them jagged and hard for awhile, but those edges dulled over time. At least for Wilson they did.

"Please don't make me answer that."
"Please don't make me answer that," he pleaded - begged - quietly, his throat choking around the words.

They weren't supposed to talk about that. He didn't want to talk about that. He'd rather House went on a weeks long diatribe about his failed marriages than answer that single question.

"Answer me."

"I can't."

"You can and you will," House insisted, steel returning to his voice. He moved into Wilson's personal space and for a wild second, Wilson considered punching him in the face to get him out of it. "What would you have done?"

That was a question Wilson had asked himself God knows how many times since the infarction. He wondered what he would have done after Stacy had called him tearfully and told him what she had done, again when he first saw House and how he looked at Stacy with nothing but betrayal and contempt, during physical therapy, on bad pain days, when he discovered that House had shoved all of his athletic equipment into the closet, every time he saw him absentmindedly pop a handful of Vicodin. Most people contemplated the existence of the afterlife, what their role was in the universe, the meaning of love. Wilson wondered what he would have done if he'd been in Stacy's position.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

And that was the point Wilson always got stuck on, what made his heart ache and his palms sweat. House, for all his faults, was actually pretty difficult to anger. Irritation was one thing, House didn't tend to hold onto irritation for long, but anger festered in him like flesh eating bacteria until it spread and destroyed every good thing he ever thought about the person who angered him. As much as he'd once loved Stacy, Wilson knew that the first emotion House felt when he thought of her was anger. Wilson didn't want that for himself or for House, for him to think of him and have to weave through layers of anger before he could remember anything else.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"There's no way your self-righteous ass hasn't come up with a million solutions and a million justifications for each of those million solutions. You've defended Stacy's choice, you defended my logic to her. It's about time you picked a fucking side and stuck to it."

Wilson knew he was trying to get a rise out of him, but that didn't stop the anxious feeling buzzing through him from mixing with the frustration he'd always felt towards the entire situation, making his hands clinch and for him to close the distance between him and House to get right in his face.

"I would have amputated your entire fucking leg."

For a horrible, crushing second, House looked like was going to cry, his face crumbling and his blue eyes widening, but it was gone in the blink of an eye, replaced with a more controlled, but equally hurt expression. Normally, Wilson would crack and apologize, try to rewind the conversation to make it hurt less, but House had pushed him into a corner he had spent a decade avoiding. He was angry.

"I'm not Stacy. Unlike her, I went to med school, so I know that the 'middle ground' she chose was no middle ground at all. I would know that the chronic pain isn't just a shooting sensation every once in awhile or a pinprick; it's a screaming, searing pain that is debilitating at the best of times. I would've looked at you in that bed, thought of what would happen to you-." Wilson paused, taking a deep breath to calm the emotions rattling through his chest. "And I would have told Cuddy to amputate the entire fucking thing. I would have let her knock you out, knowing what I was about to do... knowing that you would wake up angry and furious and... and I never would have regretted it. Not for one goddamn second."

House looked gobsmacked, like he had no idea who Wilson was and why he was practically yelling at him. Wilson knew that he probably should've stopped there, but he figured that since he was already telling the truth, he might as well go for broke.

"I never would have wished this pain on you - never - so I would've kept you from feeling it in the first place. You would've gone on, happy with Stacy, saving a lost life once a week, adjust to living with a prosthesis, and hating me with every breath you took. And I could take that because I... I love you enough to let you hate me."

With everything laid out for House to see in all of its ugliness, Wilson stepped away from him and rubbed his hand along the back of his neck, suddenly tired and unable to look at him.

"I'm not sorry... I don't even wish I was. And even though I know you're probably mad at me, think about this for me: would you have let /me/ die? Because that's what you were asking Stacy to do; you were asking her to let you die. If you can look at me and honestly tell me that if it was me in that bed and you would've let me die, maybe I'll understand your anger then. Maybe I'll even start to feel sorry, I don't know. But until you can answer that question, you don't have the high ground. You never had it in the first place."

It was only after Wilson finished that he realized the extent of his sugar coating in day-to-day life, the way he always told the truth but then tried to soften it. Not once during his tangent did he try to sugar coat anything; he wanted House to feel all of it. He wanted House to feel the pain he caused Stacy, to understand that Wilson wasn't on his side and never had been when it came to the choice she made, and most of all, he wanted him to understand how much he hurt everyone with his insistence that they should have risked letting him die.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"I wouldn't let you die."

He was looking at the ground as he said it, tapping his cane against the floor, but Wilson knew it was no less sincere than if he had looked him in the eye and held his hand as he said it. House was taking a leap of faith by saying that, knowing that he was admitting to so much more than a mere desire to see Wilson live.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:VictoriaAGrey  S4  pre-slash  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  past-House/Stacy  shadowing  late-night-encounters  confrontations  House’s-infarction  flirting  strained/broken-friendships  reconciliation  hugs  moving-in-together  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
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Free, prior and informed consent — unless it's not politically expedient, then...
Reconciliation  from twitter_favs
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دوما.. الكيماوي أو التماهي مع الروس - عنب بلدي
فيما قالت مصادر لعنب بلدي إن الجانب الروسي أوصل مقترحه لـ “جيش الإسلام”، الجمعة، على لسان الكولونيل ألكساندر زورين، الذي قاد المفاوضات مع فصيل “فيلق الرحمن” في القطاع الأوسط من الغوطة، وتقضي مقترحات الجانب الروسي بتسليم السلاح الثقيل، بمدة لا تتجاوز ثلاثة أيام، للنظام السوري، مع ضمان روسيا عدم استخدام النظام الطيران الحربي، كما يسلم الفصيل سلاحه الخفيف خلال أسبوع مع ضمان خروج قوات الأسد من المنطقة.

كما يقضي المقترح بتسوية وضع كل من سلم سلاحه، وتقديم طلب للتطوع في الشرطة، على أن يتم تشكيل الشرطة خلال أسبوعين.

ثم يتلقى التشكيل الدعم من روسيا لقتال تنظيم “الدولة الإسلامية” (داعش) و”جبهة النصرة”، إضافةً إلى انتشار الشرطة الروسية على الحواجز في المنطقة.
Mar15  Damascus  JayshAl-Islam  Russia  diplomacy  Reconciliation 
18 days ago by elizrael
ملامح نسخة جديدة لـ"اتفاق" تهجير دوما - Al-Araby al-Jadid
وفي ما يخص مقاتلي "جيش الإسلام" الذين يفضلون البقاء في دوما، ينص الاتفاق على "أن تعمل سلطات النظام على تسوية أوضاعهم بعد تسليم أسلحتهم، بشكل كامل وبضمانة روسية كاملة، على أن يجري تأجيل خدمة التجنيد الإجباري للشبان المطلوبين لها، لمدة تتراوح بين 6 أشهر و10 أشهر". ولا ينص الاتفاق على دخول قوات النظام إلى المدينة بل "يمكن لعناصر شرطة النظام الدخول إلى دوما خلال فترة إعادة تأهيل المدينة بضمانة الشرطة العسكرية الروسية، كما سيجري تخديم دوما بالكامل من نقل وحركة تجارية وغيرها من الخدمات اللازمة"، وفق المصدر. هذا الاتفاق الذي يتداوله ناشطون في مدينة دوما، لم يصدر أي بيان رسمي من أطراف الاتفاق بتأكيده، أو نفيه.
JayshAl-Islam  Damascus  rumors  militia  NDF  Reconciliation 
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Kairos Blanket Exercise Workshop (April 18, 2018)
"Join us as we explore the historical and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Using KAIROS Canada’s most popular experiential teaching tool, the BLANKET EXERCISE, the 3-hour workshop will be led by KAIROS trained indigenous and non-indigenous facilitators. Participants (18 years & older) will journey back some 500 years to rediscover and learn the truth about how indigenous communities were, and still are being treated in Canada. The activity will be immediately followed by a Talking Circle, led by an indigenous person, and facilitated breakout group discussion."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  reconciliation  event 
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Thousands of Displaced Return to Al-Bowedha in Damascus Countryside - SANA, Jan 24, 2018
Hundreds of families returned to their homes in the town of Al-Bowedha in the southern countryside of Damascus on Monday as part of efforts to restore normal life in the areas liberated from terrorism.

SANA’s reporter said that the return of the families followed a series of meetings held between local reconciliation committees and authorities in order to secure services and repair the main infrastructure of the town.
Mar15  Reconciliation  Damascus  IDPs 
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