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Stitcher -- The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast: 12 Rules Kitchener: Hierarchy and Fair Play
"Life isn't a game, it's a sequence of games, and whether you win or lose is not as important as whether or not people invite you to play the game; and if you conduct your life properly and nobly – which is you're a good sport, let's say – it matters how you play the game; if you conduct yourself properly then people are going to line up to invite you to play games – and that's winning. You never sacrifice the opportunity to play many games for victory at one game. That's the basis of the emergence of ethics itself."
philosophy  play  infinitegame  cooperation  civility  reciprocity  morality  psychology  JordanPeterson  JaakPanksepp 
11 weeks ago by adamcrowe
China Gets Its Message to Americans but Doesn’t Want to Reciprocate - WSJ
By Orville Schell and Larry Diamond
Dec. 21, 2018

.......Getting China to agree to a new level of fairness and reciprocity may be exceedingly difficult and even create some risks, but it is the only path to a healthier, more durable relationship between the two countries.
China  China_rising  Communicating_&_Connecting  public_diplomacy  public_relations  reciprocity  U.S.-China_relations 
december 2018 by jerryking
Dutch residency for US citizens getting harder - Expat News at

The requirements stated in the treaty include registration of the company, the amount of capital injected into a startup by its entrepreneur as well as active work being done to develop the company.Initiated in 1958, the treaty and its requirements have never changed during the intervening 60 years, but recent applicants for residency have noted a decided shift in attitude towards their requests by Dutch immigration officials. The emphasis is now being placed on money made since the start of a company, rather than its growth potential and estimated future earnings as well as its benefits to the Dutch economy.

Even when a startup isn’t an immediate creator of revenue, immigration offers are now demanding financial documentation showing revenue, although this is not legally required. Applicants now believe immigration is attempting to push interpretation of the treaty towards money rather than development potential, thus making residency far harder to get. Applications that don’t show immediate financial benefits are now being refused, and already grated residency permits are being revoked, with no reasons given in explanation of the change in focus.
American-diaspora  Netherlands  Startup-visa  Visa-denial  Reciprocity  via:@afterthestate 
august 2018 by quant18
Measuring and Evaluating Reciprocal Journalism as a Concept: Journalism Practice: Vol 0, No 0
Building on research proposing reciprocal journalism as a concept underlying participatory practices and norms in journalism, this study examines how reciprocity might meaningfully be measured in a journalistic context. Using a survey of US journalists, this study adapts measures of reciprocal attitudes and behaviors to journalistic practices. It also develops measures of direct, indirect, and sustained reciprocity as applied to journalism, and explores the relationship between each of these reciprocal forms and one type of participatory behavior: interacting with audiences online. The results indicate that some measurements of positive reciprocity can be meaningfully translated to a journalistic environment and may help to predict forms of audience interaction. For future research, the findings point to the potential for forms of reciprocity to be explored as antecedents for other journalistic norms and practices.
Research  cm  reciprocity 
july 2018 by paulbradshaw
Wave the stick around until the music stops, turn around, bow, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review
So, it looks like bigshots in the opera/classical music business make about 10% of what equivalent superstars in sports or movies makes, although their careers tend to last much longer. For example, well known opera singers tend to own a swanky apartment in a major musical city near the concert hall, then trade with their peers so that while, say, the New York soprano is in Vienna, a tenor from Milan is staying in her apartment, while a Parisian baritone is in his flat in Milan. It sounds complicated but a pretty nice way to live.
reciprocity  principle  musicians  quote 
june 2018 by elev8
Determining the effective speed and development time – Printer Attic
To illustrate the methods, I will show you the (intermediate) results of my attempt at characterizing Ilford FP4+, but it will easily apply for other films as well. The procedures below can also be found in Beyond Monochrome (2e) by Lambrecht and Woodhouse in the chapter titled “Customizing Film Speed and Development” and in Beyond the Zone System by Phil Davis. Lambrecht and Woodhouse outline three ways of finding the effective film speed and development time: a quick and easy rule of thumb (will be briefly discussed below), a fast and practical test you can do without a densitometer, and the full densitrometric approach that requires plenty of tests and a densitometer.
largeformat  exposure  iso  reciprocity  darkroom  advice  development  fp4  densitometer 
june 2018 by bwiese
Reciprocity Failure Correction
Fuji's published data says reciprocity holds to 128 seconds. My tests have shown this to be true.

You could have the film optical density measured by your lab, however I find that you can easily measure film optical density using a spot meter and a light table. I have a jig that locates the film in the same position on the light table each time, and that also positions the spot meter directly on top of the frame being measured, so that measurement conditions are the same from frame to frame. (The jig is no more than the slide holder that came with my flatbed scanner, positioned with one corner aligned with one corner of the light table.) If the jig allows the light meter lens barrel to see beyond the edge of the film, use a cardboard slide frame with the film cut out of it as a baffle between the test film and the meter lens barrel. Be sure you make "tare" readings of the base light table brightness several times during the time you are measuring the film density, to ensure the brightness does not change over time. You must have a stable "base" brightness for this to work!

Film optical density is measured in "density units", where an increase in density of 0.3 units gives a stop less light passing through the film. (0.3 is the base-ten logarithm of the number 2.) It turns out that my Pentax spot meter has an analog scale with scale lines every 1/3 stop, and a needle width just about 1/5 as wide as the spacing between the 1/3 stop lines. Thus by carefully estimating the location of the needle on the scale, I can reliably measure film density differences to 1/15 stop, or 0.02 density units. That is pretty good, about half the accuracy as many commercial densitometers used by professional photo labs, but certainly accurate enough for the purposes at hand.
filmdensity  filmphotography  provia  reciprocity  longexposure  acros  reference 
may 2018 by bwiese
Reciprocity Failure for provia 100F Quickloads -
No exposure correction or color balance compensation
is required for exposures within a 1/4000 to 128 seconds
shutter speed range.

where x is your metered exposure and y is the actual exposure. If the E is throwing you, just use this equation:

y = 0.9727x + 0.0000007629x^3
provia  filmphotography  reciprocity 
may 2018 by bwiese
10/ 第二,平时要多积点善缘。有好的东西,要主动去分享。人性的 reciprocity (回馈的生物本能)是极为强大的。如果你主动释放善意,给别人以帮助,那么有心人都会本能地给你更大的回馈。当然,这个也要看对象。说话听声,如果别人没兴趣反应冷淡,就不必那么积极。
reciprocity  serendipitifying 
may 2018 by tonyyet
The Double Empathy Problem: Developing Empathy and Reciprocity in Neurotypical Adults | Ryan Boren
"My oldest is autistic. He attended elementary school until a few years ago, when we started unschooling. He has an incredible memory that provides gritty texture to his stories of his time there. Stories about forced neurotypicalization, lack of empathy and understanding, and color-coded behaviorism. Stories about the pathologizing of his wonderful mind that killed confidence, making room for shame to unfurl. Such stories are common in deficit and medical model cultures, which is why we need a social model awakening.

A pernicious stereotype about autism is that autistic people lack empathy. To be openly autistic is to encounter and endure this supremely harmful trope. One of the cruel ironies of autistic life is that autistic folks are likely to be hyper-empathic. Another irony is that neurotypicals and NT society are really, really bad at empathy and reciprocity. When your neurotype is the default, you have little motivation to grow critical capacity. Marginalization develops critical distance and empathic imagination.

We have an empathy problem, and it’s not one confined to autistic people. It’s a double empathy problem.
The ‘double empathy problem’ refers to the mutual incomprehension that occurs between people of different dispositional outlooks and personal conceptual understandings when attempts are made to communicate meaning.

Source: From finding a voice to being understood: exploring the double empathy problem

Neurodivergent people are forced to attempt understanding of neurotypical people and society. We are constantly judged and assessed by neurotypical standards. We must analyze and interpret in order to conform and pass so that we can get the sticker, the “cool kid cash”, and the promotion. There is almost no reciprocity in return. Let’s change that. Turn the diagnostic lens upon yourself. Question assumptions, learn about other matrices of sociality, and reciprocate.
Empathy and communication go two ways, and neurotypical folks haven’t shown much interest in meeting neurodivergent folks halfway. Reciprocity is a basic tenet of social skills, and neurotypicals are often incapable of reciprocity outside of their usual scripts. We autistics are called mind-blind by folks who have made zero effort to understand and empathize with neurodivergent minds, who are utterly ignorant of alternative matrices of sociality.

Source: Autistic Empathy – Ryan Boren

In that post on autistic empathy are many resources to help neurotypical folks develop empathy for neurodivergent perspectives. My school district’s work on in-class inclusion of neurodivergent and disabled students is a great and wonderful relief. Segregation is always lesser and wrong. Let’s continue that progress toward social model understanding with attention to the mutual incomprehension of the double empathy problem. “When the adults change, everything changes.”"

"“Empathy is not an autistic problem, it’s a human problem, it’s a deficit in imagination.” We can’t truly step into another neurotype, but we can seek story and perspective. I’ll leave you with this video offering a taste what it is like to endure the daily gauntlet of neurotypical questioning. To not respond to questions is to be called rude. To not respond will get you publicly color-coded as an orange or red and denied perks that the compliant NT kids get. To not exchange this disposable social styrofoam is to be a problem. Make it stop. Empathize with what it is like to navigate these interactions while dealing with the sensory overwhelm of raucous environments not designed for you."
ryanboren  autism  neurodiversity  empathy  2017  communication  inclusion  inclusivity  segregation  marginalization  unschooling  deschooling  schools  education  learning  reciprocity 
december 2017 by robertogreco
Eve Tuck on Twitter: "I'm Alaska Native but grew up in a white community in Pennsylvania. I realized while talking with my children today that even the concept of…"
"I'm Alaska Native but grew up in a white community in Pennsylvania. I realized while talking with my children today that even the concept of reciprocity is taught differently between Indigenous + white communities...

In the white community, it was taught w a negative connotation. Like "tit for tat" or "what comes around goes around."

In the white community in which I attended schools reciprocity was taught as something for the weak. As something for suckers. As a concept to be gamed or taken advantage of.

In Alaska Native communities, reciprocity is life. Is what it is to live in a good way, with honor.

Reciprocity is an offer of water to drink before taking an animal's life (as in teachings that Oscar Kawagley shared) because we can't forget the ways our lives depend on each other, are mutually implicated; and that is a gorgeous, courageous way to live, not weak.

Capitalism disguises reciprocity. But reciprocity is actually the higher law.

Reciprocity is misunderstood as something akin to quid pro quo. This is a total emptying of the concept."
2017  evetuck  reciprocity  alaska  indigenous  oscarkawagley  quidproquo  honor  interdependence  capitalism  mutualism  multispecies 
november 2017 by robertogreco

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