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you wanna get it for free - akamine_chan - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
you wanna get it for free


Ray's a wrestler, you see...
ray_mikey  mcr  bandom  wrestling  au 
july 2013 by cee_m
Title: Papercuts and Ellipses
Pairing/Prompt: Ray/Mikey, office romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Notes: Thanks to M for the beta.
ray_mikey  bandom  schmoop  mcr  anyage 
october 2012 by cee_m
cybelian_black -
Title: Adaptation (Standalone)
Author: Rhea rheakurokawa)
Pairing: Ray/Mikey
Rating: R for disturbing situations
Summary: Ray changes for Mikey.

Where Ray is a shape changer and then gets stuck in the wrong body
ray_mikey  mcr  bandom  angst 
october 2012 by cee_m
Sex in the Champagne Room - romanticalgirl - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Sex in the Champagne Room


Ray's tired of just watching Mikey.
ray_mikey  pwp  bandom  mcr  hotlikeburning 
october 2012 by cee_m
bitchyhumandisasterlover.com - Seduction of the Innocent, Ray/Mikey, Adult
Title: Seduction of the Innocent
Author: Impertinence
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Ray/Mikey
Summary: Mikey keeps coming on to Ray, and Ray keeps failing to get it, until Mikey uses one too many lame pickup lines.

Where Mikey keeps trying to hit on Ray and he thinks Ray doesn't get it but he absolutely DOES.
mcr  bandom  ray_mikey  schmoop 
october 2012 by cee_m
@cee_m archiveofourown.org/works/432591

Mikeyway, tragically, has never been fingered.
ray_mikey  mcr  bandom  fingering  PWP 
october 2012 by cee_m
gala_apples | (no subject)
Title: Define Mate
Pairings: Ray/Mikey (past Mikey/Pete/Gabe)
Rating: R
Wordcount: 10 223
Warnings This story is set in the aftermath of infidelity.
Summary: Love is complicated. You can love your grandfather while not wanting to clean up after the remnants of his life. You can love your boyfriend while not being able to forgive him. And you can love yourself while wishing that you didn’t have so many fucking emotions. When Ray is given the opportunity to make his mental state simpler, more primal, less conflicted, he takes it.

Ray is a werewolf o/
ray_mikey  infidelity  mcr  bandom  werewolf  angst  from twitter_favs
october 2012 by cee_m
Secondhand Smoke - Cardstock - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Secondhand Smoke
They walk in on Gerard boning somebody's girlfriend, and it all goes downhill from there.

Where Ray slowly realizes he's got it for Mikey and at first he can't remember his name so he calls him Paladin.
bandom  mcr  ray_mikey  highschool  au  cross-dressing  violence  dubcon 
april 2012 by cee_m
Theory and Practice - ladyfoxxx - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Theory and Practice

Frank's mouth drops open a little. "And you're… okay with that? With Mikey wanting to..."

Ray snorts out a shy laugh, "Yeah, I am." He runs a hand through his curls, then leaves it on his neck, "Maybe too okay with it. He just," Ray looks up then, and Frank nearly loses a breath at the expression on his face. "He really wants it."
bandom  mcr  gsf  frank_mikey  bob_mikey  ray_mikey  brian_mikey  pwp 
january 2012 by cee_m
Blaming Frank - dapatty - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Blaming Frank

Sometimes something messy, but really great, can start with a shower. Maybe they all deserved something a little messy after the year they'd had. Scrapping an album, losing a drummer, embracing art as the weapon, and all of them going back on tour and loving it again probably didn't hurt either-starting back on the world tour in Japan and the excitement of it could also be to blame. But really, it was all Frank's fault.

Especially growly Gerard/Ray... like...grrrrrr.
bandom  mcr  frank_gerard  gerard_mikey  frank_ray  frank_mikey  ray_mikey  groupsex  pwp  gerard_ray  wall!sex  threesome 
august 2011 by cee_m

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