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Animal Vision Simulator
see the world through the eyes of various animals - android phone app
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yesterday by twwoodward
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
So on point. "Convincing someone to change their mind is really the process of convincing them to change their tribe. If they abandon their beliefs, they run the risk of losing social ties. You can’t expect someone to change their mind if you take away their community too. You have to give them somewhere to go. Nobody wants their worldview torn apart if loneliness is the outcome."
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4 days ago by alexpriest
Forget People's Faces at Parties? An AR Facial Recognition App May Help | Digital Trends 2018-09-13
>A new startup called SocialRecall, created by Harvard neuroscience Ph.D. Barry Sandrew, is hoping the answer is “yes.” SocialRecall is developing an app that uses facial-recognition technology to help people in social situations be reminded of the identity of the individuals they meet."
> The app will allow event planners to create events where attendees must sign in via social media. For the duration of the event, the app then links attendees’ faces to their profile pages by using facial-recognition technology and smartphone cameras to match the two. “The camera does not take pictures; it merely sees a face, searches the database. and shows a person’s information, along with their company name,” Sandrew continued.
> While there are certainly potential privacy issues with any app that uses facial recognition to identify people, this certainly sounds like an intriguing solution. From the sound of things, Sandrew is aware of these challenges. The app only identifies users for the duration of events and, even then, only when people have given their express permission to be identified.
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6 days ago by andreasbuzzing
How Medivis plans to use augmented reality and AI to change medicine
"Typically I don't write about how cool augmented reality and AI are. But the experts at Medivis think they can change healthcare with these technologies - and the help of partners like Paperspace."
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10 days ago by jonerp

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