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FormidableLabs/redux-little-router: A tiny router for Redux that lets the URL do the talking.
redux-little-router - A tiny router for Redux that lets the URL do the talking.
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16 hours ago by mcky
A New Way to Handle Events in React
“Property Initializer Syntax” sounds more fancy than it really is. In this bite-sized tutorial see how this alternative way of writing event handlers will help eliminate boilerplate in your constructor and also defend against frivolous memory usage in your renders.
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yesterday by florian.eckerstorfer
Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code
This decision comes after several weeks of disappointment and uncertainty for our community. Although we still believe our BSD + Patents license provides some benefits to users of our projects, we acknowledge that we failed to decisively convince this community.
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yesterday by jm

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