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Abraço Olive Oil Cake Recipe on Food52
This olive oil cake from beloved coffee shop Abraço in New York's East Village is everything. The not-too-sweet cake comes together shockingly easily, but also disappears with frightening speed: I've smartened up to know that when I make it, I'd better double-up on the recipe. My family and I can zip through a single loaf the day it's made; the second loaf benefits from a bit of rest, and is superb for a quick breakfast on-the-go in the ensuing days.

The recipe is perfect as is, but sometimes I'll tweak it slightly to make it even less sweet (2/3 cup of sugar versus the whole cup), increase the amount of zest, change up the citrus (Meyer lemon is heavenly), even grease the pan with butter and coarse sugar and/or cornmeal to give the lovely loaf a bit of texture and character. Go wild.

|| Weighted:
195g unbleached white flour
200g sugar
0.5t BS
0.5t BP
0.25t salt
2 large eggs
0.75C whole milk
0.5C olive oil
2t grated orange peel

Halved (325F, 60-65 mins):
98g unbleached white flour
100g sugar
0.25t BS
0.25t BP
Pinch salt

1 large egg
0.25C + 2T whole milk
0.25C olive oil
1t grated orange peel
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59 minutes ago by nyx
Baked Chicken Wings With Tamarind-Ginger Glaze Recipe | Serious Eats
Aromatic Kashmiri red chilies, pungent ginger, tart tamarind paste, and smoky palm sugar combine in a spicy, sour, and sweet sauce for chicken wings. In the oven, the wings turn tender and the sauce transforms into a rich, sticky glaze. Serve them up next to some cool cucumber raitha to help beat the heat.

|| Interesting variation on buffalo wings.
recipe  chicken  spices 
1 hour ago by nyx
Cowboy Caviar
A cross between a bean salad and fresh salsa, with a fresh lime infused dressing.
recipe  food  salad  beans  lime 
11 hours ago by garrettc
Greek Marinated Chicken
A tangy lemon and garlic marinade makes this Greek Marinated Chicken super fast and flavorful. Cook it in the oven or on a grill.
food  recipe  chicken  greece  lemon  garlic 
11 hours ago by garrettc

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