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The Food Lab: The Reverse Sear Is the Best Way to Cook a Steak, Period | Serious Eats
I've been using and writing about the reverse sear—the technique of slow-cooking a steak or roast before finishing it off with a hot sear—for well over a decade now, but I've never written a definitive guide for using it on steaks. It's a really remarkable method, and if you're looking for a steak that's perfectly medium-rare from edge to edge, with a crisp crust, there's no better technique that I know of. Here is that definitive article we've been missing, outlining what I think is...
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19 hours ago by grimgrin
The Food Lab: Detroit-Style Pizza Is the Best Thing You're Gonna Make This Year | Serious Eats
This is not everyday pizza. It's not every-week pizza. It might not even be every-month, if you want to live to a reasonable age. But damn, is it good pizza. So good that it's worth a trip to Detroit just to taste it. So good that it's worth devoting months of time, weeks of research, and dozens and dozens of experiments to developing a recipe to duplicate it at home. So that's exactly what I did. Here's what I found.
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19 hours ago by grimgrin
Pressure Cooker Lamb Chops Recipe from
A 5-star recipe for Lamb Chops made with shortening, lamb chops, onion, garlic, tomatoes, chicken stock, carrots, rosemary, salt
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19 hours ago by Xmath
Crème pâtissière - Fiche recette avec photos -

La crème pâtissière doit sa naissance - en 1691 - à l'auteur du premier dictionnaire culinaire : le pâtissier François Massialot. Depuis, cette crème est devenue un ingrédient indispensable à la réalisation de nombreuses pâtisseries, parmi les plus connues : le chou à la crème, l'éclair, le salambo et le mille-feuille.
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20 hours ago by jberkel

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