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ianstormtaylor/slate: A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors.
A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors. - ianstormtaylor/slate
javascript  github  editor  wysiwyg  react  js 
2 hours ago by braposo
Creating accessible React apps » Simply Accessible
The React JavaScript library is a great way to create reusable modular components that can be shared among projects. But how do you ensure your React apps are usable by all kinds of people? Scott takes us through a detailed and timely tutorial on creating accessible React apps.
React  Javascript  Accessibility 
9 hours ago by 1luke2
Handling Errors in JavaScript: the definite guide – gitconnected | Become a Better Developer
Following up on my last article, I want to talk about Errors. Errors are good — I’m sure you’ve heard that before. At first sight we fear Errors, because they often include being hurt or feeling humiliated in public. By doing Errors, we actually learn how not to do something and how to do it better next time.
This obviously is about learning from Errors (mistakes) in real life. Errors in programming are a bit different. They provide us with nice features to improve our code and tell the user when something is wrong (and maybe also to educate them on how to fix it).
React  Javascript 
14 hours ago by 1luke2
How to handle forms with just React
Ok, the title of this article is a bait. I’m actually going to tell you about how forms can be handled with… Javascript. And react is just going to help us stay declarative. That’s what it’s for, after all.
react  forms  javascript 
15 hours ago by spaceninja
transitive-bullshit/create-react-library: ⚡CLI for easily creating reusable react libraries.
⚡CLI for easily creating reusable react libraries. - transitive-bullshit/create-react-library
react  tools  cli  library  github 
17 hours ago by jppferguson
React 16 Fiber源码速览 | Zindex's blog
本文的写作有一部分没有完成,打算针对React 16.3再对本文进行修改,请大家留意 React 16在近期发布了。除了将备受争议的BSD+Patents协议改为MIT协议之外,React 16还带来了许多新特性,比如: 允许在render函数中返回节点数组和字符串。 render() { // 再也不用在外面套一个父节点了 return [ // 别忘了加上key
react  fiber 
yesterday by ianva

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