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Optimizing React Rendering (Part 1) – Flexport Engineering
We migrated our web app to React almost 3 years ago, and since React performs extremely well out of the box, optimizing performance was not something we had to worry about. However, as our application grew in features and complexity over the years, the app’s performance wasn’t keeping up as well as we wanted it to.
react  performance  webdev  javascript 
9 hours ago by jayfree
Building a Data Exploration Tool with React | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
Dora helps data scientists at Stitch Fix visually explore their data. Powered by React and Elasticsearch, it provides an intuitive UI for data scientists to ...
13 hours ago by scottarnold
ory/editor: Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and Redux. WYSIWYG on steroids.
Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and Redux. WYSIWYG on steroids.
javascript  editor  wysiwyg  react 
18 hours ago by reorx
nice tool to render out snapshots of react pages
react  html 
yesterday by jkriss

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