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How New Tech IPOs Could Cause SF Bay Area Real Estate Prices To Fall Further - Financial Samurai
As prices decline to P4, homeowners, home sellers, and the mass media start to panic, causing even more pricing pressure. This is how real estate cycles form, and partly why a recession might appear by 2021. Time frame: in 20 – 36 months.

Just like how there is FOMO for buying, there is FOMO for selling. To not cash out when you had the opportunity might be the worst feeling ever. During the 2000 dotcom bubble, there were plenty of paper millionaires who lost everything because they refused to take profits.

During the 2008-2010 housing crisis, SF Bay Area real estate did fall between 20% – 30%, with many examples of people losing their homes to foreclosure or short-sales. Surely, many who’ve held on are considering their second chance.

When it comes to forecasting where real estate prices are heading, determining supply could be much more important than determining demand.
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My Housing Plan for America – Team Warren – Medium
My bill also makes additional targeted investments in communities that desperately need it. It invests half-a-billion dollars in rural housing programs. It invests $2.5 billion in the Indian Housing Block Grant and the Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant to build or rehab 200,000 homes on tribal land. And it invests $4 billion in a new Middle-Class Housing Emergency Fund, which will support the construction of new housing catering to middle-class renters in communities with severe housing supply shortages.

My housing bill takes a first step by creating a first-of-its-kind down-payment assistance program. The people eligible for assistance must be first-time homebuyers who live in a formerly redlined neighborhoods or communities that were segregated by law and are still currently low-income If they qualify, they are entitled to a substantial grant they can put towards a down payment on a home anywhere in the country. The program will provide thousands of families with a real chance to buy a home — the same opportunities the government denied to previous generations of residents of the area.

The Fair Housing Act bars certain forms of discrimination — and we must ensure that the Act is not weakened or diminished either by Congress or by regulators, and that it is fully and fairly enforced. But there are other forms of discrimination that are not currently covered by the Act. That’s why my bill prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, and the source of one’s income, like a housing voucher. Landlords shouldn’t be able to reject tenants based on what they look like, how they identify, or who they love.

My bill removes another barrier: lack of access to credit for creditworthy borrowers looking to buy a home. In the 1970s, Congress passed a law called the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which required banks to make loans in communities where they took deposits. Before the law went into effect, banks often took deposits in minority neighborhoods, but only made mortgages and other loans in white communities.

That’s why my bill will put strict new requirements on the sale program, limiting the situations in which the agencies are allowed to sell mortgages and imposing requirements on buyers to make sure they protect distressed homeowners and the neighborhoods they live in. The changes will allow more people to stay in their homes and prevent private equity funds from scooping up properties and turning around to charge people exorbitant rents.
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Computer Vision with an eye for Real Estate | Specialized Image Recognition for Real Estate
Image Recognition technology specially trained to solve real estate's toughest pain points. Improve user experience, data models, and moderate your content.
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