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Faster Growth Begins With a Land Tax in U.S. Cities - Bloomberg
This would lower land costs, encouraging affordable housing and more density.
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yesterday by gmisra
Open Real Estate Data
from Nate Matthews, by the guy behind Data Skeptic podcast
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2 days ago by mritter
WeWork, LOL
I mean...

“So the WeWork math is:

(Small office company)+ (Free tequila tastings)= HUGE OFFICE COMPANY.”
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4 weeks ago by alexpriest
How the U.S. Government Locked Black Americans Out of Attaining the American Dream
Just as inequality is tied up in banking and credit policy, black exclusion and the racial wealth gap is tied up in racial exclusion. From the channels of credit and banking that the rest of Americans were able to get generational wealth through. Post-New Deal until the late ’70s, the way that middle-class Americans gained wealth is through homeownership. All of that was given through banks and through credit facilities that were only open to certain classes of people. And they were always closed off to blacks, at first expressly, and then effectively.
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5 weeks ago by perich
Trovit | A search engine for classified ads of real estate, jobs and cars
A free search engine for classified ads. Search real estate to buy or rent, used cars and jobs in your local area. Trovit!

Trovit helps people find the most relevant ads published in thousands of classified websites, saving them the time it would take to surf all those pages individually. To make it even easier, users can set up their own personalized alerts for their searches and Trovit notifies them when there is a new ad that might be of interest.

For Classified Sites, Trovit is a valuable source for delivering qualified traffic to their Ads by integrating their content in our site. But not only that, we use data to deliver incremental traffic by serving the right ad, to the right user, at the right moment through our native advertising products.
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5 weeks ago by gryphonent

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