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Bash script to convert all *flac to *.mp3 with FFmpeg? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
find -name "*.flac" -exec ffmpeg -i {} -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128k {}.mp3 \;
recode  flac  ffmpeg 
may 2019 by lobstatic
Welcome to the new Vox-Recode partnership
Ezra Klein and Kara Swisher/Vox, May 1, 2019.
vox  recode 
may 2019 by markcoddington
Digital advertising in the US is now bigger than print and television - Recode
올해 미국 내 디지털 광고 집행비가 처음으로 전통 매체 광고비를 앞지를 예정, Recode
- eMarketer 조사 결과 2019년 예상되는 디지털 광고비는 1290억 달러로, 전통 매체 광고비보다 200억 달러 많다.
- 디지털 광고 시장에서는 구글과 페이스북이 각각 38%, 22% 정도로 시장을 잠식하고 있지만, 2018년 7% 점유율에 그친 아마존이 본격적으로 디스플레이 광고 시장에 뛰어들면 이 순서는 바뀔 수도 있다.
* 보통 "전통 광고"(Traditional)라고 하면 광고업계에서는 TV, 신문, 잡지, 라디오 광고를 일컫는다.
digital  advertising  US  print  television  recode  ad 
february 2019 by yun
Basecamp CEO Jason Fried says venture capital funding destroys startups - Recode
Below, we’ve shared a lightly edited full transcript of Kara’s conversation with Jason.
Basecamp  Recode  work  business  trend 
january 2019 by euler
Elites like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos think they’re being philanthropic. But they could do so much more. - Recode
“Giridharadas’s new book, which critiques “The Elite Charade of Changing the World,” argues that our highly unequal society has fostered “a set of bullshit ideas that we all sort of passively believe” — for example, that alumni of McKinsey and Goldman Sachs should be in charge of charitable foundations, when in fact those organizations have created many of the problems the foundations seek to solve.” 🤔
criticism  karaswisher  problemsolving  elite  interview  anandGiridharadas  via:jwz  recode 
october 2018 by danhon
The rise of giant consumer startups that said no to investor money - Recode
The MVMT and Tuft & Needle deals, plus P&G’s purchase of Native last November, raise important questions about how the next generation of great consumer brands will be built: Why are many DTC entrepreneurs ceding large ownership in their company to investors in exchange for capital, when there are now blueprints for a different way?
mvmt  tuft-and-needle  native-deodorant  glossier  honest-company  vc-funding  dollar-shave-club  recode  harrys  houzz  shopify  fashion-nova  harley-finkelstein  andy-dunn  bonobos  michael-traub  serta-simmons  bootstrapping  entrepreneurship  startups  kramer-laplante  jt-marino  jake-kassan  allbirds  rebecca-kaden  ryan-caldbeck  unilever  movado  moiz-ali  jason-del-rey 
august 2018 by yolandaenoch
Everything You Need to Know About PayPal, Square Cash and Venmo - Recode
Three P2P payment apps — PayPal, Square Cash and Venmo (acquired by PayPal in December 2013).
paypal  square-cash  venmo  peer-to-peer-payments  recode  katherine-boehret 
july 2018 by yolandaenoch

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