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ProminentEdge/mobile-boilerplate: React Native boilerplate (TypeScript, mobx-state-tree, enzyme) by Prominent Edge
React Native boilerplate (TypeScript, mobx-state-tree, enzyme) by Prominent Edge. React Native, TypeScript, MobX-State-Tree, Enzyme.
react  react-native  typescript  mobx-state-tree  reactnative  enzyme  mobile  testing  native  boilerplate  github  prominent-edge 
yesterday by axs221
Can I just say that I'm checking out the report 2018 by and it makes me 💗 seeing 2n…
reactnative  Octoverse  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by oliver.turner
marudy/react-native-responsive-screen: Make React Native views responsive for all devices with the use of 2 simple methods
Make React Native views responsive for all devices with the use of 2 simple methods - marudy/react-native-responsive-screen
reactnative  ui  responsivedesign 
4 days ago by vitriolix
I built Vasern — a data storage for React Native – Hieu Nguyen (Jack) – Medium
React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps, released in 2013 by Facebook. In the past 5 years, the React Native hype has a steady growth. It currently has 69,469 stars on Github, and…
reactnative  database  extension  datastore 
5 days ago by gilberto5757
Know React? Try React Native. – Red Shift
If you are a React web developer, then you’ll be excited to hear that you’re very close to being a React Native mobile developer. At Infinite Red, the app design and development agency I work for, we’ve been astonished with how quickly our React web team can start shipping code on an iOS and Android React Native project. The skills and good practices you’ve developed around React carry over to React Native.
7 days ago by GameGamer43
Re-created this UI interaction from the MasterClass app with and . Shout out and…
ReactNative  from twitter_favs
15 days ago by wmdmark
dancormier/react-native-swipeout: iOS-style swipeout buttons behind component
iOS-style swipeout buttons behind component. Contribute to dancormier/react-native-swipeout development by creating an account on GitHub.
reactnative  widgets  libs 
15 days ago by vitriolix
react-native-swipeable-row - npm
A powerful React Native swipe component based on @jshanson7 package
reactnative  widgets  libs 
15 days ago by vitriolix
Nozbe/WatermelonDB: 🍉 Next-gen database for powerful React and React Native apps that scales to 10,000s of records and remains fast ⚡️
WatermelonDB is a new way of dealing with user data in React Native and React web apps.

It's optimized for building complex applications in React Native, and the number one goal is real-world performance. In simple words, your app must launch fast.

For simple apps, using Redux or MobX with a persistence adapter is the easiest way to go. But when you start scaling to thousands or tens of thousands of database records, your app will now be slow to launch (especially on slower Android devices). Loading a full database into JavaScript is expensive!

Watermelon fixes it by being lazy. Nothing is loaded unless requested. And since all querying is performed directly on the rock-solid SQLite database on a separate native thread, most queries resolve in an instant.

But unlike using SQLite directly, Watermelon is fully observable. So whenever you change a record, all UI that depends on it will automatically re-render. For example, completing a task in a todo app will re-render the task component, the list (to reorder), and all relevant task counters.
Database  reactjs  ReactNative 
16 days ago by cnk
初見から実務でReact NativeやったAndroidエンジニアが社内LTで所感を共有しました – AnyPay Tech Blog – Medium
> 逆に、あまりスキルレベルの高くない組織で安易に「React-Nativeに移行すればリソースが半分で済んでお得!!!」みたいな気持ちで初めてしまうと辛い事になるような気がします。
reactnative  redux  react 
21 days ago by yoshiagi
React Native Plugin for Reader SDK
Square now has a SDK for taking mobile payments from the card reader
reactnative  from twitter_favs
23 days ago by eschapp
How we boosted the performance of our React Native app
A good read of some basic (and not-so-basic) tuning techniques for @reactnative apps.
js  react  reactnative  react-native  publish 
25 days ago by iamthefury
Our react-native experience (so far) – Mark Szulyovszky – Medium
But if you start on a greenfield project, there is very little downside of starting using react-native now. And you hear this from a technical co-founder, who has a a company on the line here.
After you figure out how to overcome the initial hurdles, you’ll enjoy developer productivity that’s unprecedented in the mobile world. If you like that sort of thing!
Would I have thought 3 years ago that we end up building a mobile tech stack on Microsoft’s & Facebook’s open source code, wishing that Google’s and Apple’s clunky and slow middle layer would disappear? No way.
react  reactNative 
27 days ago by euler

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