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Pear Snacking Cake With Brown Butter Glaze Recipe - NYT Cooking
This moist and tender cake has a similar texture to pumpkin or banana bread, with a delicate pear flavor scented with nutmeg and a touch of clove. But the real star is the brown butter glaze, which is nutty and rich, tasting a little like butterscotch, with a strong vanilla sweetness. The cake keeps well when stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, though the glaze will lose its snap from the chill. Or, bake the cake ahead, then glaze it a few hours before serving for the best texture. You can freeze the unglazed cake as well, up to a month ahead.

|| Halved:

113g butter, room temp
100g granulated sugar
50g dark brown sugar
3.13g BP
1.25g BS
0.5t fine sea salt
0.5t vanilla extract
0.5t nutmeg
Pinch ground clove
2 eggs, room temp
500g pears (2 large), shredded
175g AP flour
38g rolled oats
1/4C walnuts/pecans, toasted, chopped

35g unsalted butter
12.5 dark brown sugar
62g powdered sugar
1.5t heavy cream or milk
0.5t vanilla
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