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React Patterns
A useful list of common development patterns in React and JSX.
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yesterday by Glutnix
A React component for measuring & annotating images.
react  measure  annotate  images 
2 days ago by ianmclaury
amsul/react-translated: A dead simple way to add complex translations in a React (DOM/Native) project 🌎🌍🌏
A dead simple way to add complex translations in a React project 🌎🌍🌏

Data interpolation
Component interpolation
Markdown inline-manipulations (bold text only right now)
Custom manipulations, pluralizations, and grammar rules based on input-data
Component-level translation files (enables loading only required translations)
Write this:

text='{difficulty} *translations* in React <ReactLogo>'
data={{ difficulty: 'Simple' }}
renderReactLogo: () => <ReactLogo size={14} />,
react  translation  i18n  library 
2 days ago by ianmclaury
About | nivo
nivo provides supercharged React components to easily build dataviz apps, it's built on top of d3.

Several libraries already exist for React d3 integration, but just a few provide server side rendering ability and fully declarative charts.

Highly customizable
Motion/transitions, powered by react-motion
Component playground
Exhaustive documentation
Isomorphic rendering
SVG charts
HTML charts
Canvas charts
Server side rendering API
SVG patterns
Responsive charts
javascript  react  d3  dataviz 
2 days ago by ianmclaury
Try React (from your browser)
React doesn't have to be complicated.
In fact, the React app that you're looking at only has three files:

index.html loads the necessary scripts.
main.js renders this message.
main.css just sets the font.
Of course, JSX needs to be compiled. But React Armory's editor does that for you - you can see the result by clicking "Compiled" at the bottom of the editor.

It's never been easier to try React! All you need to do is change a few words in main.js, and your changes will be displayed instantly!
React  ReactJS  React.js 
2 days ago by GameGamer43
React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
There may be low-hanging fruit 🥝 affecting the performance of your page in areas that you might not track very closely but are still very important.
react  performance  debug  javascript  casestudy 
2 days ago by parabola

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