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We Can Burn Brighter by ingberry
35,626 words | When Arthur agrees to meet Gwen's new boyfriend Lance and his group of friends he never expected it to include Merlin. It's been nine years since they broke up, but the memories are still raw. Pretending that they don't know each other seems like the best idea, until it's not.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-modern  exes  secret.relationship  angst  brotp:arthur.morgana  brotp:arthur.gwen  *favorites 
4 days ago by leahbeex
Turn the Light Out (the Just Sleeping remix) by nu_breed
5,009 words | In the aftermath of a sorcerer's attack, Arthur has no choice but to face the reality of his feelings for Merlin.

Inspired by When You're Not Watching by ingberry.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  00-05k  fic-remix  merlin:magical-shenanigans  angst 
6 days ago by leahbeex
like real people do by ramblingsofaqueerwoman
24,483 words | “Its like you said. We don't know how long we've got before all hell breaks loose again. But you need a break and I need a moment for life to be normal again, so...I don't know, let's pack the car and start driving.”


Quentin and Eliot go on a road trip and find happiness, healing, and each other.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  20-30k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  pining  bed.sharing  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing  road.trip 
13 days ago by leahbeex
If Ever, Now by Athena1919
16,526 words | Merlin realizes that Morgana has magic and that he needs to help her before anyone else realizes it, too. He agrees to give her illegal magic lessons on top of all the work he does for Arthur and chores he handles for Gaius.

Arthur hears rumors of something going on between Merlin and Morgana and isn't pleased.

To Merlin, it just seems like the prince is determined to monopolize his thoughts- as if he didn't already. With even more secrets to keep, Merlin is glad he knows how to juggle.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-203  brotp:merlin.morgana  pining  bamf!merlin  magic-reveal 
20 days ago by leahbeex
Gulf of Years by Cookie
11,467 words | When they are attacked returning to Camelot with Balinor, the Dragonlord is injured rather than killed - and everything Arthur knew or believed is turned on its head.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  c:balinor 
27 days ago by leahbeex
i will let you be righteous (if you will let me be bold) by igrab
3,871 words | It has been five years and ten days since the death of Uther Pendragon, and five years exactly since Arthur's coronation.

It has been five years and Merlin isn't any less in love with him, Arthur isn't any less of a prat (but only to Merlin, these days), and he still doesn't know about the magic.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  future-fic  magic-reveal 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
And None But We Can Be Such Kings by janne_d
8,683 words | They'd kissed. He and Arthur had kissed. And that was amazing and terrifying and completely insane, like a sheet of lightning from an empty blue sky.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  05-10k  merlin:arthur-knows 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
Not A Word by astolat
3,440 words | “Not a word,” Arthur said flatly.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  00-05k  magic-reveal 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
These Castle Walls Bleed Lies by marguerite_26
12,132 words | With his father unfit to rule and Camelot decimated, Arthur must assume the role of King. But the truths he discovers shake the foundation of all he holds dear.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  magic-reveal 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
Post-it Note Romance by fuzzytomato
9,963 words | Merlin has never had a secret admirer before so he’s fairly certain this one has the wrong guy.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  05-10k  alternate.universe  highschool 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
Change in Crowns by derekstilinski
11,601 words | Arthur has traveled to sign a treaty of friendship with other kingdoms, when he realizes they've intended to set him up to marry as well. He doesn't want to marry for the sake of marrying, so he pulls a clumsy, crowned Merlin in with false talk that they married quietly.

Arthur's true in saying he wants to marry for love, because he chooses Merlin for more than one reason.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  pretend.relationship  pining  magic-reveal 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
Sacrificial Lamb by RurouniHime
8,430 words | Arthur's been overworking his knights, so they come to Merlin as a last resort.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  05-10k  merlin:post-s1  merlin:1x13  misunderstandings  pining 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
on what ground i was founded by foxwatson
14,469 words | Eliot’s trying to take care of himself in Fillory, and trying to be brave, when he starts receiving letters Quentin wrote in their alternate timeline - letters addressed to Eliot, after he’d died. Then Eliot starts having strangely vivid dreams of Q, too.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  tm:mosaic-timeline  dreams-insomnia  dream-sharing 
7 weeks ago by leahbeex
Where Darkness and Light Seem Dimmer by ObliObla
5,054 words | Luciferprompts: Lucifer falls asleep on a stakeout and Chloe decides to leave him be. But as the minutes tick by, it becomes clear he's having a sex dream.

What does she do?
chloe/lucifer  rating.r  00-05k  lucifer:post-s3  dreams-insomnia  wings 
10 weeks ago by leahbeex
Mending (No Easy Fix) by junes_discotheque
10,415 words | Eliot wakes up to learn that they won the fight against the Monster, and everyone survived, but in the aftermath Quentin has admitted himself to an inpatient treatment center to deal with his mental health. (Or: Q and Eliot get the help they need, and maybe manage to build something good out of the wreckage)
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  warning:suicide.attempt  warning:mental.health.issues  warning:depression  angst  awesome 
april 2019 by leahbeex
I Saw You Standing There by missberryisbest
17,330 words (WIP) | AU where Eliot is a musician (think indie rock) and Quentin comes to one of his gigs. And then another. And another.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  wip  alternate.universe  au-modern  musicians 
april 2019 by leahbeex
A Small Weight, Lifted by peanutbutterpacifist
11,198 words | Alice and Quentin get the spell they need from Brakebills South, and the gang gets together to defeat both monster-gods and Everett. Everyone is fucked in their own ways, plans go sideways, like always, but if there's one thing this ragtag team can do, it's come together at the last minute and improvise.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-412  angst  hurt/comfort 
april 2019 by leahbeex
as it was by peacefrog
3,913 words | Quentin stepped through the empty doorway and into the unknown. He blinked and it was dark, then light. So much light. The warm amber glow of the Physical Kids’ Cottage. He could feel the warmth of it down in his bones, every molecule in his body vibrating with brand new magic. Brand new life.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic 
april 2019 by leahbeex
soft to the touch, feels like love, knew it as soon as I felt it by buckybunnyteeth
7,475 words | They need a place to hide as the Library closes in on them.

So Eliot takes them home. To Indiana.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  05-10k  family-parents  fluff  ptsd  tm:post-monster  warning:past.abuse  warning:child.abuse 
april 2019 by leahbeex

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