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Can Charles Mills Save Liberal Philosophy From Itself?
Christopher Lebron reviews Black Rights/White Wrongs by Charles Mill
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july 2018 by telemachus
Jeffrey Edward Green - Rawls and the Forgotten Figure of the Most Advantaged: In Defense of Reasonable Envy toward the Superrich (2013) | American Political Science Review on JSTOR
This article aims to correct the widespread imbalance in contemporary liberal thought, which makes explicit appeal to the "least advantaged" without parallel attention to the "most advantaged" as a distinct group in need of regulatory attention. Rawls's influential theory of justice is perhaps the paradigmatic instance of this imbalance, but I show how a Rawlsian framework nonetheless provides three justifications for why implementers of liberal justice—above all, legislators—should regulate the economic prospects of a polity's richest citizens: as a heuristic device for ensuring that a system of inequalities not reach a level at which inequalities cease being mutually advantageous, as protection against excessive inequalities threatening civic liberty, and as redress for a liberal society's inability to fully realize fair equality of opportunity with regard to education and politics. Against the objection that such arguments amount to a defense of envy, insofar as they support policies that in certain instances impose economic costs on the most advantaged with negative or neutral economic impact on the rest of society, I attend to Rawls's often overlooked distinction between irrational and reasonable forms of envy, showing that any envy involved in the proposed regulation of the most advantaged falls within this latter category. - downloaded via iphone to dbox
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july 2017 by dunnettreader
S. Laygier - La pensée ordinaire et la dèmocratie intellectuelle (2000) | JSTOR - Esprit
L'intellectuel démocratique ne peut être seulement l'homme du social et des justes causes, un redresseur de torts, et se soustraire aux difficultés propres au monde de l'égalité. Il lui faut comprendre le simple, penser l'ordinaire, saisir que la confiance en soi est plus décisive que la mauvaise conscience. En ce sens, la pensée américaine, d'Emerson à Cavell, qui n'est pas réductible aux arabesques de la philosophie analytique, peut nous aider à saisir les problèmes intellectuels propres à la culture et à la politique en terre démocratique. -- Downloaded via iPhone to DBOX
French_intellectuals  analytical_philosophy  downloaded  article  ordinary_language_philosophy  Cavell  Rawls  political_philosophy  jstor 
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Cavell and Rawls on the Conversation of Justice: Moral versus Political Perfectionism | Patton | Conversations: The Journal of Cavellian Studies (2014)
Cavell and Rawls on the Conversation of Justice: Moral versus Political Perfectionism
Paul Patton


A primary concern of Stanley Cavell’s Carus Lectures is to respond to the question posed in the first sentence of the Introduction: “Is Moral Perfectionism inherently elitist?” By elitist, he means undemocratic. While there are senses in which he would not want to deny that Moral Perfectionism is elitist, and while he admits that there are perfectionisms that do not require democracy, neither of these are Cavell’s concern. Rather, he wants to showcase his preferred version of perfectionism, variously named Moral, Emersonian and Nietzschean perfectionism.
Nietzsche  perfectionism  democracy  perfectibility  Emerson  moral_philosophy  Rawls  downloaded  Cavell  political_philosophy  liberalism 
january 2016 by dunnettreader
Hospitality in the Middle East
In the formulation of philosopher John Rawls, hospitality constitutes a kind of duty—one we owe "not only to definite individuals, say to those cooperating together in some social arrangement, but to persons generally." Rawls calls this duty "mutual aid."
Arab  Islam  Muslim  hospitality  John  Rawls  JohnRawls  duty  philosophy  SCU  Santa  Clara  SantaClara  ethics 
january 2016 by userX
Charles Larmore - Political Liberalism: Its Motivations and Goals | Academia.edu
In Vo1 (2015), Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy - concerned that its industrial production in university departments and publishing it's losing its links to classical liberalism -- downloaded pdf to Note
chapter  political_philosophy  academia  liberalism-19thC  liberalism  liberalism-public_reason  Rawls  downloaded 
october 2015 by dunnettreader
Michael Buckley Political Constructivism | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
(..) while our political actions are assessed against a normative principle, there is no criterion beyond the deliberative process by which the rightness of the principle is assessed; it is authoritative in virtue of being the outcome of a certain kind of deliberative process or a certain form of argument. Consequently, the challenge for constructivism is to explain the appropriateness of the process without appealing to any judgment that is supposed to derive from that process; for if the thought process relied on such a judgment to assess its appropriateness, it would assume the very thing it claims to construct. (..) a great deal of philosophical debate surrounds the appropriateness of the deliberative process, especially as it concerns the metaethical themes of justification and objectivity. (..) despite the extensive literature on the subject, there are 2 general formulations of political constructivism influenced by 2 historical accounts of practical reasons. The first is a deontological account of practical reason that is primarily associated with Kantian ethics. The second is a teleological account of practical reason that is primarily associated with social contract theory. The Kantian and social contract traditions, although offering differing accounts of practical reason, share much in common, and it would not be an exaggeration to cast constructivism as a contemporary attempt to explain the Rousseauian idea of moral freedom as acting on a law one gives oneself complemented by the Kantian idea that the law one gives oneself is out of one’s reason. Political constructivism tries to make this idea clear by identifying a compelling form of normative political analysis with easily understood criteria for thinking about political issues.
political_philosophy  20thC  21stC  metaethics  Rawls  Kant-ethics  Rousseau  social_contract  reason  practical_reason  justification 
july 2015 by dunnettreader
Assessing progress for the poorest: New evidence | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
"My principal empirical finding is that, while the counting approach shows huge progress for the poorest, the Rawlsian approach does not. The distribution of the gains amongst the poor has meant that the expected value of the consumption floor has risen little over the last 30 years. "
Voxeu  poverty  statistics  measurement  multi-criteria  Rawls  social  fairness 
january 2015 by suitable
Market Democracy and Dirty Ideal Theory | Bleeding Heart Libertarians
doesn’t dwell overmuch on the really deep structure of Rawls’ theory of justice. It’s hard to blame him. It’s tedious, there’s a confusion of versions, and it’s not clear any of them are worth the trouble.
Rawls  BHL 
january 2015 by ernie.bornheimer

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