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Mededitor, this won't hurt on Twitter: "Or consider Roy Copperud's "American Usage and Style: The Consensus" (one of my favorite reference works). He surveys a range of dictionaries and usage manuals, then gives you the majority opinion. As you say in you
(Perhaps this could be a good reference book to pick up sometime?)
“Or consider Roy Copperud’s ‘American Usage and Style: The Consensus’ (one of my favorite reference works). He surveys a range of dictionaries and usage manuals, then gives you the majority opinion. As you say in your essay, logic _and_ data.”
books  recommendations  editing  wishlist  2018  Mededitor 
2 days ago by handcoding
Jessica Price on Twitter: "Do your own research for what works best for you, obviously, but I LOVE @GoHealthyPaws"
(On recommendations for pet insurance if you should ever need it—)
“For real, though, getting health insurance for my pets when they were young was an incredibly good investment. I have no idea how anyone who isn’t rich can afford any significant vet bills without it.


“Do your own research for what works best for you, obviously, but I LOVE @GoHealthyPaws”
pets  insurance  recommendations  petinsurance  2018  Delafina777  twitter 
2 days ago by handcoding
Sheila B's Top 10 - Ace Records
Sheila B. has spent most of her life in the dusty old record shops of New York, London, Paris and Tokyo in an attempt to own every 60s girl-pop 45 in existence. She has worked as an artist manager, editor at progressive girl culture magazine BUST, head of A&R for UK production house Xenomania, columnist for MTV Japan, DJ and music supervisor. She has produced and written the liner notes for several compilations including Rhino Records’ Grammy-nominated “One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found” box set and Big Beat’s “Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-1970”.
SheilaB  GirlGroups  AceRecords  MusicFeatures  Recommendations  Round-Ups  Music 
4 days ago by dk33per
With Apple discontinuing iPods, what are the alternatives? | Technology | The Guardian
Marigold has a broken iPod and would like to hear about alternative MP3 players, mainly for listening to podcasts and Audible audio books
Technology  Apple  iPod  iPodNano  iPodTouch  iPodClassic  AlternativesTo  Advice  Recommendations  MP3Players 
5 days ago by dk33per
Three Pentax Lenses That All Newcomers to the Platform Should Add to Their Collection - The Phoblographer
Pentax users are a very loyal bunch thanks to excellent Pentax lenses that are available. Here's a look at 3 of the best for the K mount system.
photography  lenses  pentax  recommendations 
5 days ago by kger
The Best Pubs in London
Welcome to The Best Pubs In London. We’re seeking the best pubs in the capital, based on regular polls of Londonist readers as well as our own judgment. This is an ongoing project, and we still have notable areas to explore. Please have patience while we conduct the gruelling research, and feel free to leave comments and suggestions on area pages or individual pubs. Cheers!
Pubs  London  PubCrawls  GoingOut  Restaurants  Bars  Londonist  Recommendations  Drinking  FoodandDrink 
5 days ago by dk33per
In Memoriam: My Subaru, Aged 25 years 484,000 miles – JONATHAN TURLEY
The untimely end came about four miles from my destination. The engine failed. I hoped for the best as each time in the past he would pull through famously. Yet after my mechanic broke the news it was not good. He required extensive repair to the engine and it wasn’t feasible to keep going. After hundreds of thousands of miles of every terrain in the state and every whether condition, my Subaru finally needed to rest.
automobile  recommendations 
5 days ago by Jswindle
Here's Why I've Already Spent $28,000 On My 2005 Ford GT - YouTube
In this video, Doug Demuro vouches for Pentagon Federal Credit Union (around 1:43), such as for getting financing for a car. Apparently you just need to make a donation to a military charity to become a member.

“They seem to be able to finance anything.”

(Also, at around 9:45, Doug talks about getting clear film applied over the car so as to protect the paint, and that looks kinda promising. The clear film for Doug’s Ford GT ended up being about $7,000, though. So.)
youtube  financing  2018  cars  dougdemuro  banks  recommendations 
9 days ago by handcoding
Marco Arment on Twitter: "Yes, I use RoboKiller. It works so well the vast majority of the time that I very much notice when a robocall gets through. It was also disabled by default when I set up a new iPhone, and it took less than 24 hours for me to noti
(Another endorsement from Marco Arment for using RoboKiller for blocking robocalls.)
“Yes, I use RoboKiller. It works so well the vast majority of the time that I very much notice when a robocall gets through.

“It was also disabled by default when I set up a new iPhone, and it took less than 24 hours for me to notice (after a bunch of robocalls) and fix it.”
robocalls  ios  recommendations  twitter  2018  marcoarment  phone  software 
9 days ago by handcoding
Should I buy a new or a used server | FreeNAS Community
Should I consider a new supermicro MBD-X11SSM-F-O or get a used server on Ebay or possibly server monkey?  I've never purchased a used server so I'm not sure what to look for with the raid controller but I want to use 6-8 3.5" drives minimum.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
homeServer  server  hardware  mediaServer  recommendations 
9 days ago by Jswindle
All the reasons you don't need a modal — and what to use instead.
Modals  UserInterface  Design  BestPractices  Recommendations 
10 days ago by gregg
In Nicoled Blood on Twitter: "Hearing a LOT about Clinique’s Take Off the Day balm!"
Nicole Cliffe asked:
“okay okay what eye makeup remover actually works in one go, pls help my white towels are dying”

And then followed up with:
“Hearing a LOT about Clinique’s Take Off the Day balm!”

(So perhaps that may be worth a look for removing eye makeup and such?)
makeup  recommendations  twitter  Nicole_Cliffe  2018  remover  balm 
12 days ago by handcoding
2018 Working Mother 100 Best Companies | Working Mother
This year’s winners help working parents succeed at home and at work by providing expanded parental leaves, more flexibility with work hours, assistance for special needs, and opportunities for career development.
reference  format:list  jobs  women  moms  recommendations  companies 
12 days ago by zomigi

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