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Silicon Valley software techniques modernize 75-year-old plant
Raytheon Systems Engineer Sam Sauers and her team spearheaded one of the latest DevOps transformations on the program, introducing Silicon Valley-like processes like paired programming and pipeline development to help the Air Soldier team rapidly develop the technology.

“We’re using commercial software best practices, including Agile and DevOps, to get new capabilities in days instead of years,” said Sauers. “We’ve also been implementing user-centered design: getting ahead of the users and figuring out the next thing they’re going to need. We then develop toward that rather than getting something out there and getting feedback that it wasn’t what they wanted.”
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9 weeks ago by cote
Mission capability delivered at startup speed
More coverage of the US Air Force going all in on digital XP, lean design, and cloud native to dramatically - almost unbelievably so - modernize their software.

> The mission capabilities these war fighters received in 120 days or less span deliberate targeting, mission reporting, advanced target production, refueling operations and many more, saving over $6.4 million and 1,100 man-hours per month within the Air Force Central Command.


> Embracing agile software development processes, the AOC leverages a highly disciplined approach to software engineering called Extreme Programming (XP), to gain the benefits of test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).
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november 2018 by cote
Raytheon Downs UAVs with High-Power Microwaves and Lasers | 2018-03-22 | Microwave Journal
A high-power microwave and laser system developed by Raytheon downed 45 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) during a U.S. Army exercise at Fort Sill, Okla.

Raytheon's high-power microwave system engaged multiple UAV swarms, downing 33 drones, two and three at a time. The high energy laser (HEL) component identified, tracked, engaged and killed 12 airborne, maneuvering Class I and II UAVs and destroyed six stationary mortar projectiles. The solid-state laser system was mounted on a dune buggy.
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march 2018 by pierredv
Raytheon: Agile for the Armed Forces - Raytheon adopts speedy, efficient Silicon Valley methods to develop software
Agile for the Armed Forces Raytheon's Quynh Tran and Leon Kaplan work on the AOC Pathfinder program using Agile DevOps software development at Pivotal Labs in…
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october 2017 by cote
Hong Kong air traffic system fix to come ‘in two weeks’ after latest glitch | South China Morning Post
The current system can store up to 5,500 preferences, which allowed some 400 traffic controllers to individually customise settings such as text size and brightness of radar screens to their liking.
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april 2017 by bekishore
A Brief History of the Microwave Oven - IEEE Spectrum - Sep 2016
"As World War II came to an end, so did the market for the magnetron tubes that had been used to generate microwaves for short-range military radar. Magnetron makers like Raytheon eagerly sought new applications for the technology."

"By 1955, Raytheon had begun licensing its microwave technology, and the first microwave oven designed for consumers went on sale from Tappan. The Tappan RL-1 was wall mounted and cost US $1,295 (almost $11,000 today), putting it out of the reach of most people."
IEEE-Spectrum  History  microwave  Raytheon  cooking 
october 2016 by pierredv
Before the World Forgets Antarctica's First Great Author: The Fascinating Life and Death of Nick Johnson
RIP. "Big Dead Place" is a fantastic document of "M*A*S*H on ice", as the London Times called it, and one of my favourite books. See also http://feralhouse.com/nick-johnson-rip/ for another eulogy from his publishers
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may 2016 by jm
Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch over Maryland - The Intercept
Built by the Raytheon Company, the JLENS blimps operate as a pair. One provides omnipresent high-resolution 360-degree radar coverage up to 340 miles in any direction; the other can focus on specific threats and provide targeting information.
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december 2014 by overbey

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