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Bernard Parmegiani reviewed at Dusted (REGRM 009)
What will you hear, then, and how will it make it feel? That’s up to you; that’s the experiment. Parmegiani’s genius is the way he takes sounds and finds in them some compelling quality. Then he arranges them in ways that are quite devoid of narrative, but full of surprise on first listen and deepening fascination on subsequent spins. This vinyl reissue, spread across two records and cut at 45 rpm, does a marvelous job of imparting the sounds’ impact and differential placement across the stereo spectrum. If you’re looking for hi-fi fodder, this record might induce you to retire your 200-gram, Direct Metal Mastered copy of Aja.
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august 2013 by forcedexposure
portland: projections
"For two months in a basement, I lived in Portland. With me, I had my camera, a slide projector, and hundreds of found transparencies of people and homes, decades old, and blue with age. I spent my days in darkness illuminated by children and families, interiors and landscapes, events and narratives (patterns and densities) automatically processed, cast out and lined across the cracks and textures of foundational walls. Daydreaming, repeatedly, in passing, these photographic remnants — summer vacations, birthday parties, holiday dinners, reunions — I sensed my memory shift upward, flatten out and onto my eyes. Like this, I watched, in time, my camera, recollect everything."
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february 2012 by robertogreco
The Art of Linked Data: Architecting Recollection -
In this column “The art of Linked Data” a few of us at Zepheira will try to bring observations, reflections and practical advice from various projects applying Linked Data and thus Semantic Web principles across diverse domains.  At Zepheira we help organizations implement sophisticated Web solutions with a specialty in combining the reasoning power of people with the mechanical processing of computers.<br />
<br />
Imagine a situation where a scientific researcher is trying to organize a variety of material for a project or paper; that material might be coming from various sources, in various formats, and with shifting context throughout. There might be related research papers (citations and references), contact information for peer researchers, information about organizations who have sponsored the research with grants or research budget, the actual scientific data collected during the research, and more.
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september 2011 by jtrant

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