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Set in the episode where Max saves Alec when he is arrested for the murders Ben committed. When Max shares her memories of Ben with Alec, something happens and Alec is engulfed in broken memories of a past he didn't even know existed...
hurt!alec  au:ben  is  recaptured  episode:2x17  hello  goodbye  series:dark  angel  angst!joshua  au:ben  lives  episode:1x18  pollo  loco  character:joshua  angst!max  character:max  guevara/452  wordcount:1k-5k  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:ben/493 
october 2013 by frannie_pants
Walking By
AU. Max never escaped Manticore after AJBAC. Seven years later, she draws the mission to assasinate Eyes Only, bringing herself face to face with Logan. The star-crossed lovers enter a showdown where only one can survive.
character  death:logan  episode-au  episode:2x01  designate  this  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:logan  cale  character:max  guevara/452  pairing:logan/asha  pairing:max/logan  children:logan/asha  au:max  is  recaptured  wordcount:1k-5k  series:dark  angel 
april 2012 by frannie_pants
The Basement
Three months post-Berrisford Agenda, mid-Pilot. Things go a little differently for Max at the beginning of Season One. Alternate Universe. MA
psy-ops!alec  psy-ops!max  au:max  is  recaptured  unfinished  story  character:max  guevara/452  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:elizabeth  renfro  character:donald  lydecker  wordcount:5k-10k  series:dark  angel  pairing:max/alec  au:pilot  psy-ops  setting:manticore 
september 2011 by frannie_pants
Max and her flock are captured and relocated. The scientists have taken their memories. They are sent to live in different towns and attend a normal school. What happens when Fang moves to the same school as her? Can she remember?
RECOMMENDATIONS  series:maximum  ride  pairing:max/fang  wordcount:75k-100k  pairing:iggy/nudge  pairing:iggy/oc  pairing:nudge/oc  au:the  flock  is  recaptured  au:amnesia  amnesia!max  amnesia!fang  amnesia!iggy  amnesia!gazzy  character:max  ride  character:fang  character:iggy  character:nudge  character:gazzy  character:angel 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
Echoes of the Past
Their own separate circumstances brought them together, and they had to come to terms with it. AU version of Max and Alec in Manticore.
series:dark  angel  au:max  is  recaptured  TO.READ 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
Surging Forward
Sequel to Moving Ahead... which is the sequel to Left Behind. Max and Alec are out in the world now and they have more worries than looking for their family.
character:rafer  first-time  character:donald  lydecker  character:original  cindy  character:normal  character:sketchy  character:ames  white  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:max  guevara/452  character:otto  character:mendez  fighting!alec  awesome  ocs  author:fayth3  fic:left  behind  (da)  au:max  is  recaptured  pairing:oc/oc  pairing:max/alec  series:dark  angel  TO.READ 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
Pressing Onwards
Sequel to Moving Alongside. Focuses on the various other transgenics of the Left Behind Universe. Some MA.
awesome  ocs  author:fayth3  fic:left  behind  (da)  au:max  is  recaptured  pairing:oc/oc  pairing:max/alec  series:dark  angel  TO.READ 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
452: To Be Or Not To Be
AU Season 2 - Max/Alec Max is recaptured at the end of season 1 but she does not escape; instead she is sent to Psy-Ops and then assigned to a new unit. She must decide whether she will continue to be Max or finally become X5-452.
episode-au  episode:2x01  designate  this  au:max  is  recaptured  wordcount:25k-50k  series:dark_angel  pairing:max/alec  TO.READ 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
Love Can Be Found Anywhere, Even in Hell
When Max is recaptured after the raid on Manticore, she doesn't try to escape for reasons that will later be explained. As she bides her time and adjusts to the routines at Manticore, being an outcast among the others makes her train harder to become stronger, and she slowly moves her way into the position of being one of the top soldiers. After a run-in with a certain X5, she finds her world turned upside down. A fierce competition is strung between them, and even as both make spiteful comments and do antagonizing things to each other, they somehow draw closer, unveiling secrets and pain that the other has never thought they would see in another person other than themselves.
episode:2x01  designate  this  series:dark  angel  au:season  2  character:max  guevara/452  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:logan  cale  character:original  cindy  character:ames  white  character:donald  lydecker  character:elizabeth  renfro  au:max  is  recaptured  au:the  reds  wordcount:100k-150k  pairing:max/alec  episode-au  setting:manticore  setting:tc  pairing:biggs/oc  pairing:seth/oc  pairing:jondy/zane  character:biggs/510  character:seth/617  character:sketchy  character:ben/493  clone-bonding  character:vada  character:kavi  character:jondy/210  character:zane/205  character:zack/599  character:brin/734  character:jace/798  character:tinga  smith/656  character:syl/701  character:krit/471  logan!bashing  character:mole  character:joshua  character:sandeman  RECOMMENDATIONS  pairing:vada/kavi  jerk!logan  pregnant!max  pairing:biggs/vada  character:eva/766  character:jack/417  seizures!max  character:asha  barlow  au:max's  implant  is  reactivated  resurrected!ben  au:tinga  lives  au:tinga's  clone  is  the  one  who  dies  in  the  warehouse  character:charlie  smith  smith  au:max  au:the  lives  lives  lives  the  is  recaptured  charact 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
Broken Doll
In 2009, Max escaped with her unit, but she was recaptured by Lydecker three years later. Back at Manticore, she spent the usual 6 months in re-indoctrination and psy-ops, before being re-assigned to another unit. But not wanting the same mistake happen twice and see her being close to her unit, director Backer made her the living image of a traitor. Despised by the trainers, mocked by the guards and hated by the soldiers, little Maxie is no longer the carefree lively girl she was.
unfinished  story  character:elizabeth  renfro  character:logan  cale  character:donald  lydecker  character:alec  mcdowell/494  character:max  guevara/452  au:max  is  recaptured  raped!max  angst!max  wordcount:50k-75k  pairing:max/alec  au:pre-series  au:manticore  setting:manticore  tag:pre-series  hurt!max  fatherly!lydecker  character:brin/734  character:ben/493  character:jondy/210  jerk!logan  marriage:max/logan  one-sided:logan/max  character:biggs/510  character:mole  character:zack/599  pairing:ben/oc  rating:R 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
Caged Hearts
They weren't trained to love. They're not even supposed to know what love is. So can they hide their feelings in a place that's watching their every move? Max/Alec
series:dark  angel  character:max  guevara/452  character:alec  mcdowell/494  au:max  is  recaptured  pairing:max/alec  setting:manticore  au:manticore  pregnant!max  character:jace/798  tag:pre-series  au:pre-series  wordcount:10k-25k 
june 2011 by frannie_pants

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(da)  2  about  abused!max  all  amnesia!fang  amnesia!gazzy  amnesia!iggy  amnesia!kavi  amnesia!max  amnesia!vada  and  angel  angst!joshua  angst!max  are  au:09er's  au:alec  au:amnesia  au:ben  au:eva  au:jack  au:kavi  au:manticore  au:max's  au:max  au:pilot  au:pre-series  au:season  au:seth  au:the  au:tinga's  au:tinga  au:zack  author:elle6778  author:fayth3  author:shikasta  awesome  barlow  behind  blood  cale  character  character:alec  character:ames  character:angel  character:asha  character:ben/493  character:biggs/510  character:brain  character:brin/734  character:case  character:charlie  character:dix  character:donald  character:elizabeth  character:eva/766  character:fang  character:gazzy  character:iggy  character:jace/798  character:jack/417  character:jondy/210  character:joshua  character:kavi  character:krit/471  character:logan  character:luke  character:max  character:mendez  character:mole  character:normal  character:nudge  character:oc  character:original  character:otto  character:rafer  character:sandeman  character:seth/617  character:sketchy  character:syl/701  character:tinga  character:vada  character:zack/599  character:zane/205  children:alec/oc  children:logan/asha  children:max/alec  cindy  clone-bonding  clone  co!max!alec  coming  daddy!alec  death:joshua  death:logan  death:seth  designate  dies  echo  episode-au  episode:1x18  episode:2x01  episode:2x17  escape  eva  fatherly!lydecker  ff-favs  fic:an  fic:left  fighting!alec  finds  first-time  flock  gets  goodbye  guevara/452  hello  hurt!alec  hurt!max  implant  in  is  jerk!biggs  jerk!logan  kidnapped!max  lied  live  lives  loco  logan!bashing  logan  lydecker  marriage:max/logan  mcdowell/494  mommy!max  ocs  of  one-sided:logan/max  one  out  pairing:alec/oc  pairing:ben/oc  pairing:biggs/jondy  pairing:biggs/oc  pairing:biggs/vada  pairing:iggy/nudge  pairing:iggy/oc  pairing:jondy/oc  pairing:jondy/zane  pairing:logan/asha  pairing:max/alec  pairing:max/fang  pairing:max/logan  pairing:max/oc  pairing:nudge/oc  pairing:oc/oc  pairing:seth/oc  pairing:syl/krit  pairing:tinga/charlie  pairing:vada/kavi  pollo  pregnant!max  psy-ops!alec  psy-ops!max  psy-ops  raped!max  rating:r  reactivated  recommendations  reds  related  renfro  resurrected!ben  ride  runes  seizures!max  series  series:dark  series:dark_angel  series:maximum  seth  setting:manticore  setting:tc  smith/656  smith  story  tag:post  tag:pre-series  the  this  together  unfinished  vada  warehouse  was  what  white  who  wordcount:100k-150k  wordcount:10k-25k  wordcount:150k-200k  wordcount:1k-5k  wordcount:25k-50k  wordcount:50k-75k  wordcount:5k-10k  wordcount:75k-100k 

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