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A Life More Ordinary by Lexin
Words: 27k+,Snape is told some bad news, and it goes downhill from there. MPREG.
임신 두번이나 하는 픽치고는 문체가 되게 건조하다.
S6  harry/snape  middle  drama  top!harry  bottom!snape  mpreg  mommy!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
6 days ago by engfordean
Pretty Man by triceybabe
Dragon prints: 5074, Snape is in hiding, from both sides. Harry has never heard of him. They meet whilst Harry is working for the Order... (I hope this works out for you. I've never really done a prompt specifically for someone else before.) Thank you to my beautiful betas for making my fic readable! Thank you Thank you so much. Ya'll were wonderful!
스네이프 prostitution. one shot.
post-S7  harry/snape  short  PWP  top!harry  bottom!snape  prostitute!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
7 days ago by engfordean
No Sex, No Galleons by Ziasudra
Word count: 16280,Captured and convicted as a Death Eater, Severus Snape wanted death. Instead, he found himself condemned to a life of prostitution. Post-war. Also SS/RW and SS/Various. HBP-compliant.
우리 세베루스....;_; 스파이 였던걸 다른 사람이 아는지 모르는 지는 모르겠는데, 너무 가혹하다. 근데 fluff하다. 왜 유명한지 알겠다....
post-S7  harry/snape  middle  angst  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  prostitute!snape  harry/ron  snape/various  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
8 days ago by engfordean
In The Name Of Love by unbroken_halo
Words:23139,What's in a name? More than Harry bargained for, but as he comes to find out, exactly what he needed.
육아물. fluff한데, 사건이 부족하다. 초반 지니와 해리가 싸운게 가장 큰 사건이다.
post-S7  harry/snape  short  fluff  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  harry/ginny  father!harry  domestic  mellow!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
8 days ago by engfordean
A Wild Ride by lilyseyes
Words:6048,After blowing up his aunt, Harry must marry to gain a protector from his relatives and the Ministry.
해리 13살;; 해리포터는 시리즈 이후가 아니면 언더에이지 태그가 있을 수 밖에 없는데, 그래도 이건 좀 너무함..ㅜㅜ
S3  harry/snape  short  smut  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  Underage  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  bonding 
8 days ago by engfordean
Shall Yourselves Find Blessing by quill_lumos
Word count:12,900, 지니와의 관계가 끝나고, 해리는 쫒기듯 호그와트로 온다. 거기서 낡은 집에서 가난하게 살고 있는 세베루스를 만나고, 해리는 죄책감과 동정심과 분노를 느끼며 세베루스를 구해주기로 결심한다.
스네이프가 스네이프 답지 않고, 너무 관계가 급작스러웠다. fluff가 땡길때 봐도 괜찮을것 같긴한데, 해리도 성적으로 자존감 빵점에 스네이프가 너무 상냥한게 좀...
post-S7  harry/snape  middle  fluff  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
8 days ago by engfordean
Blue Tranquilium by schemingreader
Words:16456, After his acquittal by the Wizengamot, Snape has a panic attack. Harry treats it with a medicinal potion that Snape has around the house, but it has some side effects.
(주의: 한번 해리 바텀 한번있고. 아쉽게도 스네이프 바텀보다 그게 제일 핫했다.)
유머러스 함.
post-S7  harry/snape  middle  smut  humor  top!harry  bottom!snape  bottom!harry  top!snape  post-war  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
10 days ago by engfordean
Turn Around by Tara Tory
Words:9448, Fudge screws up. In only a few minutes, Snape will be dead, unless Hermione’s idea works. Lucius is not going to like this solution to the problem!
스네이프의 마크를 해리의 것으로 바꾸고, 스네이프가 해리의 slave가 되는 거. 원 샷이고, 해리/루시우스 암시도 있다.
S7  harry/snape  middle  H/C  romance  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  dom/sub-undertones  dom!harry  sub!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
12 days ago by engfordean
Prince Expectant
Words:41328,Severus Snape did his best to thwart the Dark Lord's nebulous plans, but he hadn't reckoned on Voldemort trying a sex magic ritual to raise power. He did his best to aid the Boy Who Lived during the final battle, but he hadn't planned on surviving it. He made it through the Order's victory celebration...but he never dreamed he'd find himself in a delicate way, with absolutely no notion of who might have put him there.
전쟁끝난후 축하....난교 장면이 특히 야하다. 하지만 그 후의 해리와 세베루스의 로맨스도 재밌었다.
S7  harry/snape  middle  H/C  romance  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  snape/OCs  mpreg  mommy!snape  Pregnant-Sex  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
14 days ago by engfordean
Unicorn Bait by versaphile
Sometimes Merlin's life feels like someone's idea of a hilarious joke. A run in with a fertility god and the wrong sort of berries does not improve his situation. But if he can bring himself to trust Arthur, maybe everything will work out after all.
fanfic  slash  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  genre:adventure  trope:mpreg  kink:claiming  kink:virgin  length:long  rating:nc17  author:versaphile  web:ao3 
15 days ago by moonbeamsfanfic
Of Dragonbabies and Noblemen by Elveatas (Ricecake)
King Uther might be liberal enough to accept his son's homosexuality, but he's still too conservative to allow him to marry a commoner. A nobleman it must be, and after a series of matchmaking meetings, Arthur sets his sights on the future dragonlord. It doesn't necessarily go well. (aka the Oblivious Character Trope done right fic)
fanfic  slash  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  genre:au  genre:futurefic  genre:romance  trope:family  length:long  rating:nc17  author:elveatas  web:ao3 
15 days ago by moonbeamsfanfic
Sheer Dumb Luck
Word Count: 7800 +/-,For once, Harry and Voldemort want the same thing, and they want it from Snape.
해리와 볼디가 스네이프의 정신을 들락날락하면서 레질리먼시 전투를 벌이는 내용, 그와중에 스네이프는 성추행을 당한다. 시즌6?7?즈음인듯.
S7  harry/snape  short  humor  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
15 days ago by engfordean
Length: ~ 13,700 words, When trapped in Azkaban, despair seems to be the only option. Help, however, can come from the most surprising of places.
해리가 루시우스의 함정으로 아즈카반에 갖히고, 거기서 스네이프를 만난다. 끝이...ㅜㅜ. 세베루스가 믿음의 보상을 받았는지 궁금하다. 복수할 수 있었는지 궁금하다.
post-S7  AU  harry/snape  middle  angst  top!harry  bottom!snape  past-lucius/snape  imprisoned!snape  imprisoned!harry  possessive!harry  untouched-orgasm  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
16 days ago by engfordean
Nine Days Wonder
Words:8074,AU in which Dumbledore died from the curse before Draco could attempt to kill him, the trio didn't run off on a camping trip, Ron makes good on his early promise of being a brilliant strategist and Snape gets his usual shit deal from fate. He does get heroically shagged, though.

Written for Snarry-a-thon11; prompt: A prophecy is revealed in which Snape has to be impregnated by Harry in order to give birth to the key to Voldemort's demise. The catch – it's not a baby.
웃김. 해리스네 관계성 보다는 그냥...웃긴 픽 보는 기분?
S7  harry/snape  short  crack  top!harry  bottom!snape  animagus  bird!snape  mpreg  sex-magic  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
17 days ago by engfordean
The Shadow of the Other
Words: 28.000, As a creature, Severus has long known he will need to bond with his mate or face being made a slave to the whole of wizardkind. For Harry, however, the news is a shock made more difficult by the awakening of uncomfortable sexual desires.
순순하고 상냥한 엘프와 세베루스 간의 갭이 있어서 어리둥절했지만, 섹스는 핫했고 나쁘지 않았다.
S7  harry/snape  middle  fluff  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  creature!snape  slave!snape  possessive!harry  plain!snape  good!dumbledore  forced-bonding  caretaker!harry  submissive!snape  dom/sub-undertones  protective!harry  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  author:atypicalsnowman 
18 days ago by engfordean
Levis Fabula
Word count: 10,000 words, At Harry's request, Snape and Ron begin to get along. Too well for the likes of Harry, who suddenly discovers his possessive side.
무지무지 fluff.
post-S7  harry/snape  short  fluff  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  possessive!harry  jealousy  established-relationship  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
19 days ago by engfordean
Someday My Prince Will Come (...and if he doesn't, I'll just go and bloody well fetch him myself!)
Words:22785, "It had all started with that Advanced Potions book. Harry knew that very well. Even on the first day he used it, it helped him win the Felix Felicis potion, on which so much had depended later. Being distracted by the mystery book, it had also been the first time he wasn't thinking of Sirius' troubled life and horrible death for hours on end. It was the moment the fun of magic returned to him."
혼혈왕자와의 꿈, 그리고 베이비! 제목이 웃겨서 읽었는데, 정말 만족스러웠다.
S6  harry/snape  middle  fluff  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  dream  mpreg  mommy!snape  magic  hurt!snape  protective!harry  first-time  Somnophilia  non-con(no-angst)  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
22 days ago by engfordean
Just Desserts
Word Count: ~2600,Harry and Severus have been friends for ten years. Neither one realized what they had in the other until one fateful dinner.
post-S7  harry/snape  short  smut  fluff  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
23 days ago by engfordean
Words:8264, Once, Severus Snape turned down someone who was interested in him; more than twenty years later Harry has to deal with consequences.
세베루스가 해리의 생일파티에 오지 않고 해리는 부룽퉁해져서 세베루스를 방문한다. 훌쩍훌쩍 울면서 봄.
post-S7  harry/snape  short  angst  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  cursed!snape  hurt!snape  protective!harry  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP 
24 days ago by engfordean

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