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champions - angularmomentum - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Tom had a problem. To be more accurate, Tom had several problems but that was the way of Tom’s life. He often had a few running in tandem. Tonight they included but were not limited to: bruised knuckles (regular problem) forgot his toothbrush (also a regular problem) and a boner for Burky (definitely NOT a regular problem.)
Fic  Read  wilson/burakovsky  explicit  angularmomentum  blowjobs  69 
16 hours ago by unapologetic_thirst
back to you - alotofthingsdifferent - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
There are three games left in the regular season, and the Rangers haven’t been a playoff team in five years. Tom thinks maybe it’s time.

“You look good, Tommy,” Mike says by way of a greeting, and when he smiles, his eyes crinkle at the corners. There are a few more wrinkles there than Tom remembers, but he’s still the same Mike, still as handsome as ever. Tom fills with a familiar warmth, the feeling he always gets when he sees Mike in person, and kicks at Mike’s feet under the table.

“You’re going grey,” Tom teases, and Mike’s grin widens as he runs his fingers through his hair.
Fic  Read  wilson/latta  general  alotofthingsdifferent  future!fic  fluff 
16 hours ago by unapologetic_thirst
For the Record - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ovi's a hockey player. Sid's an extremely critical Caps beat reporter who thinks someone oughta strip that "C." Sparks fly. Things happen. Too bad Ovi insists it's all off the record...
Fic  Read  crosby/ovi  mature  weaglerock  journalist_au 
17 hours ago by unapologetic_thirst
Lather - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sid and Braden struggle to reconnect after the end of their respective seasons, leading Sid to believe that his need to wash people's hair has finally become too much for Braden. Can he work past something that's always gotten the best of him, or are they doomed to lather, rinse, and not repeat?

This fic is a sequel to When It Rains, It Flows, a story in which Sid really likes Holtby's hair and wants to wash it.
Fic  Read  crosby/holtby  mature  weaglerock  hair_kink  crack!fic  fluffy_angst  kink_negotiation 
18 hours ago by unapologetic_thirst
When It Rains, It Flows - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sid digs Holtby's hair. They're having a grand old romance. But Holtby's starting to feel left out, and people are coming out of the woodwork to tell him that Sid's interest in other people stops at their hairline. Now Holtby wonders: Is there anything real between him and Sid, or does Sid see him as just some object to be shampooed?
Fic  Read  crosby/holtby  teen  weaglerock  hair_kink  crack!fic 
18 hours ago by unapologetic_thirst
Cutting as Untying - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
When a few painkillers and some vodka shots lead to an accidental knotting, Geno and Ovi find themselves mated for life — unless Geno breaks their bond. Which he's doing. As soon as possible. No matter what it takes.
Fic  Read  ovi/malkin  mature  weaglerock  alpha_beta_omega  angst 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
Baby Boom - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Having babies gives you dad power. Dad power helps put hockey teams on the road to Sir Stanley. Sid sired a herd of little Penguins before Pittsburgh won its Cup. Toews might as well be running a Blackhawks baby factory.

Now it's Ovi's turn. If only someone had told him that impregnating your fuckbuddy might make things a little weird.
Fic  Read  ovi/backstrom  mature  weaglerock  mpreg  breeding  threesome 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
How Fiction Becomes Fact on Social Media - The New York Times
Hours after the Las Vegas massacre, Travis McKinney’s Facebook feed was hit with a scattershot of conspiracy theories. The police were lying. There were multiple shooters in the hotel, not just one. The sheriff was covering for casino owners to preserve their business.
yesterday by seansharp
Good Bones - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ovi gets cursed, but that's life. He'll learn to live with it.

Nicky's a different story. He doesn't believe in curses. That's not something Ovi has any right to change.
Fic  Read  ovi/backstrom  teen  weaglerock  fantasy_au  curses 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
Love Blisters - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
When your love for someone or something changes, you get love fever. When you get love fever, you usually get a love rash: a nasty, persistent itch in the shape of flowers or birds or your lover's hands.

Alex has always noticed that Nicky doesn't get love blisters, just like he's noticed how Nicky fumes after losses, and prefers lasagna to ziti, and likes his girlfriends to cut his hair.

He just assumed Nicky was one of those lucky people, the ones who don't get the rash.
Fic  Read  ovi/backstrom  general  weaglerock  sick_fic  sexpollen  fluff  cute  humor 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
Good Friend Alex - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nicke was already going to die a slow, painful death for the love of a faerie.

He'd have to be the world's stupidest person to turn around and fall for a troll.
Fic  Read  ovi/backstrom  general  weaglerock  fave  magic_au  fairy_au 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
Something Old, Something New - Rave - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m into guys,” Mike had told him before they moved in together. “If we’re gonna be roommates, that’s gotta be cool with you. I don’t want it to turn out to be a thing later.”
Fic  Read  wilson/latta  explicit  rave  fave  premature_ejaculation  lipstick 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
A More Fascinating Name - pukeandcry - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Although Sasha had never made the younger Mr. Backstrom’s acquaintance, he was at least familiar enough with his reputation to know that chief amongst his qualities was the quite publicly known fact that Mr. Backstrom was as notoriously uninterested in achieving an advantageous marriage as Sasha himself.

Something, then, must have upset the order of things. What that was he could not say, but Lord Backstrom was now, it would seem, in active search of a husband for his son.
Fic  Read  ovi/backstrom  explicit  pukeandcry  regency_au  fave  big_bang 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
Wolfborn - waspabi - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A wolfborn on an airplane was either unbearably reckless or a hockey player. Most of the time, both.
Fic  Read  ovi/backstrom  explicit  waspabi  big_bang  fave  werewolf_au 
yesterday by unapologetic_thirst

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