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micro:bit IoT In C - First Steps With The GPIO
This is complicated so a summary will help:

In input mode you only have to keep the voltage on a GPIO line between 0 and 3.3V. The GPIO line in input mode is high impedance and draws little current from whatever is connected to it.
In output mode with the default standard drive the voltage is between 0 and 3.3V and the current has to be less than 0.5mA
In output mode a GPIO line with high drive turned on the current has to be less than 5mA.
The total current in all of the GPIO lines has to be less than 15mA.
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yesterday by dabana
Airtable - Christmas Movies
via @electricland: “I keep forgetting to share this, but for @HelloCroutons and @normaloqWendy, here’s the current Spreadsheet O’ Christmas Movies.”
(via: https://twitter.com/electricland/status/1066490398535757830)
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14 days ago by handcoding
Why Ratings and Feedback Forms Don’t Work - The Atlantic
Companies and apps constantly ask for ratings, but all that data may just be noise in the system.
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25 days ago by mirthe
Resorting Media Ratings - Gwern.net
Script that creates a uniform distribution of ratings by asking a series of "Do you like this better than this?" questions.
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5 weeks ago by kurige
Google pays attention to both the Number of your business has their . RT .
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10 weeks ago by jhill5
What is a 5-star luxury hotel?
One of the challenges today is there are no international standard for what really defines a 5 star hotel vs. a 4 star hotel, which can sometimes be struggling since some of the most luxurious hotels and the best boutique hotels might not receive a 5 star rating despite their high-end reputation and offerings. Why is that so?

In general, the expectation for a five star deluxe hotel includes concierge service, swimming pool, gym, 24-hour room service, spa, jacuzzi and at least one exceptional restaurant. Still there are different 5 star standards been defined around the world, and often the difference is huge to say the least. There can also be a huge difference in the quality of which the facilities and services are rendered in each individual hotel which makes it even harder to spot a good 5 star hotel from a poor one.

You have properly also heard about 6, 7 and 8 star hotels. There are simple no standards for 6, 7 and 8 star hotels as these are just another marketing gimmick used by hotels to claim a better reputation.

As a result, one cannot not fully rely on the star definitions, but also do proper online research in user ratings and reviews to get a good feel about what to expect before making that booking reservation, after all it is the experience that matters.

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10 weeks ago by frank.guan

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