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Introduction · React Bits
A compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.
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16 hours ago by jamescarlos
React Newsletter - Issue 94
via Pocket - Issue 94 November 23rd 2017 This article tackles the following common React pitfalls: Bad shouldComponentUpdate implementations and why PureComponent won’t save you, changing the DOM too fast, and using events and callbacks without limitations. Over the last year or two rendering templates with React.
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18 hours ago by mannieschumpert
Scaling React Server-Side Rendering
"Some of the insights here are React-specific, but many are simply generic scalability challenges, or simple mistakes that were made."
ServerSideRendering  scalability  performance  React  clevermarks 
21 hours ago by nhoizey
aws/aws-amplify: A declarative library for application development using Cloud services with JavaScript
aws-amplify - A declarative library for application development using Cloud services with JavaScript
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yesterday by tranqy
React Patterns by React Training
Here are links to all the lectures from our Advanced React online course for free. We’re known for teaching not just how, but why and when you would use these patterns. Purchase the full course to unlock the hands-on exercises and guided solutions to deepen your mastery of each concept, but please enjoy these free videos on the house!
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yesterday by GameGamer43
ganderzz/react-scroll-to: Scroll to a position in React
it looks like there is a suggestion about "adding a Render Prop" in the Issues ... this is something that Michael Jackson talks about in "Never Write Another HoC Again"
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yesterday by lenards

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