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5 Must Have Pieces of Gear for Newcomers to Sony Mirrorless Cameras
If you're new to Sony Mirrorless cameras and aren't sure what lenses and accessories to buy first, this article is for you. Here are five must have items.
photography  gear  sony  recommendations 
15 hours ago by kger
Are the Urban Decay brushes all they're cracked up to be? : Makeup
Well, it sounds like Urban Decay brushes are pretty well received.
brushes  makeup  2018  recommendations  reddit 
yesterday by handcoding
Top 20 Best Compressors Of All Time - Attack Magazine
Their comments on the Alesis 3630 (which is what Try from My Life in Gaming uses:)
“Although it offers both flexibility (dual channel VCA-based peak/RMS compression plus two independent noise gates) and an entry-level price point, the 3630 has been the bane of many producers’ lives since its introduction two decades ago. There are numerous common complaints. It introduces distortion. It has a nasty habit of making everything sound dull and lifeless. The channels are often badly matched, rendering them useless for stereo applications. It adds noise.

“So why does it make the list? Because it basically defined the pumping sidechain compression sound which became a trademark of French house in the late 90s and conquered the world shortly afterwards.”
compressors  recommendations  2018  audio  mylifeingaming 
yesterday by handcoding
The 4 Best Wide Angle Lenses Under $500 for Sony Mirrorless Cameras
If you're wanting quality wide angle lenses for your Sony Mirrorless camera, you should check out these four wallet friendly options.
photography  sony  lenses  recommendations 
yesterday by kger
Letters to the editor: Putting on weight (& height) | Darko.Audio
(It looks like Schiit’s Gungnir is among Darko’s recommended DACs?)
“Also, please accept my belated thanks for recommending the Gungnir DAC.  It feels kind of weird to call a $1250 DAC a bargain, but I think it is.”

(The Schiit Gungnir goes for $899 for the regular version or $1,249 for the multibit version:
dacs  recommendations  2018  darko  schiit  gungnir 
yesterday by handcoding
Cold Discovery — Real Life
"In Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan argues that every medium contains another pre-existing medium as its content: Speech is the content of writing, while writing is the content of print. Print, along with music and video, has become the content of another medium, the internet and its digital formats. Movies and television, in the aggregate, have become the content of Netflix, so when we watch video on Netflix, we are watching “movies and television” at a less differentiated level of abstraction."
discovery  recommendations  spotify  playlists  media  tv  work 
2 days ago by tristanf
Why the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and more help you find the best - Vox
The rise of the recommendation site

Sites like the Strategist, Wirecutter, and BuzzFeed Reviews want to help you find the best of the best.
recommendations  trends  shopping 
2 days ago by jorgebarba
These Are The Best Space Heaters, According to You
This competition really heated up, but our readers managed to chose their three favorite space heaters. Here they are, coming in hot, and don’t forget to scroll down to give us your hot take in the poll.
space_heaters  gear  best  recommendations 
6 days ago by kger
Five Books | The best books on everything
Knowledgeable authors, academics and public figures recommend the five best books in their subject, or that inspired them.
book  books  recommendations  reading 
8 days ago by sparky989

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