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Offshore Wind Power's Promising But Complicated Future - RealClearPolitics
To renewable energy enthusiasts, offshore wind power is one of the most promising new technologies with potential to reduce American dependence on fossil fuels. Simply put, it refers to the construction of offshore turbines that utilize natural, high-velocity ocean wind energy to produce electricity. In the United States, there is roughly 4,000 gigawatts of unharnessed offshore wind capacity within 50 miles of our coastline -- enough to power the United States annually four times over.
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october 2014 by northernpass
Energy Policy: Regional Wild Card in the Midterms? -- RealClearPolitics
New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen cited the bill as one of her defining achievements in the upper chamber. “It would advance the ball on the environment and climate change … and save consumers lots of money,” Shaheen said. “One of my areas of focus has been on the economy … and one of the things we know is the energy sector is a place where we can create jobs.”
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september 2014 by northernpass
RealClearPolitics: We Need to Stop Promoting Unearned Success
By way of political scientist John Sides and the Sunlight Foundation come two fascinating analyses of the top 1 percent in terms of their political beliefs and activity. Sides, writing for the New York Times, flags a study from...
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december 2011 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Witnesses at Noem hearings also campaign donors
But watchdog groups say a close relationship between members of Congress and witnesses at congressional hearings can raise ethical questions.

"I think this shows the relationship between members of Congress and their contributors," said Bill Allison, editorial director at the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan group that focusses on government transparency. "I'm sure there were people with no connection to Rep. Noem who could have testified."
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november 2011 by sunlightfoundation
Real Clear Politics: All the President's Goldman Sachs Men
Michelle Malkin's piece that was in the New York Post mentioning the Sunlight Foundation's Paul Blumenthal yesterday has been reposted to a number of high profile sites including RealClearPolitics:

Paul Blumenthal of the Sunlight Foundation noted that, while at Goldman Sachs, Patterson lobbied against executive pay limits that Obama had crusaded for as senator (before, that is, his administration carved out exemptions for AIG). While Patterson agreed to recuse himself on any Goldman Sachs-related issues or related policy concerns, Blumenthal wrote, it "still creates a serious conflict for Geithner, as Treasury is being partly managed by a former Goldman lobbyist. Geithner is also placed in a tough position considering that his chief of staff is limited in the areas in which he can work (supposedly)."
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april 2010 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Best of the Blogs
Real Clear Politics (another of the top 50 political blogs) linked Paul Blumenthal's blog post about the ability of foreign companies to donate to American political campaign.
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january 2010 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Politics Nation: Democrats Have Yet To 'Drain the Swamp'
RealClearPolitics has an article about congressional ethics that quotes Paul Blumenthal, senior writer from the Sunlight Foundation:
Now, more than a year later, as the 1st Session of the 111th Congress crawls to a close, the investigation into multiple potential improprieties by the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee remains incomplete. Many, including watchdog groups like the Sunlight Foundation and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, are left wondering how exactly the ethics situation in Congress has improved.

"It's disappointing that Congress continues to be unable to effectively self-police," said Sunlight Foundation senior writer Paul Blumenthal in a statement to RCP. "It's equally disappointing that questions of congressional ethics are bogged down in partisan politics."
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december 2009 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Politics: Oct 14, 2009 - House panel to begin push on financial overhaul
A repost of an AP article about financial reform and lobbying:
"More than $6 million went to members of Frank's committee as of the end of July, the latest figures available. Twenty-seven of the committee's 71 members have received more than one-quarter of their total political contributions from that business sector, according to a study by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation."
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november 2009 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: House Dems Have Often Waived Read-the-Bill Rules
A link to an article on the Hill from
"On at least two dozen occasions in 2009, the transparency rules have been shelved "” including on votes on wage discrimination, climate change and children's health insurance, according to statistics culled by the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit group."
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november 2009 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Study Details Contact Between Foreign Lobby & Lawmakers
A link on RealClearPolitics to a CQ Politics article:
"Foreign interests spent $87 million lobbying Congress and executive branch officials last year, according to a new analysis compiled by the Sunlight Foundation and ProPublica."
cq  blog  realclearpolitics  sunlightfoundation  foreign  lobbyists 
november 2009 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Politics - May 20, 2009: Lawmakers flood House with pet highway projects
A repost of an AP article on "We are way ahead of where we were just three years ago," said Bill Allison of the Sunlight Foundation. "But they could still be doing it better."

Allison said the Transportation Committee process falls short of a new requirement in both the House and Senate Appropriations committees that members post earmark requests online before they submit them.
sunlightfoundation  billallison  ap  repost  blog  realclearpolitics 
november 2009 by sunlightfoundation
RealClearPolitics: Cold Cash's Long Reach
A repost of an AP article about lobbying that mentions the work of the Sunlight Foundation to track the money.
realclearpolitics  ap  repost  lobbyists  blog 
november 2009 by sunlightfoundation

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