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Samantha Finken on Twitter: "I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but @PodSaveAmerica is great at doing a deep-dive into today’s political climate, and they can make you laugh and feel hopeful to boot…"
(On recommendations for news podcasts:)
“I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but @PodSaveAmerica is great at doing a deep-dive into today’s political climate, and they can make you laugh and feel hopeful to boot.”
podcasts  recommendations  HashtagGrammar  2018  news 
2 hours ago by handcoding
Clare Fitzgerald on Twitter: "I like @chrislhayes new "Why Is This Happening" podcast although it's a little longer than what you're asking for -- episodes run like 45 minutes or so. But it's usually pretty solid background/context for some hot-button iss
(A recommendation from @EditressClare for a podcast that helps to explain the news:)
“I like @chrislhayes new ‘Why Is This Happening’ podcast although it’s a little longer than what you’re asking for – episodes run like 45 minutes or so. But it’s usually pretty solid background/context for some hot-button issue each week, like immigration law, or MBS/Saudi Arabia”
news  2018  podcasts  EditressClare  recommendations  chrislhayes  twitter 
2 hours ago by handcoding
PHP Standards Recommendations - PHP-FIG
We're a group of established PHP projects whose goal is to talk about commonalities between our projects and find ways we can work better together.
coding  php  recommendations  standards  best-practices  programming 
yesterday by brunosabenca
“All right It’s Friday
“Fuck This Week
“Here Are Some Netflix Shows I Have Been Enjoying”
netflix  recommendations  2018  alicegoldfuss  tv 
3 days ago by handcoding
PSB M4U 8 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone Review -
(If you should need some travel headphones, perhaps these may be worth a look?)
“Excellent as regular headphones, the M4U 8 make an almost essential wireless travel or workout companion.”
headphones  reviews  hometheaterhifi  recommendations  psb  2018 
5 days ago by handcoding
UN anti-racism committee issues strong recommendations on fighting caste discrimination in Nepal - International Dalit Solidarity Network
The Concluding Observations of the May 2018 review of Nepal, by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), includes dozens of remarks relating to caste-based discrimination and several strongly worded recommendations on fighting it. Read the full IDSN analysis
Nepal  2018  idsnnews  UPR  recommendations  outcome  UN  idsn  news  violence  education  dalitwomen  women  humanitarian  justice  cerd 
6 days ago by idsn
ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking
$3/mo for web app. $5 one time for iOS app. So paying is kind of lame. Plus who knows how long this will last.
web_apps  iOS_apps  paid  SaaS  time_tracking  alternatives  recommendations 
7 days ago by skinnymuch

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