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Using Combine
A free online book about the SwiftUI Combine framework.
swift  programming  reactive  combine  book  documentation 
17 days ago by jefframnani
JavaScript framework that automatically tracks dependencies of computed properties.
javascript  reactive  framework 
22 days ago by mayoff
jeremykross/recurrent: A library for building functional-reactive (FRP) GUIs in Clojurescript
A library for building functional-reactive (FRP) GUIs in Clojurescript - jeremykross/recurrent
recurrent  clojurescript  reactive 
22 days ago by mac
liuxinsi/spring-mvc-logger: A logging filter, which wraps around request and response in each controller call and logs
A logging filter, which wraps around request and response in each controller call and logs - liuxinsi/spring-mvc-logger
springboot  Reactive 
4 weeks ago by hackerzhut

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