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The Best Way To Reheat Pizza
But sometimes you want something warm in your belly and wish to bring back the original flavors and get the hot grease flowing again. How should you go about doing so? Do you pop it in the microwave? Throw it on the grill? Luckily for you, we decided to test out the best ways to reheat your pizza. Our findings may surprise you (as they did me), and may in fact lead to a slice of pie that was even better than the original.
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2 hours ago by spaceninja
Great Peasant Dishes - by food author Howard Hillman
Have fun learnig recipes, cooking secrets, and insights of the great peasant dishes of the world
staple.foods  staple.dishes  cooking  food  cuisine  recipes 
5 hours ago by po
Oatmeal Carmelitas Recipe - Genius Kitchen
These are the oatmeal/caramel bars that Laura Laramore made for the 2018 MeFi Cookie Swap. (They’re really good!)
recipes  mefi  cookieswap  oats  bars  caramel  2018 
9 hours ago by handcoding

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