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Ghost towers: half of new-build luxury London flats fail to sell | Business | The Guardian
All 10 of the apartments at the top of the Shard – priced at up to £50m each – remain unsold more than five years after the Duke of York and the former prime minister of Qatar officially opened “Europe’s first vertical city”.
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The Purge of New York
Twenty-five years ago, the hidden origins of New York’s office-building addiction were unearthed by the radical journalist Robert Fitch in his classic book The Assassination of New York. New York, Fitch contended, once had a diverse industrial economy, and was therefore a place where people across the class spectrum could afford to live and work. But over the course of the twentieth century, city elites undiversified it — on purpose. Blue-collar industries were replaced with white-collar ones, with the goal of driving up land values. Why? Because city elites owned the land.
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